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edited and compiled by L. Wallace Duncan and Chas. F. Scott
(Iola, Kan. : Iola Register, 1901)

Collected here is summary information on biographies for individuals from Allen County, Kansas, with surnames, B. Basic data is supplied with references to page numbers within the book for the full biographies. At the bottom of this page is a list of known libraries which have this book in their collection for your reference.

name: George H. BACON
found on which pages in book: 459-460
birth: December 25, 1827, in Litchfield County, Connecticut
parents: Henry H. and Lois (HILL) BACON
spouse(s): married in 1853 to Sarah A. F. RIDGE
children: Charles W., John E., Ella L. (wife of Wesley JONES), Mary F. (wofe of C.S. COX), Laura Kate (wife of E.W. MYLER), Lizzie H. (wife of B.F. LOW), and Frank M.
other information: Came to Kansas in 1873

name: Charles BALAND
found on which pages in book: 256
birth: December 5, 1816, in Sweden.
other information: Came to Kansas in 1859.

name: John W. BALE
found on which pages in book: 489-490
birth: April 20, 1843, in Hart County, Kentucky
parents: Jacob and Elizabeth (POINTER) BALE
parental grandparents: Peter BALE
maternal parents: Edward POINTER
siblings: W. T., Robert, Mrs. Nancy RICHARDSON, and Mrs. Mattie MURRAY
spouse(s): Married November 28, 1866, to Anna DeFEVER (born December 19, 1851. Daughter of William DeFEVER)
children: Irvin, Wallace, and Frank
other information: Came to Kansas in 1866

name: E. A. BARBER
found on which pages in book: 48
birth: August, 1848, in Morgan County, Illinois.
other information: Came to Kansas in 1870. In 1896 he moved to Springfield, Missouri where he now resides.

name: Jesse BARKER
found on which pages in book: 298
birth: July 21, 1850, in Keosauqua, Van Buren County, Iowa.
parents: Jesse B. and Amelia (SCOTT) BARKER
other information: Came to Anderson County, Kansas, in 1883. Came to Allen County, Kansas, in 1883.

name: William T. BARNETT
found on which pages in book: 504-506
birth: November 20, 1844, near Rochester County, Fulton County, Indiana.
parents: Thomas W. and Mary (TROUTMAN) BARNETT
paternal grandparents: John BARNETT
maternal grandparents: Michael TROUTMAN
siblings: John A., Michael I, Sarah E. (wife of John J. CARTER), and Emma (wife of Dr. Albert COBLE).
spouse(s): Married Mary E. COX (daughter of Samuel W. COX. Sister of Henry, Ephraim, William COX, Mrs. Nancy MORRISON, Mrs. Minerva BEAR)
children: Mary E. (wife of Robert SULLIVAN), Centennial R. (wife of Samuel E. WILSON), Thomas W., Florence, Elmer A., Harry C., Noble R., Chester R., Russell J. and Bruce.

name: Adam BARNHART
found on which pages in book: 531-532
birth: April 30, 1839, in Brady's Bend Township, Armstrong County, Pennsylvania
parents: John and Susan (HELPER) BARNHART
parental grandparent: Jacob BARNHART
maternal grandparent: Jacob HELPER
siblings: Jacob C., Elizabeth (wife of Thomas DOWANS), Hannah (wife of Joseph FORINGER), Louis, Isaac, Joseph, Rachel (wife of Harvey PECK), Susanna (wife of Thomas SHOOK), Catherine (wife of Thomas ROADS), and Sarah (wife of William EYNON)
spouse(s): Married August 4, 1859, to Catherine J. SHOOK (daughter of Peter SHOOK. Sister of Thomas, Jacob, John, Barbara and Ellen SHOOK)
children: Arabella (wife of William B. McKINNEY), Lomond C., Walter L., Sinas C., Ida M., Emma E., John A., L. Edward.
other information: Came to Kansas in 1878

