Allison, Nathaniel Thompson. History of Cherokee County, Kansas, and Representative Citizens. Chicago, IL: Biographical Publishing Co., 1904. Online index created by Carolyn Ward, instructor at USD 508, Baxter Springs Middle School, Baxter Springs, Kansas, and State Coordinator for The KSGenWeb Project.

1904 History of Cherokee County Kansas


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Neal, Robert D.,--Serg., Co. D, 91st Ill. Cav., (dead.)
Naylor, J. C.,--Priv., Co. H, 148th Ill. Cav., Baxter Springs, Kan.
Noble, Elbert 0.,--Priv., Co. C, 46th Mass. Cav., Baxter Springs, Kan.
Norris, James,--Priv., Co. G, 26th Ky. Cav., Galena, Kan.
Newman, Isaac,--Priv., Co. A, 6th Ohio Inf., Weir, Kan.
Nail, W. T.,--Priv Co. K, 80th Ill. Inf., Weir, Kan.
Nichols, C. D.,--Priv., Co. D, 3d Wis. Inf., Columbus, Kan.
Nottingham, John,--Priv., Co. E, 1st Va. Cav., Faulkner, Kan.
Newmire, Geo. H.,--Corp., Co. F, 21st Mo. Inf., Galena, Kan.
Norton, E.,--Priv., Co. A, 17th Ind. Inf., Chetopa, Kan.
North, William H.,--Priv., Co. D, 12th Kans. Inf., Faulkner, Kan.
Nash, M. J.,--Priv., Co. E, 95th Ohio Inf., Baxter Springs, Kan.
Noell, L. J.,--Priv., Co. B, 138th Ill. Inf., Columbus, Kan.
Nichols, J. J.,--Priv., Co. K, 6th Kans. Cav., Empire City, Kan.
Nichols, Geo. W.,--Priv., Co. A, 10th Mo. Inf., Messer, Kan.
Newberry, Edward,--Priv., Co. F, 37th Ind. Inf., Columbus, Kan.
Newell, John W.,--Priv., Co. F, 125th Ill. Inf., Starvale, Kan.
Norris, Edward,--Priv., Co. B, 35th Wis. Inf., Sherman, Kan.
Nunn, Ingram,--Priv., Co. A, 101st Ill. Inf., McCune, Kan.
Nolan, John,--Priv., Co. H, 36th Ohio Inf., Sherman, Kam
Nolan, James A.,--Priv., Co. B, 32d Ohio Inf., Sherman, Kan.
Norton, W. S.,--Priv., Co. K, 8th Mo. Cav., Columbus, Kan.
Newport, John W.,--Priv., Co. E, 57th Ind. Inf., Crestline, Kan.
Newman, S. E.,--Priv., Co. H, 7th Ohio Art., Weir, Kan.
Nowlin, Lewis,--Serg., Co. G, 152d Ohio Inf., Weir, Kan.
Opperman, J. B.,--Priv., 17th Ohio Bat., Baxter Springs, Kan.
O'Connell, John,--Corp., Co. B, 92d N. Y. Inf., Baxter Springs, Kan.
Owen, J. M.,--Bugler, Co. A, 6th Ind. Cav., Galena, Kan.
Orwan, F. M.,--Corp., Co. G, 9th Kans. Cav., Galena, Kan.
Oliver, E. T.,--Priv., Co. A, 8th Mo. Cav., Boston Mills, Kan.
Olinger, S. H.,--Priv., Co. I, 8th Iowa Inf., (dead.)
Owen, Henry L.,--Priv., Co. F, 8th Mo. Cav., Galena, Kan.
Ogleby, J. C.,--Priv., Co. G, 72d Ind. Mt. Inf., Hallowell, Kan.
Oliphant, W. R.,--Priv., Co. E, 42d Ind. Inf., Oswego, Kan.
Oliphant, O. S.,--Priv., Co. H, 149th Ind. Inf.,(dead.)
O'Malley, James,--Priv., Co. I, 53d Ill. Inf., Cherokee, Kan.
O'Neill, Hugh,--Priv., Co. C, 90th Ill. Inf., Weir, Kan.
Oglesby, John H.,--Priv., Co. D, 14h Kans. Cav., Opolis, Kan.
Pangborn, H. L.,--Priv., 1st Wis. Art., Galena, Kan.
