Transcribed from The Golden Jubilee of German-Russian Settlements of Ellis and Rush Counties, Kansas, August 31, September 1 and 2, 1926

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Victoria, Kansas, List

1. Sister M. Felicitas Catherine Dreiling
2. Sister M. Cosma Margaret Quint
3. Sister M. Hilda Veronica Quint
4. Sister M. Josepha Rosa Quint
5. Sister M. Basilia Amelia Kuhn
6. Sister M. Albina Margaret Kuhn
7. Sister M. Albina Clementine Kuhn
8. Sister M. Anselm Philomena Kuhn
9. Sister M. Almeda Albina Kuhn
10. Sister M. Virgilia Lidwina Kuhn
11. Sister M. Anthaline Cecilia Kuhn
12. Sister M. Hiltrudis Pauline Dreiling
13. Sister M. Lioba Mary Von Lintel
14. Sister M. Agnes Thecla Von Lintel
15. Sister M. Anna Catherine Von Feld
16. Sister M. Jerome Elizabeth Goetz
17. Sister M. Susanna Mary Wallbrock
18. Sister M. FlorineMargaret Sander
19. Sister M. Dorothy Catherine Von Feld
20. Sister M. Firmina Margaret Von Feld
21. Sister M. Pancratia Mary Von Feld
22. Sister M. Hedwig Barbara Braun
23. Sister M. Lambertine Agnes Gerber
24. Sister M. Liberata Rosa Schuhmacher
25. Sister M. Felicia Appolonia Wasinger
26. Sister M. Consolata Mary Wasinger
27. Sister M. Killian Catherine Weigel
28. Sister M. Herman Joseph Barbara Weigel
29. Sister M. Georgine Rosa Sanders
30. Sister M. Marietta Margaret Dreiling
31. Sister M. Angelita Felicitas Dreiling
32. Sister M. Felicitas Cecilia Dreiling
33. Sister M. Emeline Celestine Dreiling
34. Sister M. Annabel Blanche Dreiling
35. Sister M. Francis Borgia Helen Dreiling
36. Sister M. Thecla Catherine Sanders
37. Sister M. Victorine Elizabeth Scheck
38. Sister M. Perpetua Monica Brungardt
39. Sister M. Viola Rosa Goetz
40. Sister M. Verda Ida Goetz
41. Sister M. Liboria Basilia Lang
42. Sister M. Terentia Bertha Linenberger
43. Sister M. Emmeram Eva Brungardt
44. Sister M. Augustine Bertha Brungardt

Sisters from Hays, Kansas

1. Sister M. Terese Bertha Sack
2. Sister M. Mark Elizabeth Bahl
3. Sister M. Gervase Bertha Frank
4. Sister M. Angelina Catherine Drees
5. Sister M. Laurentia Anna Dening
6. Sister M. Afra Olive Dening
7. Sister M. Justine Rosine Dening
8. Sister M. Antoninus Regina Gabel

Pfeifer, Kansas

1. Sister Mary Flavia
Margaret Kippes

Selden, Kansas

1. Sister Mary Austin
Anna Koerperich

Emmeram, Kansas

1. Sister M. Herbert
Emma Toepfer

Sisters from Catherine, Kansas

1. Sister Mary Athanasia Margaret Leiker
2. Sister Mary Alexia Anna Schueler
3. Sister Mary Clementia Matilda Schueler
4. Sister Mary Alexander Agnes SchueIer
5. Sister Mary Martina Matilda Walter
6. Sister Mary Scholastica Catherine Walter
7. Sister Mary Stella Amelia Schmidt
8. Sister Mary Solana Adeline Wolf
9. Sister Mary Annette Sophia Karlin
10. Sister Mary Fidelis Cecilia Karlin
11. Sister Mary Bernette Mary Karlin
12. Sister Mary Rosalinde Helen Karlin
13. Sister Mary BertilIa Pauline Schneler
14. Sister Mary Eunice Catherine Kraft
15. Sister Mary Paulina Angela Meis
16. Sister Mary Matilda Philippa Meis
17. Sister Mary Carlita Mary Staab
18. Sister Mary Paulita Rose Staab
19. Sister Mary Lauraine Helen Staab
20. Sister Mary Marcia Sophia Antonie
21. Sister Mary Adelinde Agnes Koerner
22. Sister Mary Anarda Mary Karlin
23. Sister Mary Protase Christine Leikam

