Allison, Nathaniel Thompson. History of Cherokee County, Kansas, and Representative Citizens. Chicago, IL: Biographical Publishing Co., 1904. Online index created by Carolyn Ward, instructor at USD 508, Baxter Springs Middle School, Baxter Springs, Kansas, and State Coordinator for The KSGenWeb Project.

1904 History of Cherokee County Kansas


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The ex-Union soldiers who have lived, and those who yet live, in Cherokee County have been, and are yet, a large factor in its population, as the list which I give in this chapter will show. It is not claimed that the list is perfect; but, as much care has been given the matter, it will be found reliable in most respects. The list contains the names of many who have moved from the county, as well as a large number who have died since their names were obtained. These particulars cannot now be given, except in instances where they are well known. The list will not show other than the name, the rank, the company and regiment in which the soldier served, and the postoffice address.


Agard, John G.,--Priv., Co. A, 37th Ill. Inf., Galena, Kan.
Allen, James H.,--Priv., Co. H, 19th Kan., U. S. Inf., Galena, Kan.
Applegate, Samuel L.,--Priv., Co. C, 8th Mo. Cav., Galena, Kan.
Adams, Jesse,--Priv., Co. H, 5th Ky. Cav. Galena, Kan.
Adams, W. A.,--Priv., Co. K, 2d Ark. Cav., Galena, Kan.
Andrews, Henry,--Priv., 7th N. Y. Art., Galena, Kan.
Ash, E.,--Co. A., 122d Ill. Inf., Galena, Kan.
Aikens, John,--Ord. Serg., 29th U. S. Inf., Galena, Kan.
Ash, J. W.,--Priv., Co. C, 122th Ill. Inf., Galena, Kan.
Akes, Smith,--Priv., Co. A, 4th Mo. Cav., Baxter Springs, Kan.
Austin, Horace,--Capt., Co. K, 105th Ill. Inf., Baxter Springs, Kan.
Allen, Martin L.,--Priv., Co. I, 49th Mo. Inf., Empire City, Kan.
Anderson, Geo. W.,--Serg., Co. C., 4th U. S. Inf., Columbus, Kan.
Adams, Samuel C.,--Priv., Co. C, 22d Penn. Cav., Columbus, Kan.
Archer, James P.,--Priv., Co. A, 6th Kan. Cav., (dead).
Anderson, T. P.,--Capt., Co. F, 64th U. S. Inf., Kansas City. Kan.
Anderson, T. P.,--Priv., Co. F, 10th Mo. Inf., (P. O. unknown).
Alfred, Otis,--Priv., Co. F, 9th Ill. Inf., Columbus, Kan.
Allison, N. T.,--Priv., Co. G, 28th Ill Inf., Columbus, Kan.
Aldous, George,--Priv., Co. C, 56th Ill. Inf., Columbus, Kan.
Aultman, E. C.,--Corp., Co. A, Benton Cadets, Melrose, Kan.
Amos, W. H.,--Corp., Co. K, 58th Ind. Inf., Chetopa, Kan.
Allen, John,--Priv., Co. H, 72d Mo. Cav., Baxter Springs, Kan.
Abbott, J. H.,--Corp., Co. I, 11th Ind. Cav., Baxter Springs, Kan.
Amos, Jesse T.,--Priv., Co. F, 30th Ind. Inf., Chetopa, Kan.
Arehart, C. D.,--Priv., Co. D, 21st Mo. Inf., Galena, Kan.
Allen, W. H.,--Corp., Co. C, 44th Ill. Inf., Baxter Springs, Kan.
Allman, James,--Priv., Co. E, 7th Ill. Inf., Galena, Kan.
Andrews, James,--Priv., Co. I, 38th Wis. Inf., Waco, Mo.
Allen, Z. H.,--Priv., Co. C., 14th Ind. Inf., Hallowell, Kan.
Allen, A. J.,--1st Lt., Co. B, 14th Ia. Inf., Columbus, Kan.
Amos, F. M. B.,--Priv., Co. C, l0th Ind. Inf., Columbus, Kan.