Pummell, John,--Priv., Co. E, 2d Ark. Cav., Galena, Kan.
Pond, James M.,--Priv., Co. C, 12th Mo. Militia, Galena, Kan.
Pittman, Reason,--Corp., Co. F, 2d Mo. Cav., Galena, Kan.
Perry, L. J.,--Priv., Co. C, 44th Mo. Inf., Galena, Kan.
Payne, Jas. M.,--Priv., Co. G, 2d Ill. Cav., Galena, Kan.
Patterson, John,--Serg., Co. K, 16th Ohio Inf., Baxter Springs, Kan.
Pulley, Geo. W.,--Priv., Co. H, 81st Ill. Inf., Galena, Kan.
Price, J. S.,--Capt., Co. A, 79th Ill. Inf., Baxter Springs, Kan.
Pittman, Edward,--Priv., Co. I, 2d Mo. Lt. Art., Galena, Kan.
Pounds, William,--Priv., Co. H, 1st Ark. Cav., Galena, Kan.
Pinnick, William,--Corp., Co. I, 38th Ind. Inf., Baxter Springs, Kan.
Price, Charles J.,--Priv., Co. D, 2d Kans. Cav., Baxter Springs, Kan.
Pierson, Geo. W.,--Priv., Co. G, 10th N. Y., H. Art., Columbus, Kan.
Parker, J. M.,--Priv., Co. C, 54th Ky. Mt. Inf., Columbus, Kan.
Pattyson, Darius,--Seaman, U. S. G. Boat "Brill", Columbus, Kan.
Perkins, Elisha,--Priv., Co. E, 27th Ind. Inf., (dead. )
Phillips, John,--Priv., Co. I, 5th Ohio Inf., Melrose, Kan.
Pemberton, Russell,--Priv., Co. C, 48th Ohio Inf., (dead.)
Pearce, R. C.,--Priv., Co. A, 33d Ind. Inf., Melrose, Kan.
Phillips, Vincent,--Capt., W. Va. Cav., Baxter Springs, Kan.
Parsons, A. J.,--Priv., Co. K, 6th Kans. Inf., Baxter Springs, Kan.
Potter, O. O.,--Serg., Co. A, 141st Ill. Inf., Columbus, Kan.
Patterson, Ellis,--Serg., Co. F, 43d Ohio Inf., Baxter Springs, Kan.
Pence, D. N.,--Priv., Co. D, 62d Ill. Inf., Baxter Springs, Kan.
Payne, R. N.,--Priv., Co. G, 19th Kans. Cav., Galena, Kan.
Peters, Joseph,--Priv., Co. G, 76th Ind. Inf., Baxter Springs, Kan.
Peters, W. H.,--Priv., Co. H, 5th Ohio Cav., Boston Mills, Kan.
Porter, P. B.,--Priv., Co. A, 130th Ohio Inf., Galena, Kan.
Peck, Ira.--Priv., Co. B, 91st Ind. Inf., Galena, Kan.
Parker, Geo. W.,--Priv., Co. K, 7th Ill. Inf., Crestline, Kan.
Pancake, Geo. H.,--Priv., Co. B, 11th Ill. Cav., Galena, Kan.
Parker, G. E. T.,--Priv., Co. C, 9th Mo. Cav., Crestline, Kan.
Preston, J. S.,--Priv., Co. A, 194th Ohio Inf., Crestline, Kan.
Porter, H. L.,--Priv., Co. H, 23d Mich. Inf., Sherwin, Kan.
Pollock, W. W.,--Priv., Co. I, 31st Ill. Inf., Hallowell, Kan.
Pendergrass, James,--Priv., Co. I, 122d Ill. Inf., Hallowell, Kan.
Perry, William,--Priv., Co. B, 10th Ill. Inf., McCune, Kan.
Puckett, J. C.,--Priv., Co. E, 21st Ky. Inf., Hallowell, Kan.
Penrod, Solomon,--Priv., Co. A, 120th Ind. Inf., Hallowell, Kan.
Perrin, J. H.,--Serg., Co. G, 135th Ill. Inf., Hallowell, Kan.
Patterson, Leslie,--Priv., Co. E, 102d Ill. Inf., Mineral, Kan.
Pigg, S. N.,--Priv., Co. B, 137th Ill. Inf., Cherokee, Kan.
