Wincy Ann Price Starr was the daughter of Joseph and Elizabeth Price, who were early homesteaders in Anderson county. Joseph and Elizabeth arrived in Anderson county in 1858 from Illinois; Joseph was originally from North Carolina. Joseph was the original proprietor of Elizabethtown, which was named for his wife. Wincy and her husband James Newton Starr (1832-1863) had accompanied Joseph and Elizabeth to Anderson county, where James was teaching school and "lawyering". Sadly, James had less than three years to live when these letters were written. The young couple returned to IL and when they had three sons under four years old James died of diphtheria at 31. Two years later two of the children were to die, also of diphtheria.

These letters, both written on the same sheet of paper [James' on the front and Wincy's on the other side,] were written to Martha Starr, James' younger sister in Montgomery county, IL. They are made available by Norus Tocus, who is descended from James Starr's brother.

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