Allen, James,--Priv., Co. E, 6th Ind. Inf., Star Valley, Kan.
Allen, Joseph,--Priv., Co. D, 48th Ind. Inf., Star Valley, Kan.
Asher, Thomas,--Priv., Co. I, 16th Kan. Cav., Scammon, Kan.
Asher, John,--Priv., Co. I, 16th Kan. Cav., Scammon, Kan.
Anderson, T. J.,--Priv., Co. E, 16th Mo. Militia, Waco, Mo.
Allen, W. P.,--Priv., Co. I, 91st Ill. Inf., Weir, Kan.
Allen, Ruel C.,--Priv., Co. A, 136th N. Y. Inf., Weir, Kan.
Bradshaw, H. C.,--Priv., Co. H, 24th Mo. Inf., Galena, Kan.
Bender, H. A.,--Serg., Co. E, 194th Penn. Inf., Galena, Kan.
Buchman, Joseph,--Priv., Co. M, 1st Ia. Cav., Galena, Kan.
Barney, Jas. S.,--Priv., Co. D, 9th Ind. Inf., Galena, Kan.
Brown, M. H. D.,--Hos. St'd., Co. A, 8th U. S. Inf., Galena, Kan.
Brandon, Thomas,--Priv., Co. H, 12th Ill. Res. Corps, Galena, Kan.
Belston, Joseph,--Corp., Co. G, 1st O. Cav., Galena, Kan.
Balch, A. J.,--Corp., Co. I, 92d O. Inf., Galena, Kan.
Belford, W. W.,--1st Lt., Co. C, 2d O. Inf., Galena, Kan.
Blunk, A. J.,--Priv., Co. D, 32d Ia. Inf., Galena, Kan.
Burge, N. T.,--Corp., Co. B, 5th Mo. Militia, Baxter Springs, Kan.
Boyer, Jacob B.,--Serg., Co. E, 5th O. Cav., Baxter Springs, Kan.
Burris, James,--Priv., Co. D, 63d O. Inf., Baxter Springs, Kan.
Beck, Louis,--Priv., Co. H, 3d Mo. Inf., Galena, Kan.
Bridges, M. S.,--Priv., Co. I, 154th Ill. Inf., Lowell, Kan.
Burwick, William,--Priv., Co. B, 21st Mo. Inf., Galena, Kan.
Bramball, G. S.,--Priv., Co. A, 103d Ill. Inf., Empire City, Kan.
Bingaman, Peter,--Priv., 2d Kan. Art., Galena, Kan.
Brown, B. F.,--Priv., Co. D, 87th Ind. Inf., Baxter Springs, Kan.
Brewster, S. M.,--Ord. Serg., 3d N. Y. Art., Baxter Springs, Kan.
Burns, Thomas,--2d Lt., Co. I, 154th Ill. Inf., Columbus, Kan.
Botorff, Jas. T.,--Priv., Co. I, 98th Ill. Mt. Inf., Columbus, Kan.
Berry, J. S.--Priv., Co. C, 44th Ind. Inf., Opolis, Kan.
Bird, Richard,--Priv., Co. B, 2d Tex. Cav., Weir, Kan.
Bennett, O. H.,--Priv., Co. D, 3d Mo. Militia, Waco, Mo.
Baker, William,--Ord. Serg., Co. K, 1st Ill. Cav., Columbus, Kan.
Bloomfield, A. A.,--Lieut., Co. C, 51st Ind. Inf., (dead).
Baxter, Joseph H.,--Corp., Co. F, 146th Ind. Inf., Columbus, Kan.
Barger, Alex.,--Priv., Co. G, 1st O. Art., Columbus, Kan.
Brown, Elijah F.,--Priv., Co. F, 5th Kan. Cav., Columbus, Kan.
Bernine, Jacob D.,--Priv., Co. K, 2d Ill. Lt. Art., Columbus, Kan.
Burchfield, C. P.,--Serg., Co. I, 17th Ky. Inf., Weir, Kan.
