Page 552-553, transcribed by Carolyn Ward from History of Butler County, Kansas by Vol. P. Mooney. Standard Publishing Company, Lawrence, Kan.: 1916. ill.; 894 pgs.


William H. Morrison, now deceased, was an early settler in Walnut township, and a Butler county pioneer, who contributed his part to the development of Butler county, from a barren plain to one of the great agricultural and industrial subdivisions of the State. William H. Morrison was born in Hawkins county, Tenneessee, September 29, 1827, and died at his home in Walnut township, May 20, 1912. He belonged to a prominent Tennessee family, and was a nephew of Governor McMenn, of that State.

In 1870, Mr. Morrison came to Butler county, Kansas, locating four


miles northeast of Douglass at Walnut City, a little settlement which at that time had a store, blacksmith shop, and a few residences. He bought a relinquishment of a claim on a quarter section of land from a Mr. Lord, for which he paid $600. Later he bought eighty acres of land for $500, which was his home until the time of his death. When he settled on the claim, there were no improvements, with the exception of a small cabin, and the country was not very thickly settled at that time. He engaged in general farming and stock business, and later built a commodious farm residence and also erected a large barn on the place, adding other improvements until he had one of the best improved farms in that section of the county. He was an industrious and thrifty citizen, and by well directed efforts and good management, became very well-to-do, and left his family in very comfortable circumstances at his death.

William H. Morrison and Miss Hannah Caroline Glaze were united in marriage at Dalton, Ga., in 1860. She is a daughter of Lawrence and Elizabeth Glaze, of Washington county, Tennessee, and the youngest of a family of thirteen children, and the only one of whom is now living. To William Morrison and wife were born the following children: Hettie Elizabeth, residing at Gordon; Mrs. Mary Almeda Glaze, living at El Reno, Okla.; Mrs. Georgiana West, Morristown, Tenn., and Lawrence Eldridge, Gordon, Kans. Lawrence and Hettie live together at Gordon, and jointly own 188 acres of fine bottom land in the Walnut river valley, and are engaged in farming and stock raising.

The Morrison family settled in Walnut township in the real pioneer days of that section, and Mrs. Morrison has a distinct recollection of many stirring incidents and interesting events of the early days. She remembers the wholesale hangings that the vigilance committee carried out in the early days, which put an end to a series of depredations that had been committed for some time, much to the insecurity of the lives and property of the early settlers. Emporia was the terminal of the railroad when Mr. Morrison and his wife came here, and when they reached that point, they bought a team and wagon and drove to Walnut township, and on the trip from Emporia, Mrs. Morrison held her baby, Lawrence E., on her lap. Miss Hettie E. Morrison recalls the first school she attended, after coming here. It was held in the home of Norman Yowls, and Jennie Blakey was the teacher; and besides Miss Morrison, the other pupils were Ella Rogers, Florence and William Snodgrass, Mattie Blakey and Ida Friend.

The Morrison farm is in the rich oil and gas belt of the Augusta fields, and much development is being carried on in that vicinity.

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