Page 834-835, transcribed by Carolyn Ward from History of Butler County, Kansas by Vol. P. Mooney. Standard Publishing Company, Lawrence, Kan.: 1916. ill.; 894 pgs.


Clarence Morgan is a native son of Butler county, born at Douglass in 1895, and is a son of A. V. and Jessie (Baum) Morgan. The Morgan and Baum families were very early settlers in Butler county. A. V. Morgan was born in Indiana and came to Butler county, Kansas, in the early seventies. Jessie Morgan, the mother, is also a native of Butler county. Her parents, Lucas and Sarah Baum, came to Butler county about 1870, and settled on 166 acres of land.


A. V. Morgan was one of a family of three children, as follows: W. J., Douglass, Kans.; Mrs. Belle Stickman, Douglass, Kans., and A. V.. the father of Clarence. Jessie Baum, the mother, is one of a family of five children, the others being as follows: W. F. Baum, Augusta, Kans.; Momford Baum, Douglass, Kans.; Mrs. Rose Berry, Winfield, Kans., and Mrs. Stella McGuire, Winfield, Kans.

Clarence Morgan, the subject of this sketch, is one of a family of five children, the others being as follows: Irwin, Ruby, Pearl and Warren. Clarence Morgan was reared on a farm in Bloomington township and was educated in the public schools, attending the Douglas High School. Mr. Morgan is an industrious young man, and every indication is that he has a brilliant future. He comes of pioneer Butler county stock which, among other favorable indications, would indicate that he possesses the courage and definiteness of purpose to make a success of his undertakings.

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