Pryor, James B.,--Priv., Co. K, 7th Mo. Inf., Weir, Kan.
Payne, James F.,--Priv., Co. 6th Kans. Cav., Pleasant View, Kan.
Parker, Isaac.,--Priv., Co. H, 1st Ohio Lt. Art., Monmouth, Kan.
Quinn, Bruce,--Priv., Co. A, 6th Mo. Cav., Varck, Kan.
Rains, H. F.,--Priv., Co. G, 49th Ky. Inf., Waco, Mo.
Raub, William G.,--Priv., Co. F, 153d Penn. Inf., Scammon, Kan.
Rush, Morgan,--Priv., Co. E, 5th W. Va. Cav., Galena, Kan.
Rowley, Martin E.,--Priv., Co. I, 47th Ill. Inf., Galena, Kan.
Reed, S. N.,--Priv., Co. C, 1st Neb. Cav., Galena, Kan.
Rains, J. M.,--Capt., Co. C, 1st Tenn. Cav., Galena,
Rice, Joseph,--Priv., Co. I, 96th U. S. Inf., Baxter Springs, Kan.
Rehm, Louis,--Priv., Co. C, 1st Mo. Cav., Baxter Springs, Kan.
Records, John,--Priv., Co. D, 56th U. S. Inf., Galena, Kan.
Reed, James,--Priv., Co. A, 6th Kans. Cav., Empire City, Kan.
Row, William E.,--Priv., Co. I, 5th Mo. Cav., Baxter Springs, Kan.
Richardson, Geo. S.,--Serg., Co. G, 6th Iowa Inf., (dead.)
Reynolds, C. L.,--7th Mo. Cav., (P. O. unknown.)
Ruhland, Christian,--Serg., Co. F, 3d Ill. Cav., (dead.)
Richards, William,--Priv., Co. I, 79th Ill. Inf., Weir, Kan.
Robinson, A. W.,--Priv., Co. K, 12th W. Va. Inf., Weir, Kan.
Rood, T. B.,--2d Lt., Co. K, 7th Ill. Inf., Columbus, Kan.
Reem, G. W.,--Priv., Co. C, 51st Ind. Inf., Columbus, Kan.
Rayburn, H. W.,--2d Lt., Co. K, 22d Ohio Inf., Chetopa, Kan.
Reynolds, J. L.,--Priv., Co. A, 66th Ohio Inf., Chetopa, Kan.
Reinhart, Joseph,--Priv., Co. C, 78th Ohio Inf., Columbus, Kan.
Ransom, A. G.,--Priv., Co. E, 7th Ohio Inf., Neutral, Kan.
Rowland, H. E.,--Priv., Co. H, 3d Ark. Cav., Baxter Springs, Kan.
Rose, W. D.,--Priv., Co. E, 9th Mo. Militia, Galena, Kan.
Ross, W. L.,--Priv., Co. H, 6th Mo. Cav., Galena Kan.
Ryan, Solomon,--Priv., Co. H, 8th Kans. Inf., Galena, Kan.
Robinson, F. W.,--Priv., Co. H, 34th Iowa Inf., Crestline, Kan.
Riseling, Joseph,--Priv., Co. C, 11th Penn. Inf., Crestline, Kan.
Rinker, Levi,--Priv., Co. B, 23d Mo. Inf., Messer, Kan.
Reaser, Daniel,--Priv., Co. F, 85th Ind. Inf., Hallowell, Kan.
Reinhart, N.--Priv., Co. A, 24th Mich. Inf., Hallowell, Kan.
Reed, Allen,--Priv., Co. 136th Ohio N. G., (dead.)
Read, Geo. W.,--Priv., Co. A, 146th Ind. Inf., (dead.)
Robinette, J. W.,--Priv., Co. D, 21st Ill. Inf., Hallowell, Kan.
Roberts, James,--Priv., Co. A, 139th Ind. Inf., Hallowell, Kan.
Ratcliff, John,--Priv., Co. D, 147th Ind. Inf., Columbus, Kan.
Ruggus, Perry,--Priv., Co. G, 124th Ky. Inf., Sherwin, Kan.
Rohrbough, J. W.,--Priv., Co. A, 70th Ill. Inf., McCune, Kan.
Rockefeller, F. M.,--Priv., Co. K, 65th Ill. Inf., Mound Valley, Kan.