name: Claus BARNHOLT
found on which pages in book: 245-246
birth: March 21, 1836, in Holstein, German Empire
parents: Henry and Annie (TIMM) BARNHOLT. Henry's second wife was Lina OHLFEST, sister of John and Carl OHLFEST of Allen County
siblings: Full siblings: Annie (wife of Hermann HATZ) and Hans; half-siblings: Catherine (widow of Carl HEELEY), Henry and Carl.
other information: Came to America in 1868. Came to Kansas in 1870

name: William Lewis BARTELS
found on which pages in book: 387-389
birth: May 11, 1842, in Muskingum County, Ohio
parents: Christian and Sarah (PRYOR) BARTELS
siblings: Amelia (widow of Jesse Van Fossen), Mary, Margaret (wife of D. B. STEPHENS), Sarah (wife of Robert L. TRAVIS), and Thomas M.
spouse(s): Married March 22, 1863, to Sidney TIBBETTS (daughter of John B. and Amy WOOD TIBBETTS)
children: Ida H. (wife of Eli WHARTON), Josie (wife of B. C. POTTER), Rosie (wife of Edward LANGFORD), William Z. (who married Jessie WEBB), Ollie, Maud, and Jessie
other information: Came to Kansas in 1860

name: Charles F. J. BARTH
found on which pages in book: 427-428
birth: January 18, 1837, in Udenheim, Rhine-Hessen (Germany)
parents: Charles Frederick and Phillipena BARTH
siblings: George and Philip
spouse(s): Martha J. RICE (born December 15, 1843, in Kentucky, daughter of Henry A. and Mary Kerteley THOMPSON RICE)
children: Margaret A., George H., Willie C., Charles F., and Anna E.
other information: Came to Kansas in 1866

name: John H. BEAHM
found on which pages in book: 563
birth: October 14, 1854, in Page County, Virginia
parents: David and Parmetta (GRIFFEE) BEAHM
parental grandparent: John BEAHM
marental grandparent: John GRIFFEE
spouse(s): Married August 21, 1878, to Emma GAY (daughter of J. N. GAY)
children: Dora M., Ollie, Clarence, Edna and Ada.
other information: Came to Kansas in 1870

name: Joseph C. BEATTY
found on which pages in book: 226-228
birth: July 8, 1854, near Belfast, (Northern) Ireland
parents: David and Mary (CRAWFORD) BEATTY
siblings: William, John C., Elizabeth (wife of William CALDWELL), Mary J. (widow of R. A. KERR), James T., and David R.
spouse(s): Married July 29, 1880, Mrs. Mattie NEVILLE FIELDING (daughter of W. W. and Catherine CONOVER FIELDING. Sister of John FIELDING and Mrs. Melissa HUNLEY)
children: Luretta May, Clarence N., and Joseph Harold
other information: Came to Kansas in 1877

name: A. M. BEEMAN
found on which pages in book: 122-123
birth: March 8, 1833, in New York State
parents: John S. and Ursula (CROOKER) BEEMAN
siblings: Julia (wife of William COBB) and Emily (wife of Ira ALLEN)
spouse(s): Married in 1867 to Lydia A. POMEROY (daughter of Chauncey and Fannie Eliza ALGER POMEROY. Sister of Jane D., William I., Catharine A, George W. and Henry T.)
children: Emma Ursula, Edwin A., Chas. Wesley, Mary Etta, John S., Martin O., and Benight M.
other information: Came to Kansas in 1867

name: Zar E. BENNETT
found on which pages in book: 341-342
birth: June 15, 1853, in western New York state.
parents: Zar E., Sr. and Sarah J. (HINMAN) BENNETT
siblings: Fred S. and Leslie
spouse(s): Married in 1875 to Libbie M. RENO (daughter of P. G. and Lucinda CLARK RENO. Sister of W. C., Mary J. [wife of M. M. HART], Mrs. Eliza COOK and S. D.)
other information: Came to Kansas in 1858

name: William BIRD
found on which pages in book: 530-531
birth: September 15, 1850, near Keokuk, Iowa
parents: Emmer and Prudy (HAMILTON) BIRD
siblings: Margaret A. (wife of Daniel HORVILLE), Jasper N. BIRD, Emerilla J. (wife of John McGEE), Samuel L., and George.
spouse(s): Married February 5, 1888, to Emma FACKLER (daughter of George FACKLER)
children: Dannie E., Edna May, Grace and Pearl.
other information: Came to Allen County in 1857