Brophy, Michael,--Priv., Co. C, 45th Penn. Inf., Weir, Kan.
Brown, Samuel W.,--Priv., Co. K, 5th Tenn. Mt. Inf., Weir, Kan.
Barney, T. W.,--Priv., Co. I, 45th Ill. Inf., Columbus, Kan.
Burk, W. L.,--Priv., Co. B, 10th Kan. Inf., (dead).
Brooks, W. E.,--Priv., Co. I, 16th Ia. Inf., Melrose, Kan.
Brown, T. W.,--Priv., Tex. Cav., Columbus, Kan.
Bliss, D. M.,--Priv., Co. D, 1st W. Va. Art., Columbus, Kan.
Benn, J. H.,--Priv., Co. K, 49th Mo. Cav. (dead).
Bell, James,--Priv., Co. E, 16th Ill. Inf., Columbus, Kan.
Bray, Sion P.,--2d Lt., Co. H, 64th Mo. Cav., Columbus, Kan.
Brown. N. C.,--Priv., Co. K, 137th N. Y. Inf., Columbus, Kan.
Bryan; S.,--Priv., O. Inf., Columbus, Kan.
Bell, J. M.,--Priv., Co. C, 16th Ill. Inf., Columbus, Kan.
Burnett, Geo.,--Serg., Co. B, 111th U. S. Inf., Keelville, Kan.
Boyer, Ralph,--Corp., Co. E, 78th Penn. Inf., Keelville, Kan.
Beal, G. H.,--Priv., Co. D, 23 Ill. Inf., Baxter Springs, Kan.
Brown, Thomas,--Priv., Co. K, l2th Mich. Inf., Galena, Kan.
Beaston, J. A.,--Priv., Co. C, 119th Ill. Inf., Galena, Kan.
Butler, Geo. W.,--Priv., Co. B, 47th Mo. Inf., Galena, Kan.
Black, Wm. C.,--Priv., Co. C, 8th Kan. Inf., Baxter Springs, Kan.
Boucher, N.,-- Corp., Co. E, l2th Ill. Cav., Galena, Kan.
Byrant, A. J.,--Priv., Co. F, 7th Mo. Cav., Galena, Kan.
Betty, Robert C.,--Priv., Co. D, 126th Ill. Inf., Crestiine, Kan.
Burrows, G. R.,--Priv., Co. H, 72d O. Inf. (P. O. unknown).
Beeman, A. R.,--Priv., Co. F, 22d O. Inf., Galena, Kan.
Burton, George,--Priv., Co. D, 37th Ill. Inf., Hallowell, Kan.
Burrows, J. R.,--Priv., Co. E, 61st Ill. Inf., Crestline, Kan.
Bailey, Geo. H.,--Priv., Co. K, 1st Mich. Inf., Columbus, Kan.
Briggs, J. A.,--Priv., Co. A, 91st Ill. Inf. (dead.)
Barmore. R. M.,--Corp., Co. A, 153d Ill Inf., Hallowell, Kan.
Bidler, F.,--Priv., Co. E, 41st Ill. Inf., Columbus, Kan.
Bratton, Jas. T.,--Priv., Co. C, Kan. Militia (dead).
Brubaker, D. B.,--Priv., Co. C, 163d O. Nat. Guard (P. O. unknown).
Beach Ira,--Priv., Co. D, 46th la. Inf., Sherwin, Kan.
Beckman, W. J.,--Bugler, Co. A, 1st Ia. Cav., Columbus, Kan.
Barrick Geo. M.,--1st Lt., 6th O. S. Shoot., Hallowell, Kan.
Barnes. Austin,--Priv., Co. G, 45th Ia. Inf., Starvale, Kan.
Browning, V. L.,--Priv., Co. D, 3d Mo. Cav., Mineral, Kan.
Beggs, Arch.,--Priv., Co. F, 80th Ill. Inf., Mineral, Kan.
Bowers, James,--Priv., Co. C, 157th O. Inf., Columbus, Kan.
Baker, H. L.,--Priv., Co. L, 2d Ill. Art., Columbus, Kan.