Robinson, G. A.,--Priv., Co. K, 11th Vt. Inf., Cherokee, Kan.
Rodenberger, P.,--Priv., Co. K, 59th Ind. Inf., Starvale, Kan.
Ryan, William,--Priv., Co. D, 148th Ind. Inf., Weir, Kan.
Russell, John,--Corp., Co. C, 17th Ill. Inf., Waco, Mo.
Ratcliff, Wm.,--Corp., Co. K, 46th Mo. Inf., McCune, Kan.
Smith, L. S.,--Priv., Co. E, 33d Ill. Inf., Galena, Kan.
Secrist, W. M.,--Priv., Co. H, 6th Kans. Cav., Galena, Kan.
Stone, T. B. S.,--Priv., Co. F, 8th Mo. Inf., Galena, Kan.
Stone, W. B.,--Capt., Co. H, 10th Kans. Inf., Galena, Kan.
Scoles, J. P.,--Serg., Co. G, 31st Iowa Inf., Galena, Kan.
Smith, S. H.,--Serg., Co. K, 13th Mich. Inf., Baxter Springs, Kan.
Streat, W. B.,--Priv., Co. A, 34th Iowa Inf., Baxter Springs, Kan.
Seaman, H. S.,--Capt., Co. A, 3d Kans. Cav., Baxter Springs, Kan.
Spears, John,--Serg., Co. G, 3d Mich. Inf., Baxter Springs, Kan.
Sisson, John,--Priv., Co. C, 149th Ill. Inf., Empire City, Kan.
Saunders, J. F.,--Priv., Co. C, 133d Ill. Inf., Galena, Kan.
Swaney, D. A.,--Priv., Co. E, 6th Penn. Inf., Galena, Kan.
Shaw, Jas. A.,--Priv., Co. A, 61st Ill. Inf., Galena, Kan.
Scofield, Geo. W.,--Priv., Co. G, 16th Ill. Inf., Empire City, Kan.
Springston, A. J.,--Priv., Co. H, 24th Ind. Inf., Empire City, Kan.
Spencer, John W.,--Serg., Co. D, 13th Ill. Cav., Columbus, Kan.
Skidmore, James,--1st Lt., Co. F, 51st Ill. Inf., Columbus, Kan.
Scovell, H.--Priv., Co. A, 44th Ind. Inf., Galena, Kan.
Seaward, William,--Serg. Maj., Co. A, 9th Iowa Inf., Weir, Kan.
Sweeney, Jas. N.,--Serg., Co. I, 75th Ohio Inf., Weir, Kan.
Stinnett, Lewis,--Music, Co. A., 111th U. S. Inf., Columbus, Kan.
Smith, Geo. W.,--Priv., Co. A, 1st Mich. Art., Columbus, Kan.
Spencer, M. W.,--Priv., Co. E, 58th Ill. Inf., Columbus, Kan.
Smith, John O.,--Priv., Co. D, 102d Ill. Inf., Melrose, Kan.
Smalley, J. W.,--Priv., Co. K, 5th Penn. Art., Melrose, Kan.
Shipley, I. F.,--Serg., Co. C, 18th Mo. Inf., Melrose, Kan.
Stoner, C. W.,--Priv., Co. D, 51st Mo. Inf., Melrose, Kan.
Springer, Chas. E.,--Priv., Co. G, 9th Kans. Cav., Chetopa, Kan.
Scheer, John M.,--Priv., Co. B, 99th Ill. Inf., Chetopa, Kan.
Sparks, Milton,--Corp., Co. K, 117 Ky. Inf., Keelville, Kan.
Shortwell, John W.,--Priv., Co. G, 25th Ohio Inf., Baxter Springs, Kan.
Starrett, W. H.,--Corp., Co. F, 59th Ind. Inf., Columbus, Kan.
Scott, John J.,--Priv., Co. D, 46th Iowa Inf., Keelville, Kan.
Street, Thomas,--Priv., Co. C, 138 Ind. Inf., Keelville, Kan.
Sackett, J. A.,--Priv., Co. L, 3d Ill. Cav., Baxter Springs, Kan.
Shultz, Emanuel,--Priv., Co. H, 97th Ind. Inf., Neutral, Kan.
Swalley, Abraham,--Corp., Co. B, 45th Ohio Inf., Baxter Springs, Kan.