name: Henry E. BLAKELY
found on which pages in book: 466-467
birth: October 11, 1867, in Miami County, Ohio.
parents: George H. and Sophia Ann (DILLON) BLAKELY
spouse(s): Married June 28, 1893, to Effie M. FOLSOM (daughter of Abel B. and Nancy WRIGHT FOLSOM)
children: Frances F. and Bessie May
other information: Came to Kansas in 1896

name: Joseph M. BOOE
found on which pages in book: 561
birth: October 4, 1828, in Fountain County, Indiana.
parents: Jacob and Nancy (HENDERSON) BOOE
sibling: L. D. BOOE
spouse(s): Married 1st: June 19, 1853, to Amandy AYLS; Married 2nd: March 12, 1857, to Rachel WILSON; Married 3rd: to Margaret BOWMAN; Married 4th: in 1866 to Lucy HUCHEN
children: From 1st marriage: Charles E. BOOE and Mrs. Emily WINSLOW; From 2nd marriage: McDonald BOOE; From 4th marriage: Francis Marion, M. M., Warren, Elzady and L. P.
other information: Came to Kansas in 1881

name: D. Webster BOSTWICK
found on which pages in book: 482-484
birth: October 21, 1840, in Portage County, Ohio.
parents: Daniel and Sophia (FONDERSMITH, originally DeFONDERSMITH) BOSTWICK
siblings: Clarentine (wife of Lewis HINE, Dr. Henry C., Leveues E., Maria (wife of Andrew Jackson CLARK), and Amfield (wife of Samuel DOREN)
spouse(s): Married in 1869 to Clementine C. DeMOSS (daughter of Dr. M. and Margaret C. KENNEDY DeMOSS)
children: Hattie B., Grace F., Ella M., Leveues H., Pearl M. (wife of R. E. DONALDSON)
other information: Came to Allen County in 1866

name: Charles Hiram BOULSON
found on which pages in book: 384-386
birth: November 16, 1832, in Hanover, Germany
death: October 7, 1900
parents: Hiram BOULSON
siblings: Edward, Henry, and Mrs. Mary STUCKEY; half siblings (from his father's second marriage: Dr. Isaac, Elmer W., Elijah, Harry, and Mrs. Libbie ROGERS.
spouse(s): Married August 9, 1855, to Sallie WHITE (daughter of James and Ellen GRAVES WHITE)
children: James and an adopted son, Clyde.
other information: Came to America in 1846. Came to Allen County in 1877.

name: Harry BRAGG
found on which pages in book: 428-429
birth: February 9, 1850, in Shropshire, England
parents: William M. and Margaret M. (PACE) BRAGG
spouse(s): Married in 1873 to Ella ROUSE (daughter of N. B. ROUSE)
children: Lucile
other information: Came to Kansas in 1870

name: Starling DeWain BRANDENBURG
found on which pages in book: 199-200
birth: November 5, 1840, in Union County, Indiana.
parents: John and Elizabeth (KIDWELL) BRANDENBURG
maternal grandparents: Rev. Jonathan and Elizabeth KIDWELL
siblings: Ann (wife of James CHAPMAN), Sarah J., Emily (wife of Aaron JONES), and Rebecca (wife of James JONES)
spouse(s): Married January 1, 1852, to Nancy HELMS (daughter of James HELMS)
children: Melvin F., William L., Emma L. (wife of John TILLERY), Myrtle I. and Ivy May.
other information: Came to Allen County in 1872.

name: William BRAUCHER
found on which pages in book: 300-302
birth: January 24, 1845, in Tuscarawas County, Ohio.
parents: Joseph and Julia Antoinette (HAWLEY/HALLEY) BRAUCHER
spouse(s): Married 1st in December, 1870, to Isabel HEATH. She died in 1898. Married 2nd in January, 1899, to Mrs. Margaret (BRAGG) JOHNSON
children: From 1st marriage: Joseph W., Edward Allen and Halley Heath.
other information: Civil War veteran. Came to Allen County in 1868.