Bates, Uriah,--1st Lt., Co. E, 5th Mo. Cav., Cherokee, Kan.
Branson, W. W.,--Priv., Co. G, 74th O. Inf., Cherokee, Kan.
Boyer, William,--Corp., Co. E, 9th Ill. Inf., Cherokee, Kan.
Burris, Job H.,--Priv., Co. I, 14th Ill. Inf., McCune, Kan.
Bland, William,--Priv., Co. I, 154th Ill. Inf., McCune, Kan.
Brook, T. W.,--Priv., Co. D, 60th Ill. Inf., Sherman, Kan.
Brook, Jas. H.,--Priv., Co. D, 60th Ill. Inf., Sherman, Kan.
Baird, W. W.--Priv., Co. K, 10th Ill. Inf., Starvale, Kan.
Barker, John M.,--Priv., Co. H, 2d Mo. Art., Scammon, Kan.
Baird, Giles H.,--Priv., Co. G, 2d Ill. Cav., Cherokee, Kan.
Buchanan, L. A.--Priv., Co. G, 2d Mo. Cav., Scammon, Kan.
Bic kle, John C.,--Priv., Co. K, 139th Mo. Inf., Scammon, Kan.
Brundage, G. W.,--Priv., Co. A, 78th Ill. Inf. Weir, Kan.
Brownfield, A. S.,--Capt., Co. F, 7th O. Cav. Cherokee, Kan.
Barber, W. A.,--D. Maj., Co. G. 61st Ill. Inf., Weir, Kan.
Babcoke, Thos. J.,--Serg., Mo. Cav., Opolis, Kan.
Baker, Henry J.,--Priv., 101st Ind. Inf., Columbus, Kan.
Bartholomew, J. C.,--2d Lt., Co. K, 20th Ind. Inf., Columbus, Kan.
Crane, J. J.,--Corp. Co. F, 50th Mo. Inf., Galena, Kan.
Craig, John W.,--Priv., Co. K, 49th Mo. Inf., Galena, Kan.
Cobb, A. S.,--Capt., Co. H, 142d Ind. Inf., Galen, Kan.
Cave, William.--Priv., Co. A, 91st Ill. In., Galena, Kan.
Crocker, S. W.,--Priv., Co. A, 12th Kan. Inf., Galena, Kan.
Clark, Thomas,--Serg., Co. I, 18th Ia. Inf., Galena, Kan.
Culp, Josiah,--Priv., Co. C, 117th O. Inf., Galena, Kan.
Clift, George,--Priv., Co. L, 8th Mo. Cav., Galena, Kan.
Cooper, Spencer,--Corp., Co. D, 39th O. Inf., Galena, Kan.
Clifton, C. J.,--Priv., Co. D, 107th Ill. Inf., Galena, Kan.
Coffer, Geo. W.,--Priv., Co. H, 64th Ill. Inf., Baxter Springs, Kan.
Chubb, H. W.,--Priv., Co. G, 2d Cal. Cav., Baxter Springs, Kan.
Carroll, H.,--Serg., Co. B, 6th O. Cav., Baxter Springs, Kan.
Cooper, Jos. H.,--Priv., Co. D, 7th Ill. Inf., Baxter Springs, Kan.
Cordry, John,--Priv., Co. D, 7th Ind. Inf., Baxter Springs, Kan.
Crowell, B. F.,--Priv., Co. A, Mo. Cav., Baxter Springs, Kan.
Corrigan, Nathan,--Priv., Kans. Militia, Empire City, Kan.
Cooper, John M.,--Corp., Co. K, 16th Ill. Inf., Baxter Springs, Kan.
Couch, W. A.--Corp., Co. A, 44th Mo. Inf., Galena, Kan.
Carlton, Jas. M.,--Priv., Co. F, 2d Ky. Inf., Empire City, Kan.
Clinebell, W. L.,--Priv., Co. C, 14th Mo. Cav., Empire City, Kan.
Cole, James,--Priv., Co. C, 25th Wis. Inf., Empire City, Kan.
