Page 478-479, transcribed by Carolyn Ward from History of Butler County, Kansas by Vol. P. Mooney. Standard Publishing Company, Lawrence, Kan.: 1916. ill.; 894 pgs.


W. E. Brown, cashier of the Geo. W. Brown & Son State Bank, Augusta. Kans., is one of Butler county's substantial bankers, and is identified with one of the oldest financial institutions in the county. W. E. Brown is a native of Illinois and a son of Geo. W. and Mary J. (Weaver) Brown, natives of New York. They were the parents of three children, W. E., the subject of this sketch, being the only surviving member of the family. George W. Brown, the father, was a Butler county pioneer and established one of the first banks in the county.

In 1870, he came to Augusta to build the land office building for the Government, an institution which was located at Augusta for several years before its removel[sic] to Wichita. About the time that he completed his government contract, in 1870, George W. Brown and his brother, C. W.. organized Brown Brothers Bank at Augusta which was the beginning of the Geo. W. Brown & Son State Bank which is doing business in Augusta today. This is one of the substantial banks of Butler county and has a long and honorable business record to its credit. It might be said of this bank that it is big enough to accommodate its customers and not too big to appreciate them. George W. Brown, one of the founders of this institution, was the pioneer banker of Butler county. The bank did business under the firm name of Brown Brothers until 1887, when it was changed to Geo. W. Brown & Son and later incorporated under the name of the State Bank, George W. Brown remaining president of the bank until his death December 25, 1914.

While Mr. Brown remained a dominant factor of the institution during his lifetime, he spent the last fifteen years of his life in travel and maintained his home at Daytona, Fla. In 1902, he made a trip around the world, starting from San Francisco and visiting Honolulu, Japan, China, Philippine Islands, and returning home by way of the Mediterranean and New York. George W. Brown was not only a pioneer banker of Butler county but was also a prominent factor in the early day settlement and development of Augusta. He was one of the incorporators of the town of August and took a keen interest in the social, moral and industrial development of the town during his lifetime. He was a capable business man and known for his methodical methods in the daily conduct of his vast business affairs. He was a quiet, unassuming man, and while best known as a successful financier, he possessed many noble qualities of mind and heart that towered above any sordid nature and was best liked by those who knew him most intimately.

W. E. Brown, whose name introduces this sketch, came to Butler county with his parents in 1870. He received his education in the public schools of Augusta, the Western Military Academy, Alton, Ill., and Baker University, Baldwin, Kans. He then engaged in the jewelry business in Baldwin, Kans., which was his first business venture. In 1886 he entered his father's bank at Augusta, in the capacity of bookkeeper, and shortly afterward was made cashier, which position he has since held. Mr. Brown has had a broad experience in the banking world, besides


having had the advantage of a careful training in the intricate field of finance under the supervision of his father. He is recognized as one of the able financiers of southern Kansas. Notwithstanding his busy career in the private field of finance, he has taken a commendable interest in public affairs and when twenty-four years of age was elected mayor of Augusta and as such conducted the affairs of the city in such a commendable way that at the expiration of a term of three years, he was reelected. He has also been a member of the city council.

Mr. Brown was united in marriage at Augusta, February 4, 1891, to Miss Icy M. Rodgers, of Augusta, whose parents were pioneers of Walnut township. To Mr. and Mrs. Brown have been born three children, as follows. George W., Jr., died at the age of two years; Pauline and Dorothea, both of whom reside with their parents.

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