name: Oscar C. BRETT
found on which pages in book: 306-307
birth: April 29, 1863, in Macon County, Illinois.
parents: --?-- and Martha (COX) BRETT
siblings: James, Oscar, Grant, Otto, Julia and Grace.
spouse(s): Jennie McKNIGHT
children: Hazel

name: Alexander William J. BROWN
found on which pages in book: 400-402
birth: in Kentucky
death: 1866
half-siblings: Rhoda COY (married David EVANS), Elizabeth COY (married Samuel MILLER), and Martah COY (married Jacob BARKER)
spouse(s): Married 1st Elizabeth BARGER (died near Iola in 1861). Married 2nd Mrs. Margaret ROBINSON (daughter of Dr. John HART)
children: By 1st marriage: John L., Alexander H. (husband of MASTERSON), Lottie (wife of John H. HARRIS), Julia, Eliza (wife of John E. THORPE), William, Albert and Mattie (wife of Lee PATTON). By 2nd marriage: a son, Orlie BROWN.
other information: Civil War veteran. Came to Kansas in 1855

name: Henry A. BROWN
found on which pages in book: 235-236
birth: May 15, 1851, near Burlington, Iowa
parents: Sydney and Jane (HAWKINS) BROWN
siblings: Mrs. Rebecca CORDER, Mrs. Mariam PRITCHARD, and Mrs. Isabella ATHERTON
spouse(s): Married 2nd to Minnie NEFF (daughter of Eli and Mary NEFF)
children: By 1st marriage: Mrs. Ella BORDENKIRCHER
other information: Physician. Came to Earlton, Kansas, in 1879. Came to Humboldt, Kansas, in 1889.

name: George Manville BROWN
found on which pages in book: 182
birth: January 9, 1813, in Otsego, New York.
spouse(s): Caroline GRISWOLD
children: Mrs. D. D. SPICER and Miss Flora BROWN.
other information: Came to Kansas in 1857

name: John M. BROWN
found on which pages in book: 268-269
birth: June 9, 1843, in Beaver County, Pennsylvania
parents: Alexander and Sophronia (MURPHY) BROWN
siblings: William, Charles, James, Herbert and Daniel
spouse(s): Amy M. PHILLIPS (daughter of James PHILLIPS)
spouse's siblings: William F., Margaret (wife of James BROWN), Mrs. Paulina DANIELS, Eizabeth (wife of John GRIM), Mrs. Almyra SNYDER, Manala (wife of A. C. BROWN), Eli, Mrs. E. BROWN, and Albert PHILLIPS.
children: Egar A. (husband of Alice WOODWARD), Hannah, J. Oscar, Albert and Herbert.
other information: Visited Allen County in 1871. Moved to Allen County in 1872.

name: William M. BROWN
found on which pages in book: 543-545
birth: May 14, 1823, in Floyd County, Indiana.
death: December 27, 1865, near Iola, Kansas.
parents: Samuel and Lovina (AHERS) BROWN
siblings: Martha, Sarah, Mary, John, Alfred, Anna, Nancy, Lovina, Prudence, Louisa, Achsa and Albert
spouse(s): Married 1st: January 19, 1844 [sic!] to Sarah J. MYERS; Married 2nd: March 18, 1842 [sic!] to Nancy E. HAYES (daughter of John and Deborah HANKINS HAYES)
children: From 1st marriage: Marion BROWN; From 2nd marriage: Orrin, Ruth L., Samuel, John, Deborah (wife of Samuel J. JORDAN) and Albert J.
other information: Came to Kansas in 1856.
Compiler's note: Marriage numbers (1st, 2nd) and dates appear here as they do in book.

name: Mrs. Mary M. BROWNING
found on which pages in book: 229-230
birth: April 3, 1853, in Fanklin County, Illinois.
parents: James J. and Susan Ann (HARTLEY) DOWLINS
siblings: Mrs. Delilah A. SWAFFORD and Joseph L. DOLLING [sic!]
spouse(s): Married 1st in 1872 to Joseph B. MARTIN who died in 1879; Married 2nd to Joseph BROWNING (a native of Illinois)
children: By 1st marriage: John W. and Mrs. Ida May SMITH; By 2nd marriage: Mrs. Maude P. DeHART, Ida G. (wife of Homer McCALLEN), Fred and Fay
other information: Came to Kansas in 1880.

