Transcribed from E.F. Hollibaugh's Biographical history of Cloud County, Kansas biographies of representative citizens. Illustrated with portraits of prominent people, cuts of homes, stock, etc. [n.p., 1903] 919p. illus., ports. 28 cm. Scanned from a copy held by the State Library of Kansas.
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YARDS OF THE CHICAGO LUMBER COMPANY. The extensive yards of the Chicago Lumber Company were established in Concordia as early as 1872. The principal owners of this vast corporation are S.H. Fullerton, of St. Louis, and Robert Fullerton, of Des Moines, Iowa. Their brother and traveling auditor, E.H. Fullerton, is interested and is one of the directors of the enterprise. W.H. Fullerton, another brother who was associated with them for years, and was their western manager, has recently withdrawn. The company represents a capital of two and a half million dollars - one of the most extensive lumber corporations in the entire United States - and do the largest business, They operate about fifty retail yards, practically speaking, all in Kansas. Their general offices are in St. Louis, with branch offices in Chicago, Louisville, Minneapolis, Tacoma and Des Moines. The company was inaugurated in 1866. M.T. Greene, who was drowned in Lake Michigan about four years ago, was the principal stockholder at the time of its organization.

The Fullertons held but small interests up to the time of locating yards in Kansas. They carry everything in building material and have coal yards in connection. Most of their yellow pine lumber comes from the south and also their cypress. Their spruce and cedar that fifteen years ago was shipped in from the Michigan and Wisconsin pineries is now furnished from the west. J.D. Fell, their present manager, took charge of the Concordia yard October 1, 1891. That this is one of the best retail plants in the state is in no small degree owing to the progressive spirit of Mr. Fell. Their investment in Concordia represents about thirty thousand dollars. There are four men employed. The yards comprise nine blocks, the buildings and sheds are modern in character and kept freshly painted, which gives them an air of prosperity.