Transcribed from E.F. Hollibaugh's Biographical history of Cloud County, Kansas biographies of representative citizens. Illustrated with portraits of prominent people, cuts of homes, stock, etc. [n.p., 1903] 919p. illus., ports. 28 cm. Scanned from a copy held by the State Library of Kansas.
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Among the many prosperous farmers and stockmen of Lyon township is G.L. Fuller. He is all old settler, coming to Cloud county February 15, 1871, and homesteaded land five miles southwest of Glasco, section 21 Solomon township. It was high prairie land as he was not in the county early enough to secure bottom land. There was not a sod turned, but within a few years he put this land in a high state of improvement and lived there until one year ago (1900) when he bought the old Mitchell homestead which had been in the hands of the Fuller family a quarter of a century.

A brother, Joseph R., first bought the farm which he sold to his father who died soon afterward. Mr. Fuller sold his homestead in 1900, and bought out the heirs of his father's estate. He has added general improvements to the good foundation already laid until he has made a very desirable and pleasant home. His residence stands on the banks of Chris creek, which runs through his land. The creek is skirted with timber which makes a charming background for the red roofed cottage, sheds, etc. Nature could not have provided a prettier setting for a home. The trees are of good size and In autumn when nature has touched them with her paint brush they are gorgeous in their colorings. The residence, an eight-room house, was built in 1883.

Mr. Fuller has one of the largest basement barns in the township, 30 by 40 feet in dimensions, 35 feet from basement to top, with shed 16 feet in width, the length of the barn. He has also a fine apple, peach and plum orchard. He has some of the best high graded cattle which he has been breeding for several years.

Mr. Fuller is a native of Green county, Illinois, born in 1849. He is a son of Gilbert F. and Lydia F. (Ross) Fuller. His father was a New Yorker and after several removals settled in Illinois, where he married Deliah Deneen. To this marriage two children were born, a daughter who died in infancy and a son, Josiah Buell, now living in Aspen, Colorado. By the second marriage there were twelve children, ten of whom are living, eight sons and two daughters. A brother, S.P., a farmer near Caldwell, Idaho; Joseph, a plumber in Chicago; Elmer Elsworth, of Aurora, Kansas; Denman, of Kansas City. A brother, J.B., served four years in the United States service with the First Missouri Cavalry of United States Volunteers. The mother lives near Wichita, Kansas, with her daughter and two sons and where they own a half section of land.

Gilbert F. Fuller died from a fall. He was carrying some tools into the barn one dark night, stumbled and fell down an opening left for a stairway. He lived until sunset the next evening, but did not regain consciousness in the meantime. He was seventy years of age; was a stone mason, plasterer and carpenter. He was a highly respected citizen.

G.L. Fuller was married December 13, 1876, to Alice Newell, a daughter of A. Newell, one of the old timers of the Solomon Valley. (See sketch). To this worthy couple have been born eight children, six of whom are living, four sons and two daughters. One child died in infancy and a son, Gilbert, died at the age of thirteen years; Walter Ross, is twenty-four years of age, an industrious young man who assists his father on the farm; Clark Raymond, sixteen years of age, and Mabel, Ralph Cook, Bertha and Wesley, aged respectively thirteen, nine, six and four years.