Conn, Wm. C.,--Priv., Co. D, 144th O. Inf., Baxter Springs, Kan.
Coffern, J. F.,--Corp., Co. C, 2d Kan. Inf., Columbus, Kan.
Craig, Sam'l.,--Priv., Co. F, 2d Ia. Cav., Columbus, Kan.
Cookston, Thos. S.,--Priv., Co. F, 132d O. N. G., Columbus, Kan.
Coleman. H. T.,--Priv., Co. H. 54th Ind. Inf., Columbus, Kan.
Chew, Wm. H.,--Corp., Co. F, 81st Ill. Inf., Galena, Kan.
Cook, Wm. H.,--Priv., Co. B, 11th Tenn. Cav., Weir, Kan.
Crissman, J.,--Priv., Co. C, 1st Penn. Cav., Rocky Ford, Colo.
Coy, George,--Priv., Co. B, 11th Ind. Cav., Chetopa, Kan.
Clawson, S. F.,--Serg., Co. K, 19th O. Inf., Chetopa, Kan.
Cole, A. J.,--Priv., Co. F, 13th Kan. Inf, Melrose, Kan.
Chubb, J. W.,--Priv., Co. A, 74th Ill. Inf., Baxter Springs, Kan.
Callis, William,--Priv., Co. B., 20th Mich. Inf., Baxter Springs, Kan.
Childers, Geo. W.,--Priv., Co. A, 4th Ky. Cav., Columbus, Kan.
Cooper, Isaiah,--Capt., Co. K, 99th Ill. Inf., Baxter Springs, Kan.
Cobble, Benjamin,--Priv., Ind. Inf., Neutral, Kan.
Cavallaugh, M. C.,--Priv., Co. B, 49th Wis. Inf., Lowell, Kan.
Covert, Peter,--Priv., Co. G, 51st Mo. Inf., Lowell, Kan.
Carney, Daniel,--Priv., Co. H, 15th Mo. Cav., Galena, Kan.
Chew, L. A.,--Priv., Co. B, 81st Ill. Inf., Galena, Kan.
Carney, J. W.,--Corp., Co. A, 80th Mo. Militia, Galena, Kan.
Cowell, Benj. F.,--Capt., Co. H, 28th Ill. Inf., (dead).
Corey, James L.,--Priv., Co. C, 70th Ill. Inf., Columbus, Kan.
Caspri, John,--Priv., Co. E, 47th Ill. Inf., Columbus, Kan.
Clark, G. W.,--Priv., Co. A, 6th Kan. Inf., Galena, Kan.
Clark, Oscar N.,--Priv., Co. D, 51st Mo. Inf., Empire City, Kan.
Carter, George,--Priv., Co. G, 10th Tenn. Inf., Boston Mills, Kan.
Corkle, Joseph,--Priv., Co. H, 21st O. Inf., Hallowell, Kan.
Chidister, James,--Priv., Co. E, 1st O. Cav., Crestline, Kan.
Cook, Samuel R.,--Priv., Co. E, 75th Ill. Inf., Hallowell, Kan.
Crain A. J.--Priv., Co. D, 151st Ill. Inf. Hallowell, Kan.
Cooter, E. W.,--1st Lt., Co. A, Kan. Militia, Columbus, Kan.
Craig, William,--Priv., Co. K, 8th Ia. Cav., Columbus, Kan.
Carter, Joseph R.,--Priv., Co. C, 96th O. Inf., Columbus, Kan.
Cunningham, Sam'l.,--Priv., Co. I, 98th O. Inf., Columbus, Kan.
Clark, David L.,--Priv., Co. E, 22d Ill. Inf., Columbus, Kan.
Coultraine, I. M.,-- Priv., Co. F, 11th Ind. Cav., Starvale, Kan.
Craig, John W.,--Priv., Co. A, 31st Ill. Inf., Starvale, Kan.
Curry, Robert,--Priv., Co. C, 8th Ind., Inf., McCune, Kan.
Crawford, J. H.,--Priv., Co. C., 34th Ill. Cav., Starvale, Kan.
