Page 676-677, transcribed by Carolyn Ward from History of Butler County, Kansas by Vol. P. Mooney. Standard Publishing Company, Lawrence, Kan.: 1916. ill.; 894 pgs.


T. H. Fillmore, owner and proprietor of "Little Walnut Stock Farm" in Glencoe township, is one of Butler county's leading farmers and stockmen. Mr. Fillmore is a native of New Brunswick, born in 1862. He is a son of John and Eliza (Ogden) Fillmore, natives of New Brunswick. To John and Eliza (Ogden) Fillmore were born the following children: George A., deceased; John, Cushing, Okla.; Mrs. Rebecca Dobson, Coil, Okla.; Greene, Davidson, Okla.; T. H., the subject of this sketch; Clark, lives in Oklahoma; Mrs. Ellen Niles, lives in Oklahoma; and Harve F., Cushing, Okla.

Mr. Fillmore came to Kansas with his parents in 1870, and two years later, settled in Butler county, and has lived on his present place of 720 acres, for the past fifteen years. The place is known as "Little Walnut Stock Farm," and is one of the ideal stock farms, not only of Butler county, but of the State. Mr. Fillmore specializes in Herefords, of which he has a very fine herd; and also keeps a number of cattle of the ordinary marketable type, and his entire herd usually averages about 300 head. He has also been successful as a feeder, and raises quite a large number of calves each year. "Little Walnut Stock Farm" is an attractive and splendidly equipped stock farm in every particular, with a commodious residence, large and well arranged barn, sheds, silo and garage, and all buildings about the place are kept in good repair and well painted. The residence stands on an eminence, overlooking the broad acres of well kept and highly cultivated bottom land, which, in the summer season, presents an ideal scene of pastural life with its fields of waving grain and green mantle of


alfalfa, furnishes mute testimony of its owner's mastery of the art of agriculture. The place is located on the south branch of the Little Walnut, which winds its labyrinthian way like a silver thread down through the valley, which adds the finishing touch of nature's brush to the landscape. No more beautiful countryside can be found.

Mr. Fillmore was united in marriage to Miss Jennie Blankenbaker, and to this union four children have been born, as follows: Orloff, Addison; Lloyd, and Leona. Mr. Fillmore is progressive and public spirited, and is always ready and willing to lend his aid to any movement or enterprise that has for its object the betterment of the community.

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