Pages 419-420, transcribed by Carolyn Ward from History of Allen and Woodson Counties, Kansas: embellished with portraits of well known people of these counties, with biographies of our representative citizens, cuts of public buildings and a map of each county / Edited and Compiled by L. Wallace Duncan and Chas. F. Scott. Iola Registers, Printers and Binders, Iola, Kan.: 1901; 894 p., [36] leaves of plates: ill., ports.; includes index.




CHARLES CALVIN AUSHERMAN, of Iola, junior member of the well known firm of Cowan & Ausherman, and Allen county's popular ex-sheriff, came into the county in 1880, a young man just turned twenty-one. He was born in Frederick county, Maryland, March 11, 1859, and spent his first sixteen years in the famous Middletown Valley. The Aushermans were among the early and thrifty settlers of that valley and were, as the name indicates, of German origin. The growing of grain and the raising of stock took up their time and attention and their prominence as such was a matter of common report during the first half of the present century. They were Whigs in politics and Dunkards in religion.

John Ausherman, our subject's grandfather, was born in the Valley and died there in 1864 at the age of seventy-two years. His wife was Ldiay[sic] Arnold, and his children were twelve in number. John Ausherman's father was a German who settled in Middletown Valley during the closing years of the 18th century and his children were: John, Henry, David and Mrs. Slifer.

Samuel Ausherman, our subject's father, was born near Middletown, February 1, 1834, and died in Bourbon county, Kansas, September 15, 1891. He was married in Frederick county, Maryland, in 1856 to Malinda C., a daughter of Daniel Leazer. In 1875 Mr. Ausherman left Maryland for the west and located near Springfield, Missouri. In 1880 he came to the vicinity of Iola and in 1887 removed to Berlin, Bourbon county, and there died. Like his ancestors, Mr. Ausherman devoted himself to the farm and kindred enterprises and at times made money and at times lost. He became a Republican early in the history of that party and was a man of positive and outspoken convictions. His sons are holding up the banner with credit to the family name and are honored citizens of their respective communities.

The Leazers were also German. Daniel Leazer, or subject's maternal grandfather, was a well known blacksmith of the Valley and married Mary Gaver. Of their seven children Malinda C., was then seventh. She was born in 1838 and resides in Iola. Her children are: Ella, wife of John Moore, of Bourbon county, Kansas; Charles C.; Benjamin M., a leading lawyer of Evanston, Wyoming; Alta May, wife of Henry W. Lambeth, of Allen county; Will C., a grocer in Salt Lake, Utah, and Miss Kate Ausherman, one of Iola's talented teachers in the public schools.

Charles C. Ausherman received a common school education. He


knew no business but farming till he was twenty-five years old. He began his career as a merchant in Iola, with Hart & Welch. His next employer was D. B. Stephens and, finally, he became the trusted clerk of Cowan & Marsh. When Cowan & Norris entered into a partnership Mr. Ausherman's name became second in the firm. In 1887 the firm of Cowan & Ausherman was formed and is one of the substantial concerns of the city. Mr Ausherman is the active head of the institution and to his popularity is due, in great measure, the prosperity and perpetuity of the firm.

The fact that C. C. Ausherman got into politics when he became a voter and immediately acquired a following seems "a matter of course." His personal magnetism and his evident sincerity of purpose are the qualities necessary to leadership and it is but natural that he should become a prominent factor in the manipulation of party affairs. He was township clerk some years ago and when the county campaign of 1893 approached his friends insisted upon his candidacy for the office of Sheriff. He ultimately consented and won the nomination easily, and the election by a majority of 234 votes. His administration of the office was so efficient as to win him a second election by a majority of 913 votes, and he left the office the most popular ex-Sheriff of Allen county. He has served on the Iola city Council, both before and since its charter as a second class city, and represented the first ward till 1900. His attitude toward his city is that of a public-spirited and progressive citizen. Worthy enterprises appeal to his liberality and worthy charities his financial support. He is well know as an Odd Fellow and is prominent in the "Knights and Ladies" order.

Mr. Ausherman was married December 20, 1893, in Coffeyville, Kansas, by Rev. Freed, to Sadie J. Proctor. Her father was Richard Proctor and her mother, Elizabeth Bratton. They were Kentucky people and came to Allen county in 1881. Mrs. Ausherman was born March 22, 1870. Harold P. Ausherman, our subject's only child, was born February 8, 1898.

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