Transcribed from E.F. Hollibaugh's Biographical history of Cloud County, Kansas biographies of representative citizens. Illustrated with portraits of prominent people, cuts of homes, stock, etc. [n.p., 1903] 919p. illus., ports. 28 cm. Scanned from a copy held by the State Library of Kansas.
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The Soule family trace their ancestry in America back to the time the "Mayflower" made its way across the Atlantic in 1620. Among the passengers was George Soule, who cast his lot with the Pilgrim Fathers and lived to an advanced age, dying in 1679. To George Soule and wife was born John Soule, who lived in Duxbury, Massachusetts. The settlement of his estate was dated March 1, 1707, and it is probable he died about 1706.

His son Benjamin Soule married Sarah Standish, a daughter of Alexander Standish and grandaughter of Captain Miles Standish. Benjamin Soule died December 1, 1729, at the age of sixty-three years. His wife died March 14, 1740, aged sixty-three years. Zachariah, a son of Benjamin, born March 21, 1694, was married June 9, to Mary Eaton. Zachariah died March 3, 1751, at the age of fifty-seven years.

Ephraim, son of Zechariah, born May 11, 1729, was married February 10, 1754, to Rebecca Whitewash, a daughter of Richard Whitewash. He died January 24, 1817, aged eighty-seven years. His wife died September 5, 1805, aged seventy-five years. His son, Daniel Soule, was born November 16, 1757. He was married to Sarah Cushman, seventh daughter of Josiah Cushman, of Plymouth, Massachusetts, a lineal descendant of the fourth generation of Hider Thomas Cushman, one of the Mayflower pilgrims, May 1, 1783. Daniel died in 1836, at the age of eighty-one years.

Josiah, his son, born January 13, 1794, married Sally Young, of Wareham, Massachusetts, and died March 9, 1872. The sons of Josiah Soule were Josiah, Isaac, George, Plimpton, James, Harrison and Warren. The daughters were Julia, Clarissa, Emily and Clara, all of whom are dead but Julia, who resides at Warren, Ohio. Harrison, the fifth son of Josiah, was born August 3, 1836, and married Adelaide Sandford. Harrison Soule died September 22, 1884. To this union three sons were born, Seymour, Harry, the subject of this sketch, and Jesse.

HARRY L. SOULE. No branch of art has been more rapidly or scientifically developed in recent years than photography. Glasco is fortunate in this respect, as she has a photographer in Mr. Soule of more than ordinary ability, several of whose photographs are reproduced in this volume of history. His work has won for him a reputation not only in his own city and vicinity but in neighboring towns'. deriving a large patronage from them. There are many cities of far greater population that are less fortunate in this line. Mr. Soule is conscientious and endeavors to give satisfaction in his work.

He cast his lot with the Kansas people in the early 'eighties, traveling about for several years over various portions of the state. In 1890 he located in the enterprising little city of Glasco, assuming charge of the Bischoff Brothers' gallery. A year later he decided to roam again, but in 1895 concluded Glasco was one of the most desirable points for his business and a residence, and opened his present gallery. His work is characterized for the fine finish given his photos and the artistic posing of his subjects. He makes many landscape and river views, photographs homes, interiors, stock, etc.

Mr. Soule is a native of LaHarpe, Hancock county, Illinois born May 17, 1802. He is a son of Harrison Soule, a farmer of Trumbull, Warren county, Ohio, who located in Illinois before the war and became a drummer boy In the Eighty-fourth Illinois Volunteer Regiment. The name Soule is of French origin. Mr. Soule's mother was Adelaide O. Sanford, and like the Soules traces her ancestry back to colonial days. Her maternal great-grandmother was a cousin of the distinguished George Bancroft of colonial fame. Her father, M.D. Sandford, was a deputy sheriff in Hancock county, Illinois, at the time of the killing of Joseph Smith, the Mormon leader. He was born in 1810 and was a soldier in the Mexican war. He was among the forty-niners who went to California, and made six overland trips across the plains. His last trip was made to Leadville, where he engaged in mining, and in the hotel business, until his death. Mr. Soule's mother died at Joplin, Missouri, where she lived with a son (now deceased) in July, 1890.

Mr. Soule and a sister by his father's second marriage are the only surviving members of his family. She is the wife of Doctor Charles Hurdle, D.D.S., and resides at LaHarpe, Illinois. Seymour, the eldest brother, died at Joplin, Missouri, of miner's consumption. He left three sons, Jesse, Claude and Clyde. Jesse W., the second brother, died at LaHarpe, Illinois, leaving two sons, Ralph and Kenneth.

Mr. Soule was married in the spring of 1891 to Florence (Ott) Hampton, widow of Jasper Hampton, by whom she had three children, Eddie, Oscar and Teresa. To Mr. and Mrs. Soule one child has been born, Harry Soule, Jr. Politically Mr. Soule is a Democrat and a member of the city council. The Soules are active members of the Christian church.