Transcribed from E.F. Hollibaugh's Biographical history of Cloud County, Kansas biographies of representative citizens. Illustrated with portraits of prominent people, cuts of homes, stock, etc. [n.p., 1903] 919p. illus., ports. 28 cm. Scanned from a copy held by the State Library of Kansas.
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There is such a vast amount of competition in every line of business that the commercial world is pretty well occupied with "bread-winners," each clamoring for success and a preponderance of the almighty dollar, but the old maxim which reads "There is always room at the top," applies to such competent men as J.H. Cline, who is widely known as a reliable and substantial business man, owner and proprietor of the Concordia roller mills, one of the best paying enterprises in Cloud county.

Concordia roller mills
Concordia roller mills.

Mr. Cline was born in Lycoming county, Pennsylvania, in 1864. He inherited his thrift and industry from the good old German stock. Hi parents were Daniel Kephart and Mary Caroline (Sciple) Cline. They were of German origin, but natives of Pennsylvania, of the class known as Pennsylvania Dutch. His father, after farming a few years, learned the milling business and emigrated to Cameron, Missouri, in 1868, where he engaged in that business until his death in 1882. Mr. Cline's mother died in 1867. They were the parents of ten children, all of whom are living and scattered over various parts of the United States.

PRIOR TO THE NEW CHANNEL. Mr. Cline was educated in the graded schools of Cameron, Missouri. He was practically reared in a mill, but in 1875 entered upon a regular apprenticeship with his father; applied himself faithfully and remained with the company two years after his father's death in 1882, and was interested as one of the heirs of the estate. A brother, George W. Cline, bought the interest of the other heirs and still owns and operates the Cameron mills. In 1884 Mr. Cline went to Nebraska and engineered a mill in Indianola until 1888. During this period he took up a homestead, built a "shanty" and held his claim four years. He sold at the end of that time and this was in reality the starting point of his actual business career. From Indianola he went to, Jamison, Missouri, where, in connection with a brother-in-law, E.Y. Lingle, they leased a mill which they operated until 1891, and then, coming to Concordia, purchased the Concordia roller mills of H.M. Spalding. They were associated together until April, 1,898, when Mr. Lingle retired and Mr. Cline became sole proprietor. The capacity of the mill at that time was one hundred and twenty-five barrels. In the autumn of 1898 it was enlarged to two hundred barrels, its present capacity. Until 1891 the nearest mill was thirty miles distant from Concordia and they did an extensive home trade. At the presenttime their business is more extended to distant territory. They ship into Missouri and all over the eastern part of Kansas. The Concordia roller mills were formerly run by steam, which they still retain, in cases of emergency. The machinery in the mill consists of all modern appliances.

Mr. Cline was married in 1890 to Etha M. Barthelow, of Missouri. Her father was of French extraction, was a carpenter by occupation and died when she was an infant. Her mother died in 1880, when Mrs. Cline was but ten years old. Mr. and Mrs. Cline are the parents of three manly little sons: Owen Clark, Norman Joseph and John William. Mr. Cline is a Republican in politics and for two years has been a member of the city council. Both Mr. and Mrs. Cline are members of the Methodist Episcopal church. In June, 1902, Mr. Cline was elected vice-president of the Kansas State Millers' Association.