name: Elias BRUNER
found on which pages in book: 111-112
birth: June 15, 1846, in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania
parents: Jacob and Louisa (WHITE) BRUNER. After his father's death his mother married Jacob BENDER
siblings: full siblings: Mary and Elizabeth. Half-siblings from his mother's second marriage to Jacob BENDER: Jacob, Anna and John
spouse(s): Married January 13, 1872, to Drucie DAVIS (born May 19, 1848, in Marietta, Ohio, the daughter of E. S. and Drucie ALLCOCK DAVIS)
children: Lettie (wife of L. L. NORTHRUP), Clara, Freddie and George
other information: Came to Kansas in 1865.

name: Lewis D. BUCK
found on which pages in book: 545-546
birth: October 13, 1841, in Putnam County, Ohio
parents: Benjamin D. and Almeda (CONANT) BUCK
siblings: Seth, Benjamin, Lavina, Orson and Henry
spouse(s): Married March 11, 1866, to Mrs. Elizabeth GIBSON (born November 15, 1841, near Kansas City, Missouri, the daughter of Albert VAUGHN)
other information: Civil War veteran. Came to Allen County from Lawrence, Kansas, in 1876.

name: William BUCHANAN
found on which pages in book: 182-183
birth: 1820 in Fayette County, Kentucky.
parents: Robert and Mary A. (CRAIG) BROWN
siblings: Mary (wife of Joseph DAVID), John, James, Robert, Samuel, Jennie (wife of William W. INNIS)
spouse(s): Married 1st in 1842 to Mary Ann STEPHENSON who died in 1869. Married 2nd in 1872 to Harriet M. EDWARDS who died in February, 1897 (daughter of Stark EDWARDS)
children: By 1st marriage: George, Melissa (wife of W. Morgan HARTMAN), Jessie (wife of W. J. EVANS), Maggie (wife of H. H. FUNK), and John (husband of Cynthia ZINK). By 2nd marriage: Don C. BUCHANAN (husband of Mary E. DUGAN).
other information: Came to Allen County in 1867.

name: Hiram M. BURTIS
found on which pages in book: 203-204
birth: August 8, 1848, in Saratoga County, New York.
parents: Platt V. and Mary A. (FREEMAN) BURTIS
siblings: Margaret A. COWLES
spouse(s): Married January 26, 1869, to Helen E. SNYDER (a native of Illinois)
children: Maggie A. (wife of A. F. FISH), Chauncey H. (husband of Irene MOORE), Edith Maude (wife of S. S. JACKSON), and Walter.
other information: Came to Allen County in about 1880.

name: Henry BUSLEY
found on which pages in book: 246-247 (his portrait appears on a page between pages 246 and 247.
birth: May 29, 1845, in Lincolnshire, England.
parents: Samuel and Jane (SCOTNEY) BUSLEY. After Samuel's death Jane BUSLEY married a Mr REED.
siblings: full siblings: John, William, Samuel, Ann, and Sarah BUSLEY; half-siblings: George, Joseph and Jane REED
spouse(s): Married in 1868 to Sarah A. GREEN
children: Sarah Elizabeth (wife of William HIGGINS), Mary Jane (wife of Fred E. DANIELS), Annie G., John W., Emily, Thurza E., George H., Nellie, Harry, and Albert J.
other information: Came to Allen County in 1880.

name: Joshua BUTLER
found on which pages in book: 390-392
birth: September 17, 1845, in Coshocton County, Ohio
parents: Harrison and Margaret (NELLINEER) BUTLER
siblings: half-siblings from father's 1st marriage to --?--: Ann (wife of Michale CARROL), Mary, Frances (wife of Crispum FOSTER), Lucinda and William. Siblings from father's second marriage to Margaret Nellineer: Henry, Caroline (wife of William VALENTINE), Charlotte (wife of John PORTER), Sarah J. (wife of Isaac BIBLE)
other information: Came to Allen County in 1869.


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