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Abel Cartwright and Wife


Abel Cartwright, now living retired on his farm in Fairmount township, bears the unusual distinction of having passed the one hundred and first milestone in the journey of life, which of itself, without further inquiry, bespeaks a life of right living for himself as well as his antecedents. Mr. Cartwright comes from an old and honorable American family who were ably represented in the Revolutionary struggle by his grandfather, Christopher Cartwright.

Abel Cartwright was born in Hinesburg, Vt., November 9, 1814. His parents were Silas and Sallie (Heath) Cartwright, natives of Vermont. Silas Cartwright, the father, was a son of Christopher Cartwright, who was born in Connecticut in 1755. The archives of the War Department at Washington, D. C., contain records which show that Christopher Cartwright enlisted February 10, 1777, in Captain McCune's regiment, Col. Seth Warner's Continental regiment at Pownal, Vt. The war records also show that he applied for a pension, July 28, 1818, which was allowed, and he received the same until the time of his death, March 7, 1839. Christopher Cartwright reared a family of several daughters and two sons, Silas, the father of Abel, being one of the sons. Silas Cartwright married Sallie Heath, and they spent their lives in their native State, Vermont. Four children were born to them: Abel, whose name introduces this sketch, and three daughters.

Abel Cartwright grew to manhood in his native State, and afterwards removed to New York State, and on March 20, 1848, he was united in marriage at Plattsburg, N. Y., to Miss Adaline Hilliard. She was a native of Plattsburg, born September 4, 1828, and a daughter of Anson and Amity (Smith) Hilliard. Anson Hilliard was also a native of Plattsburg, N. Y., born in 1795, and spent his life in that locality, and died December 1, 1857. He was the son of Joshua Hilliard, who was born in Norwich, Conn., January 7, 1757. According to the records of the War Department at Washington, D. C., Joshua Hilliard served four terms of enlistment in the Continental army during the Revolutionary war, one term of which was in the marine service under Captain Smedley, and he saw service on the Continental brig, "Defense." He was at the battle of White Plains, N. Y. It will be remembered that here it was that Alexander Hamilton distinguished himself as a soldier. Joshua married Mollie Grinnell, a member of the Grinnell family known in the history of this country as a family of explorers. Captain Grinnell,


who fittted[sic] out an expedition and went in search of the North Pole, being the distinguished member of this family.

Abel Cartwright, the subject of this sketch, and his wife resided in Plattsburg, N. Y., until 1865, when they went to LaSalle county, Illinois. Here they bought 160 acres of land and followed farming until 1903, when they came to Butler county and bought 480 acres of land in Fairmount township. This is one of the fine farms of western Butler county, and makes an ideal home. To Mr. and Mrs. Cartwright have been born the following children: L. N., Whitney, Neb.; Hettie A. resides at home; Truman, at home; Silas, died in infancy; Mary E., wife of William Hallett, Elbing, Kans.; Albert H., at home; John H., deceased; Abel C., Jr., deceased, and Sherman A., Moline, Ill.

Mr. Cartwright has been a lifelong Republican and a steadfast supporter of the policies and principles of that party at all times. His life represents an unusually honorable as well as a long career, which might well be emulated by the present and future, generations for the benefit of the human race, physically, mentally, and morally.

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