Christalier, Wm.--Priv., Co. G, 18th Ia. Inf., Monmouth, Kan.
Coover, Joseph W.,--Priv., Co. C, 1st Penn. Inf., Sherwin, Kan.
Copper, N.--Priv., Co. G, 2d Ind. Inf., Cherokee, Kan.
Crossley, William,--Priv., Co. B, 100th N. Y. Inf., Weir, Kan.
Cunningham, Joseph,--Serg., Co. G, 73d Ill. Inf., Cherokee, Kan.
Cooper, Wm. H.,--Priv., Co. C, 102d Ill. Inf., Opolis, Kan.
Cooper, C. E.,--Priv., (company, regiment and P. O. unknown).
Codding, W. T.,--Priv., Co. E, 42d Ill. Top. Engineers, Opolis, Kan.
Coon, F.,--Priv., Co. F, 1st Neb. Cav., Cherokee, Kan.
Coonrod, J. F.,--Priv., Co. D, 122d Ill. Inf., Crestline, Kan.
Crage, J. M.,--Surg., 134th Ind. Inf, Baxter Springs, Kan.
Davis, Hiram,--Priv., Co. E, 117th Ill. Inf., Galena, Kan.
Dunham, J. W.,--Priv., Co. C, 1st O. H. Art., Baxter Springs, Kan.
Daniels, Chas. W.,--Priv., Co. E, 8th Ill. Inf., Baxter Springs, Kan.
Danglade, J. B.,--Priv., Co. C, 3d Ind. Cav., Baxter Springs, Kan.
Day, S. A.,--Priv., Co. G, 136th Ill. Inf., Baxter Springs, Kan.
Dale, W. H.,--Priv., Co. H, 2d Ill. Lt. Art., Empire City, Kan.
Doty, Morris,--Priv., Co. G, 93d O. Inf., Baxter Springs, Kan.
Dunn, Charles,--Priv., Co. H, 136th Ill. Inf., Baxter Springs, Kan.
Duncan, J. M.,--Priv., Co. C, 78th Ill. Inf., Baxter Springs, Kan.
Dover, Isaac L.,--Priv., Co. F, 100th Tenn. Cav., Columbus, Kan.
Doran, J. H.,--Priv., Co. D, 71st Ill. (dead).
Deem, D. A.,--Serg., Co. I, 13th Kan. Cav. (dead) .
Davis, Charles,--Priv., Co. E, 6th Ill. Cav., Columbus, Kan.
Deane, Perry,--Priv., Co. E, 1st W. Va. Lt. Art., Weir, Kan.
Davis, J. W.,--Priv., Co. D, 109th Penn. Inf., Weir, Kan.
Daugherty, D. M.,--Priv., Co. E, 11th Mo. Cav. (dead).
Dalby, Albert,--Serg., Co. C, 25th Ill. Inf., Faulkner, Kan.
Duncan, Thomas R.,--Priv., Co. D, 81st Ill. Inf., Faulkner, Kan.
Davison, F. M.,--Priv., Co. I, 7th U. S. Cav., Keelville, Kan.
Dill, John S.,--Priv., Co. K, 34th Ia. Inf., Keelville, Kan.
Delany, W. T.,--Priv., Co. H, 47th Ill. Inf., Columbus, Kan.
Dutton, M. M.,--Priv., Co. F, 91st Ill. Inf., Galena, Kan.
Dove, John,--Priv., Co. C, 33d Ind. Inf., Baxter Springs, Kan.
Dugan, F. M.,--Priv., Co. I, 12th Ohio Inf., Colnmbus, Kan.
Davis, H. M.,--Priv., Co. F, 3d Wis. Inf., Crestline, Kan.
Davis, Silas C.,--Priv., Co. F, 8th Mo. Inf., Hallowell, Kan.
Denney, E. D.,--Capt., Co. H, 5th Ohio Cav., Crestline, Kan.
Deem, John W.,--Serg., Co. A, 15th Kan. Cav., Columbus, Kan.
Davis, M. J.,--Priv. Co. K, 1st Minn. H. Art., Columbus, Kan.
