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The A. Hood & Sons Implement Company

THE A. HOOD & SONS IMPLEMENT COMPANY, with headquarters at Columbus, Kansas, is one of the extensive industries of Cherokee Conuty [sic], and probably does the largest vehichle business in the Southwest. It was established in 1873, and was incorporated July 29, 1901, under the laws of the State of Kansas.

The first officers of this company, who also formed its first board of directors, were: Archibald Hood, deceased July 17, 1903, president; Wilson K. Hood, who died February 19, 1904, vice-president; and Edgar C. Hood, secretary. The present officers are: Edgar C. Hood, president; George W. Hood, vice-president; O. E. Skinner, secretary; and Mary A. Hood, treasurer. The directing board is composed of Edgar C. Hood, George W. Hood and O. E. Skinner.

While Columbus is the headquarters of the concern, branch houses have been established at Pittsburg, McCune and Baxter Springs. The company works with a full paid-up capital of $125,000, has a large surplus, and carries at all times a full line of vehicles, agricultural implements and seeds. The main building of the company is located on the south side of the square at Columbus, and was built by Archibald Hood in 1883. It is of two stories, 110 by 36 feet in dimensions. Of the two other buildings, one is of two stories, 50 by 110 feet, and the other, 25 by 110 feet, in dimensions. The total floor space occupied by the company, in its main and branch houses, reaches 50,000 square feet, or over one acre.

The employees number five at Columbus, four at McCune, four at Pittsburg and three at Baxter Springs. The stock carried comprises about 350 vehicles or 12 car-loads all the time.

This large business is in the hands of capable men, wide awake to business competition and enterprise. George W. Hood, the treasurer of the company was born at Columbus, Kansas, in 1880, and spent two years in the State University of Kansas. He has the oversight of the Columbus house, and gives his immediate attention to the buggy department.

O. E. Skinner, who is the head bookkeeper and cashier, has been with the company about 23 years, and has made its interests his own.

Oscar Crane, manager for the Columbus house has been with the company the same length of time as has Mr. Skinner, and his fidelity is known and appreciated. James Hanson, the genial warehouse foreman, has been with the company since 1877, with the exception of seven years, and M. L. Downs has been connected with the business for about 12 years. John C. Broadley, traveling solicitor, has been with the firm, at various times, since 1882. Bruce Wilson is in charge of the seed department of the Columbus house.

The Pittsburg house is under the immediate supervision of Edgar C. Hood, the president of the company, whose head salesman is Mr. Harshman.

The McCune house is in charge of John Martin, an efficient manager. The collecting department is managed by Dan Elledge, who resides at McCune. George E. Rucker is the capable manager of the branch house at Baxter Springs. The most cordial relations exist between the officials and employees of this company, the result being little friction and the greatest prosperity.

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