Sanders, G. W.,--Priv., Co. H, 3d U. S. Inf., Lowell, Kan.
Shelton, Daniel,--Priv., Co. F, 2d Tenn. Inf., Galena, Kan.
Shellhammer, W. H.,--Priv., Co. B, 164th Ohio Inf., Boston Mills, Kan.
Snider, Silas,--Priv., Co. D, 102d Ill. Inf., Columbus, Kan.
Staton, Geo. H.,--Priv., Co. C, 31st Ill. Inf., (dead.)
Secrist, Joseph,--Priv., Co. H, 6th Kans. Cav., Galena, Kan.
Shaffer, Daniel,--Priv., Co. F, 102d Mich. Inf., Columbus, Kan.
Snider, John W.,--Priv., Co. H, 179th Ohio Inf., Columbus, Kan.
Short, J. R.,--Priv., Co. H, 1st Colo. Cav., Galena, Kan.
Scott, A. L. D.,--1st Lt., Co. A, 128th Ind. Inf., Galena, Ka n.
Sadler, Henry R.,--Priv., Co. F, 4th Iowa Cav., Columbus, Kan.
Smith, Joseph S.,--Corp., Co. E, 31st Mo. Militia, (P. O. unknown.)
Stiles, Wm. A.,--Priv., Co. G. 23d Mo. Inf., Smithfield, Mo.
Starkweather, G. E.,--Priv., Co. D, 43d Mo. Inf., Sherwin, Kan.
Spauldwin, S. D.,--Priv., Co. D, 2d Ohio Cav., Sherwin, Kan.
Stoughton, S. D.,--Priv., Co. H, 93d Ill. Inf., Sherwin, Kan.
Spence, John,--Corp., Co. C, 146th Ohio Inf., Columbus, Kan.
Schmell, Louis,--Priv., Co. F, 85th Ohio Inf., Columbus, Kan.
Seymour, E. C.,--Corp., Co. D, 126th Ill. Inf., Columbus, Kan.
Smith, Sidney S.,--1st Lt., 18th Iowa Inf. (dead.)
Stapleton, Nelson,--Priv., Co. G, 79th Ill. Inf., Hallowell, Kan.
Shirk, Jonas S.,--Priv., Co. B, 86th Ohio Inf., Columbus, Kan.
Sparks, John T.,--Corp., Co. H, 58th Ind. Inf., Hallowell, Kan.
Stice, J. Frank,--Priv., Co. B, 28th Ill. Inf. Oswego, Kan.
Sharp, George,--Priv., Co. F, 4th Ind. Art., Columbus, Kan.
Shoemaker, J. F.,--Priv., Co. H, 51st Ind. Inf., Hallowell, Kan.
Smith, Moses M.,--Priv., Co. H, 28th Ill. Inf., Hallowell, Kan.
Sandusky, H. W.,--Priv., Co. D, 12th Ky. Inf., McCune, Kan.
Stott, R. H.,--Capt., Co. H, 26th Ind. Inf. (dead.)
Spriggs, John,--Priv., Co. A, 4th Iowa Inf., Mineral, Kan.
Story, D. M.,--Priv., Co. G, 33d Ill. Inf., Columbus, Kan.
Sargent, Charles,--Priv., Co. C, l26th Ohio Inf., Cherokee, Kan.
Shidler, Henry,--Priv., Co. G, 59th Ind. Inf., Monmouth, Kan.
Swearinger, A. B.,--Priv., Co. I, 47th Iowa Inf., Monmouth, Kan.
Sanders, M. H.,--Priv., Co. D, 18th Ohio Inf., Columbus, Kan.
Stoker, J.,--Priv., Co. G, 2d Wis. Inf., Columbus, Kan.
Scoville, A. R.,--Priv., Co. I, 18th Iowa Inf., Scammon, Kan.
Seisor, George.--Priv., Co. B, 207th Penn. Inf.,Weir, Kan.
Snyder, D. W.,--Priv., Co. L, 9th Ky. Cav., Weir, Kan.
Stuckey, Henry,--Corp., Co. A, 62d Mo. Militia, Pleasant View, Kan.
Small, J. T.,--Priv., Co. D, 131st Ohio Inf., Scammon, Kan.
Sterns, Tyler B.,--Capt., Co. K, 19th U. S. 1nf., Pleasant View, Kan.
