Page 461-463, transcribed by Carolyn Ward from History of Butler County, Kansas by Vol. P. Mooney. Standard Publishing Company, Lawrence, Kan.: 1916. ill.; 894 pgs.


J. H. Price, senior member of the firm J. H. Price & Company, one of the leading real estate, loan and insurance firms of El Dorado, is a native of Ohio. Mr. Price was born in Belmont county, August 1, 1839, and is a son of Samuel and Ruanna (Lady) Price, the former a native of Fayette county, Pennsylvania and the latter of Ohio. They spent their lives in Ohio.

J. H. Price was reared and educated in his native State and had reached the age of manhood when the Civil war broke out, and in answer to the President's call for volunteers, he enlisted at Chillicothe, Ohio, August 30, 1861 in Company B, Second Battalion, Eighteenth United States infantry. Four brothers of J. H. Price enlisted in the Union army during the Civil war and two of them were killed in action and the other two were wounded. The father also offered his services


but was rejected on account of being past the military age. His command was attached to the Army of the Cumberland, joining General Thomas at Mill Springs, Ky., from which point they made a forced march in time to be at the battle of Shiloh, and they also participated in the battle of Corinth and the battle of Perryville, and in a fight with Morgan at Lenan, Ky. It fell to Mr. Price's lot to do a great deal of detached duty in the way of scouting in Kentucky and he was in a number of skirmishes. He was at the battle of Stone River and Murfreesboro, where his regiment suffered very severe losses. In that engagement six of the color bearers had been shot down, and Mr. Price was the seventh to pick up the fallen colors and fortunately escaped without injury. He was at the battles of Chickamaugua, Lookout Mountain, Missionary Ridge, and Resaca, and numerous other battles and skirmishes, and in the campaign against Atlanta. He was at the battles of Jonesboro and Nashville. Mr. Price was wounded three times during his service. He was struck on the neck with a fragment of a shell at the battle of Stone River and was struck on one of his fingers by a gun shot at Lebanon, Ky., and in an attack by guerillas between Nashville and Chattanooga he was struck in the neck by several small shot. Mr. Price was promoted, step by step, until he became first sergeant of his company, and at the battle of Stone River, both the captain and first lieutenant of his company were killed, and, by virtue of his rank as first sergeant, Mr. Price became first lieutenant during the remainder of that battle. At the close of a brilliant military career he was discharged near Jonesboro, Ga., August 30, 1864, by reason of the expiration of his term of service, although he remained with his regiment for some time after his discharge.

At the close of the war Mr. Price returned to Ohio where he was engaged in the marble business until 1873, when he went to Iowa and located in Taylor county, and for a number of years, was a minister in the United Brethren church. In 1880, he came to Kansas and for a time lived in Lincoln county, where he was engaged in the ministry for two or three years, and also preached in various other places in Kansas and Colorado. In 1904 he came to Butler county and engaged in farming, and in 1912 located in El Dorado, where he has since been engaged in the real estate, loan and insurance business. In 1916, his son, William S., became the junior member of the firm.

Mr. Price was first married February 19, 1866, to Miss Lizzie E. Davis, a native of Jackson county, Ohio, and two children were born to this union: William S., the junior member of J. H. Price & Company, and Hannah Ruan, now the wife of Edward C. Bent, Chicago, Ill. The mother of these children died July 16, 1870, in Lucas county, Ohio, and Mr. Price married Maranda Buchanan, of Pickering county, Ohio. The following children, who are now living, were born to this union: Rosada, lives in California; Archie, Cassoday, Kans.; James, Butler county, Kansas; and Sherrod S., Blue Mound, Kans. The wife


and mother of these children is deceased, and the present Mrs. Price bore the maiden name of Sarah Bowman. Mr. Price is a member of the Grand Army of the Republic and the Methodist Episcopal church, and is of pleasing personality and courteous manner, which has won for him many friends in the community.

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