Dillon, A. H.,--Priv., Co. F, 179th O. Inf., Columbus, Kan.
Dillon, W. C.,--Serg., Co. M, 9th Ill. Cav., Columbus, Kan.
Davis, L. D.,--Corp., Co. A, 28th Ill. Inf., Columbus, Kan.
Doss, A. A.,--Serg., Co. A, 2d Mo. Cav., Opolis, Kansas.
Daulton, Geo. W.,--Serg., Co. F, 1st Ky. Cav., Weir, Kan.
Downey, J. H.,--Priv., Co. D, 42d Ill. Inf., Weir, Kan.
Dongiass, F. B.,--Corp., Co. H, 29th Ia. Inf., Weir, Kan.
Duncan, Alexander,--Serg., Co. K, 103d Penn. Inf., Weir, Kan.
Dewitt, C.,--Priv., Co. H, 95th Ind. Inf., Opolis, Kan.
Davis, W. H.,--Priv., Co. C, 16th Penn. Cav., Weir, Kan.
Dugger, W. H.,--Priv., Co. A, 13th Tenn. Cav., Pleasant View, Kan.
Dobson, William,--Priv., Co. B, 16th Ill. Inf., Weir, Kan.
Dale, William,--Priv., Co. H, 2d Ill. Lt. Art., Empire City, Kan.
Evans, William J.,--Priv., Co. B, 48th Mo. Inf., Galena, Kan.
Eastman, C. O.,--Priv., Co. K, 52d Ind. Inf., Galena, Kan.
Easley, Barton, W.,--Priv., Co. G, 16th Ill. Inf., Baxter Springs, Kan.
Edwards, Oliver,--Priv., Co. A, 69th Ind. Inf. Baxter Springs, Kan.
Ellis, B. M.,--Priv., Co. M, 11th Ill. Cav., Empire City, Kan.
Easley, Jefferson,--Hos. St'd, Co. K, 10th Ill. Cav., Baxter Springs, Kan.
Evans, Lorenzo,--Priv., Co. G, 4th Ky. Cav., Columbus, Kan.
Elliott, T. T.,--Priv., Co. E, 15th Ia. Inf., Weir, Kan.
Erwin, Hugh,--Capt., Co. A, 24th Ind. Inf., Keelville, Kan.
Easton, George,--Priv., Co. C, 119 Ill. Inf., Keelville, Kan.
Evans, George,--Priv., Co. G, 9th Kan Cav., Lowell, Kan.
Ellis, James H.,--Priv., Co. C, 116th Ill. Inf., Baxter Springs, Kan.
Ehalt, Martin,--Priv., Co. B, 48th Wis. Inf., Baxter Springs, Kan.
Ebbenstein, Chas.,--Priv., Co. B, 69th Ind. Inf., Baxter Springs, Kan.
Ewing, Nelson,--Serg., Co. I, 111th Tenn Inf., Varck, Kan.
Evans, J. E.,--Priv., Co. I, 34th Ind. Inf., Galena, Kan
Elliott, Wm. E.,--Serg., Co. K, 10th Ill. Cav. Columbus, Kan.
Everett, W. H.,--Priv., Co. H, 44th Mo. Cav. Hallowell, Kan.
Ellis, William H.,--Priv., Co. I, 11th Ia. Inf., Tehama, Kan.
Everett, E. J.,--Priv., Co. I, 23d Mo. Inf Hallowell, Kan.
Ellis, R. D.,-- Capt., Co. M, 9th Tenn. Cav.,Messer, Kan.
Embree, J. C.,--Priv., Co. H, 18th Ill. Inf., Mineral, Kan.
Eddy, L.,--Priv., Co. H, 6th R. I. Inf., Monmouth, Kan.
Eakin, F. M.,--Serg., Co. D, 3d Ill. Cav., Monmouth, Kan.
Elam, A. M.,--Vt. Sert., Co. I, 2d Neb. Cav., Waco, Mo.
Ellis, Wm.,--Serg., Co. G, 4th Ill. Cav., Weir, Kan.

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