Page 733-734, transcribed by Carolyn Ward from History of Butler County, Kansas by Vol. P. Mooney. Standard Publishing Company, Lawrence, Kan.: 1916. ill.; 894 pgs.


J. G. Green, a prominent farmer and stockman of Sycamore township, is a native of Illinois. He was born in McDonough county, October 8, 1858, and is a son of G. T. and Eliza Green. The Green family were very early settlers in Butler county, coming here in 1868. They settled on the Whitewater, near Towanda. Later, J. G. Green bought land in Sycamore township where he now owns several hundred acres and is one of the extensive cattlemen of Butler county.

Mr. Green was married in 1882, to Miss Elizabeth Fisk, a daughter of Erasmus and Ida (Amorette) Fisk, the former of Welsh descent and the latter of Irish ancestry. Mrs. Green's mother was a widow when she came to Kansas in 1881. They settled near Sycamore Springs. To Mr. and Mrs. Green have been born the following children: Mrs. Elsie Schroeder, Goddard, Kans.; Mrs. Mabel Kitzelman, Cassoday, Kans; Ray, Anadarko, Okla.; Kittie, resides at home; Otis, De Graff, Kans.; Holt, John, Elizabeth and Hazel, all residing at home.

Mr. Green has quite a humorous vein in his nature, and tells with much amusement, an incident that happened in his father's family in the early days. His father had bought some very choice seed corn in the ear, which he valued very highly. One day while he was away some travelers came riding through the country, on horseback, and stopped at the Green home and endeavored to buy some feed for their horses. Mrs. Green explained that the only feed they had was seed corn, and they offered her fifty cents per ear for enough for one feed. She finally consented to sell them a small amount, for which they paid at that rate. Finally they offered her a dollar an ear for all the seed corn that she had. She was unable to stand the temptation of such an offer and let all the seed corn go, much to the disappointment of the father when he found it out.


Mr. Green is truly a pioneer of Butler county who has made good, and is deserving of no small amount of credit for the great reputation that Butler county has gained for being the greatest cattle producing county of the State of Kansas.

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