Scott, John H.,--Priv., Co. C, 3d Ill. Cav., Columbus, Kan.
Thompson, Thomas,--Priv., Co. I, 111th Ala. Inf., (P. O. unknown.)
Taylor, George,--Priv., Co. M, 9th Kans. Cav., Hallowell, Kan.
Thomas, A. M.,--Priv., Co. D, 40 Mo. Mt. Inf., Galena, Kan.
Taylor, Tubba,--Priv., Co. G, 61st Ill. Inf., Galena, Kan.
Treace, John J.,--Priv., Co. A, 1st Ark. Cav., Galena, Kan.
Tanquary, Levi S.,--Priv., Co. C, l0th Ind. Inf., Columbus, Kan.
Tompkins, J. W.,--4th Mass. Cav. (dead.)
Taylor, Samuel D.,--Priv., Co. C, 82d Iowa Inf., Columbus, Kan.
Timberlake, W. H.,--2d Lt., Co. C, 8th Maine Inf., (dead.)
Trotter, Jonas,--Trump., Co. D, 13th Ind. Cav., Columbus, Kan.
Turner, John T.,--Priv., Co. D, 123d Ill. Mt. Inf., Chetopa, Kan.
Thornburg, A. S.,--Priv., Co. D, 141st Ind. Inf., Chetopa, Kan.
Taylor, L. H.,--Priv., Co. G, 95th Ohio Inf., Keelville, Kan.
Treat, John,--Priv., Co. A, 16th Mo. Cav., Neutral, Kan.
Taylor, J ames W.,--Priv., Co. B, 42d Ill. Inf., Baxter Springs, Kan.
Tackett, M. V.,--Priv., Co. B, 14th Kans. Cav., Galena, Kan.
Throop, S. B.,--Priv., Co. B, 20th Mich. Inf., Columbus, Kan.
Tschakart, Francis,--Serg., Co. G, 82d Ill. Inf., Messer, Kan.
Thornton, K. B.,--Co. G, 46th Mo. Inf., Messer, Kan.
Trout, A. J.,--Priv., Co. A, 86th Ind. Inf., Messer, Kan.
Turner, E. B.,--Serg., Co. A, 119th Ill. Inf. (dead.)
Theobald, William,--Priv., Co. F, 7th Mo. Cav., Sherman, Kan.
Topping, Washington,--Priv., Co. C, 1st Mich. Eng., Hallowell, Kan.
Taylor, R. W.,--Priv., Co. A, 186th Ohio Inf., Columbus, Kan.
Tanner, Joseph,--Priv., Co. G, 77th Ill. Inf., Scammon, Kan.
Tarter, D.,--Priv., Co. F, 2d Ky. Cav., Mineral, Kan.
Terhorst, Arent,--Priv., Co. B, 27th Mo. Inf., Crestline, Kan.
Taibott, R. H.,--Mo. Cav., Baxter Springs, Kan.
Ulery, James,--Priv., Co. A, 26th Mo. Inf., Galena, Kan.
Ulrich, Jacob J.,--Priv., Co. B, 29th Ind. Inf., Baxter Springs, Kan.
Vanfleet, J. S.,--Priv., Co. H, 16th Kans. Cav., Galena, Kan.
Vanhorn, W. M.,--Serg., Co. F, 140th Ind. Inf., Galena, Kan.
Vanarsdoll, A. E.,--Priv., Co. E, 1st N. Y. Cav., Baxter Springs, Kan.
Vallier, Alfonso,--Corp., Co. A, 16th Kans. Cav., Baxter Springs, Kan.
Vanfossen, L. C.,--Priv., Co. E, 1st Ill. Lt. Art., Baxter Springs, Kan.
Vaughn, Job.,--Serg., Co. D, 55th Ill. Inf. (dead.)
Veatch, John T.,--2d Lt., Co. F, 1st Ind. Cav., Weir, Kan.
Vanvalin, J. W.,--Priv., Co. B, 148th Penn. Inf., (P. O. unknown.)
Vannoy, T. G.,--Corp., Co. G, 9th Kan. Cav., Galena, Kan.
Vick, James,--Priv., Co. L, 3d Mo. Cav., Boston Mills, Kan.
Vincent, W. H.,--Serg, Co. H, 25th Iowa Inf., Weir, Kan.

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