Transcribed from E.F. Hollibaugh's Biographical history of Cloud County, Kansas biographies of representative citizens. Illustrated with portraits of prominent people, cuts of homes, stock, etc. [n.p., 1903] 919p. illus., ports. 28 cm. Scanned from a copy held by the State Library of Kansas.
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Picture of C.H. Angevine and his home.

The subject of this sketch, Doctor C.H. Angevine, traces his lineage back to the old Huguenot family who originated from Anjon, France, where the Angevine Castle stills stands as a monument to the race. One branch of the family were wine merchants of Bordeaux and the wine that bears their name originated with them in the vineyards of that locality. Doctor Angevine's paternal grandfather was a weaver of silk and followed that occupation after their advent in the state of New York, and our subject remembers hearing the merry hum of the spinning wheel and witnessing the deft fingers transform the silken threads into beautiful shimmering cloth. He was a personal friend of Tom Payne, the celebrated author. He was also a seafaring man for many years and gathered many relices from different countries and ports. Of these interesting heir-looms a number are in possession of Doctor Angevine; among them his old log books, giving detailed accounts of shipwrecks, experiences at sea, etc. He was among the early settlers in the primeval forests of Ohio before there was a shadow of the now populous city of Cincinnati. A portion of the old estate is still retained by the Angevine family. He lived to be a very old man and with his venerable wife of fifty years celebrated their golden wedding. On this important occasion he exchanged a $100 bank note for one hundred gold dollars, presenting one to each of his guests who congratulated them. He had two left, the aged couple each keeping one for themselves. Dr. Angevine was a guest of this memorable golden wedding.

Doctor Angevine has an ancient Bible which contains a list of the contributors who subscribed towards having the volume published. He also has a silver plate that was a bridal present to his grandmother over a century ago. His father was one of seven sons, none of whom ever reared a male child except the father of our subject. The great commonwealth of Ohio was the birth place of Doctor Angevine. He was born in the month of July, 1856. At the age of eleven years he removed with his parents to Ottawa, Illinois. In 1872 he returned to Cincinnati and apprenticed himself to A.C. Hill, a druggist of that city and subsequently entered the Cincinnati College of Pharmacy, graduating from that instituion[sic] in 1876.

He came to Clyde in May, 1887, and became associated with E.S. Pitzer in the drug business. In 1890 he purchased Mr. Pitzer's interest, became sole proprietor and in addition to his profession continues to conduct an extensive drug business. Doctor Angevine's preliminary medical studies were pursued while engaged in pharmacy and supplemented by a regular course. In December, 1901, he was granted a certificate to practice medicine by the Kansas State Board of Medical Examiners. His aim has been to keep abreast with the advances made in the science of the medical world and with this commendable object in view he has been a careful student and reader of current literature along those lines. His life has been an active one and he is now in the prime of his useful career with bright prospects for increasing success.

Doctor Angevine was married to Miss Julia Leland, of Ottawa Illinois, in June, 1889. Their beautiful and modern home is brightened by the presence of three children, two sons and a daughter, viz: Leland Charles, Dorothy Lou, and Monfort Edward, aged eleven, eight and five years, respectively. Doctor Angevine is a staunch supporter of the Democratic party and takes an active interest in political and legislative affairs.