Page 705-706, transcribed by Carolyn Ward from History of Butler County, Kansas by Vol. P. Mooney. Standard Publishing Company, Lawrence, Kan.: 1916. ill.; 894 pgs.


W. J. Case, one of the leading farmers and stockmen of Chelsea township, is a native of Michigan. Mr. Case was born at Coldwater in 1864, and came to Butler county from Michigan in 1879. Shortly after coming to Kansas, W. J. Case entered the employ of Judge Harrison and worked for him on the Doornbos place. Young Case saved his earnings and began to invest in a small way, his first investment being in a mule colt, which he later traded for a mare and gave $40 to boot, and later traded the mare for a team, paying the difference. He and a brother, C. H. Case, then rented the Holderman farm in Chelsea township for six years. They carried on general farming and stock raising, and prospered.

Mr. Case was married in 1894 to Miss Allie T. Zuel, of Prospect township, and a member of one of the old pioneer families of Butler county. Soon after his marriage, Mr. Case went to Oklahoma and filed on a quarter section of government land and remained there until until[sic] 1900, when he sold his claim and returned to Chelsea township. Here he bought 240 acres of land and engaged in farming and stock raising, and in 1908 he bought the Jim Taylor place, which consists of 160 acres. He did not stop buying land at that, but in 1912 he bought 400 acres in Lincoln township, and is one of the large land owners of Butler county. Mr. Case has been uniformly successful in his business,


and is one of the prosperous and progressive men of the county. He is a self-made man, and has earned every dollar that he has. He is a typical representative of that class of men who do things. He came to Butler county when a boy and has seen much of the development of this section, from a great unpeopled plain to one of the important counties of the State, and has done his part in the great work of development. Mr. Case has built up a reputation for honesty and straightforward business methods. He has never permitted any desire to make money to be the dominant factor of his nature. He regards a reputation for integrity of more value than a reputation for money making. And yet he has been fortunate in that he has always kept his word and at the same time prospered.

Mr. Case is a Democrat and has always supported the policies and principles of that party, and takes a keen interest in the welfare of the community. Mr. and Mrs. Case have one daughter living, Gladys, who resides at home. Jessie T. is deceased. The Case family is well known and prominent in the community.

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