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H. C. Morgan, a prosperous farmer and stockman, and pioneer of Spring township, was born in New York in 1848. He is a son of Bradford and Sylvia (Gillette) Morgan, both natives of New York. Bradford Morgan's grandfather was a soldier in the American army during the Revolutionary war, and served throughout the entire period of seven years of that great conflict for independence.

H. C. Morgan has two brothers and one sister living, as follows: Mrs. Cora Smith, Smith Center, Kans.; Isaac, El Dorado, Kans.; and Frank, Smith Center, Kans. The Morgan family migrated to Missouri in 1865, and later the father came to Butler county. H. C. Morgan, the subject of this sketch, came to this county in 1871, and therefore has spent forty-five years of his life here. He settled on a quarter section of land in Spring township, and has since resided in that part of the county. He was favorably impressed with this country from the first. He says he could notice considerable advancement over Missouri, and even at that time there were iron bridges in the county. He raised a good crop the first year, and built a comfortable cabin, and for the first three years here "batched," as did most of the homesteaders in those days. He says, he always had money in the early days, and the way he managed to do that, was that he carried a twenty-five cent piece for a pocket piece, which he refused to spend under any circumstances, which accounts for his always having money. He did his own cooking and daily menu consisted of hot corn bread for breakfast, corn meal cakes for dinner, and cold corn bread for supper.

When Mr. Morgan settled on the plains, there was not a church nor a schoolhouse in sight, and the nearest railroad was fifty miles away. However, Mr. Morgan has seen all this changed, and the marvelous advancement and improvements that have been made in Butler county since he came here would seem almost an impossible accomplishment within the scope of a lifetime. He has been extensively engaged in general farming and stock raising since locating here, and is one of the progressive agriculturists of this section of the State. He owns 720 acres which are well improved with good buildings, and well watered, The place is known as the "Cedar Circle Farm," and is one of Butler county's best farms. The following is approximately the product of one


year, from Mr. Morgan's farm; $3,000 worth of hogs, twelve to fifteen thousand bushels of kafir corn, and $500 worth of cattle.

Mr. Morgan was married in 1875 to Miss Eudora Starrett, a native of North Carolina, and a daughter of Alexander and Nancy (Gray) Starrett, natives of North Carolina, the former of Scotch descent and the latter of Irish ancestry. Alexander Starrett and wife were the parents of the following children: Preston, Standberry, Mo.; Thomas G., Roberson, Kans.; Samuel W., New Raymes, Colo.; Mrs. Luella L. Reed, Lawrence, Neb.; and Eudora, the wife of H. C. Morgan, the subject of this sketch. To Mr. and Mrs. Morgan have been born the following children: Cora, Godhra, India; Emily, Kingman, Kans.; Mrs. Annie Colter, Leon, Kans.; Ada, Leon, Kans.; Elbert, Leon, Kans.; Grace Eckle, Leon, Kans.; George, Florida; Alex, Leon, Kans.; Edna Calbeck, Blackwell, Okla.

Mr. and Mrs. Morgan are real pioneers of Butler county, and they can relate many interesting reminiscences of the early days, and with all the hardships they also cherish many pleasant memories and fond recollections. All of the Morgan children received the advantages of very good education. Five of them are graduates of the Southwestern College of Winfield, and all of the others are high school graduates. Mr. and Mrs. Morgan and all the children are members of the Methodist Episcopal church.

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