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NEWSPAPER UNKNOWN, 12 September 1911
Obituary of JOHN C. METSKER
John C. Metsker
18 Sep 1826 - 12 Sep 1911

He Was A Striking Figure
J.C. Metsker Was 85 Years Old and
Has Son About Sixty
Had Been Married 63 Years
Lived On Same Homestead Ever Since
He Came to Kansas in 50's
Lived In Big Home Built Originally
With the Big Oven in the
Rear of the House

To have lived to the age of 85 years, to have been married 63 years, to be survived by a family, the oldest "child" being about 60 years and to have
lived always a life according to his creed - that is part of the history of J. C. Metsker who passed away in Lawrence yesterday at Simmons Hospital.

Back, away back in the early 50's J.C. Metsker came to Kansas to try his luck with the many others who saw great things in the Land of Promise. He
was a Dunkard, was Mr. Metsker, and he came to Kansas bringing with him all the faith in his creed, determined to live the life set down by the prophets
of the Dunkards. Southwest of Lawrence is one Star and crowning hill, there is a large tract of land, beautiful land including some of the most fertile
country in Kansas. It was there that L. Bullene had homesteaded and it was him that J.C. Metsker bought the land, where he intended to make his home.

On the hill there he built a regular Dunkard home. At the rear was one of the old ovens which the Dunkards used and of which there are few in this part
of the county. The oven is built solidly in the ground and is made of bricks cemented together. The fuel was always put inside the oven until the inside is as hot as required. Then all the fuel is taken out, and the food put inside. People in Lawrence, who have been guests at the J.C. Metsker home tell of the delicious things to eat that were cooked in that oven.

All his life Mr. Metsker stayed at the home place. He was a Dunkard and he lived according to his belief. He was a farmer and at one time before the property was divided at all, he was considered the wealthiest land owner in Douglas County. Even now after his death there are 570 acres of land on the home place. The house stands yet at the top of the hill. Back of it is the spring and the spring house, the whole place a beautiful tribute to the Kansas that stood as the forerunner of the glory of the present state.

It was a remarkable life that J.C. Metsker led. He came to Kansas to get his living from the sod and he stayed by that which made returns to him.

The funeral will be held tomorrow morning from the Washington Creek Dunkard church. With the passing away of Mr. Metsker goes from Kansas one of
the notable figues that made the agriculture history of the state.

From the files of the Clinton Museum, Clinton, Kansas.
Transcribed and Contributed by Irma Ward

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