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Kansas State Board of Agriculture
First Biennial Report

Kingman County


* Map of Kingman County - 1878

Organized in 1874. Named in honor of Samuel A. Kingman, Chief justice of the Supreme Court of the State. Square miles, 648.

Population in 1874, 607; population in 1878, 3,500; increase in three years 2,893. Population to the square mile, 5.40.

Topography. - The land is generally rolling prairie; about one-sixth is bottom, and the remainder fine tillable prairie. The upland is the best for farming, the bottom generally containing too much sand.

Timber. - There is a small area in the south part of the county, skirting the Chikaskia river.

Principal Streams. - The Ninnescah and Chikaskia rivers; Smoot's, Hunter's German, Big Sandy, Spring and Painter creeks, all flowing southeasterly. Desides these there are several fine lakes, and a fair supply of springs. Good well water is reached at a depth of from 10 to 40 feet.

Building Stone. - Red and white sand stone and white magnesian limestone are found along the Ninnescah.

Gypsum. - Blue and white gypsum is found in several parts of the county. It has proved an excellent mortar and concrete.

Agricultural Statistics. - In 1877 there were 3,480 acres of fall wheat raised, this year it is estimated that there have been 10,000 acres sown to wheat.

Farm Animals. - Horses, 500; mules, 200; sheep, 1,000; hogs 300. Farm implements in the county, are valued at $3,000.

Valuation and Indebtedness. - Assessed valuation of personal property, $24,428; total assessed valuation, $36,753.25; true valuation of all property, $61,255.42. Total indebtedness, $13,021.01. Percentage of indebtedness to assessed valuation, 35+.

Newspaper History. - The Mercury, a Republican journal, was established at Kingman, June 14, 1878, by J. C. Martin, editor and publisher. It is still in existence.

Schools. - There are schools maintained at Kingman for nine months in the year, in other portions of the county, districts have been organinzed and schools taught for six months in the year.

Churches. - The Methodist, Presbyterian and Baptist denominations are all represented, and services are held regularly, and Sunday schools established in the county. **

* Galesburgh, German, Kingman, Vinita and White, newly organized townships.

** We are indebted to Hon. J. C. Martin for the principal data given above. SECRETARY.