Sisters from Munjor, Kansas

1. Sister Mary Hortulana Anna Laiker
2. Sister Mary Aquina Catherine Laiker
3. Sister Mary Ludmilla Catherine Schulte
4. Sister Mary Rose Mary Ruder
5. Sister, Mary Marina Catherine Goetz
6. Sister Mary Clarita Pauline Claus
7. Sister Mary Laurinda Elizabeth Pfannenstiel
8. Sister Mary Florian Germaine Pfannenstiel
9. Sister Mary Agnese Mary Grabbe
10. Sister Mary Clemenza Agnes Wasinger
11. Sister Mary Silveria Emma Boos

Sisters from Walker, Kansas

1. Sister Mary Sophia
Anna Berens
2. Sister Mary Ventura Elizabeth Berens

Sisters from Ellis, Kansas

1. Sister Mary Rosaria
Mary Erbert
2. Sister Mary Evelyn Philomena Dreiling


Catherine Brungardt Sister M. Frederica Victoria, Kansas
Anna Mary Roth Sister M. Liguori Pfeifer, Kansas
Elizabeth Basgall Sister M. Augustine Pfeifer, Kansas
Catherine Urban Sister M. Callista Pfeifer, Kansas
Margaret Basgall Sister M. Arsenius Pfeifer, Kansas
Sophie Jacobs Sister M. Wilfred Pfeifer, Kansas
Catherine Rupp Sister M. Collette Schoenchen, Kansas
Dorothy Zimmerman Sister M. William Schoenchen, Kansas
Mary Werth Sister M. Columba Schoenchen, Kansas
Rosa Kisner Sister M. Celeste Pfeifer, Kansas
Elizabeth Urban Sister M. Boniface Pfeifer, Kansas
Mary Roth Sister M. Sabinus Pfeifer, Kansas
Beatrice Pfeifer Sister M. Theodore Victoria, Kansas
Rose Pfeifer Sister M. Vincentia Victoria, Kansas
Mary Pfeifer Sister M. Odilla Victoria, Kansas
Clara Pfeifer Sister M. Baptista Victoria, Kansas

Sophia Pfeifer Sister M. Remigia Victoria, Kansas
Catherine Lang Sister M. Amelia Victoria, Kansas
Eva Brungardt Sister M. Benedict Victoria, Kansas
Catherine Brungardt Sister M. Edward Victoria, Kansas
Susanna Brungardt Sister M. Conrad Victoria, Kansas
Ida Linneberger Sister M. Mary Margaret Park, Kansas
Magdalena Mardian Sister M. Liborius Park, Kansas
Mary Mardian Sister M. Austin Park, Kansas
Rosa Zimmerman Sister M. Germanus Park, Kansas
Theresa Zimmerman Sister M. Francis Magdalena Park, Kansas
Mary Toepfer Sister M. Hedwig Emmeram, Kansas
Adelaide Weigel Sister M. Cosmas Emmeram, Kansas
Appolonia Weigel Sister M. Damian Emmeram, Kansas
Odilia Dreiling Sister M. Virginita Emmeram, Kansas
Elizabeth Stegman Sister M. NoIasco Pfeifer, Kansas
Veronica Dome Sister M. Cortona Marie Pfeifer, Kansas
Theresa Dome Sister M. Denise Pfeifer, Kansas
Ida Schutz Sister M. Ethelbert Catherine, Kansas
Catherine Wasinger Sister M. Teresa Vincent Catherine, Kansas
Magdalen Scheck Sister M. Amanda Walker, Kansas
Frances Bieker Sister M. Annetta Walker, Kansas
Dorothy Wasinger Sister M. Ermelina Walker, Kansas
Amelia Zimmerman Sister M. Lucidia Schoenchen, Kansas
Lucy Dinges Sister M. Leona Schoenchen, Kansas
Magdalen Keller Sister M. Francesca Collyer, Kansas
Clementine Keller Sister M. Renilda Collyer, Kansas
Emerentia Brungardt Sister M. Rose de Lima Victoria, Kansas
Lidwina Werth Sister M. Esther Marie Antonino, Kansas
Anna Sauer Sister M. Leonilla Antonino, Kansas
Victoria Grabbe Sister M. Marie Alma Antonino, Kansas
Cunnegunda Grabbe Sister M. Frances Inez Antonino, Kansas
Mary Horning Sister M. Salome Antonino, Kansas
Agnes Fisher Sister M. Teresita Antonino, Kansas
Mathilda Wasinger Sister M. Adeline Marie St. Peter, Kansas
Mary Ingenthron Sister M. Celine St. Peter, Kansas
Blandina Storm Sister M. Davidica Ellis, Kansas
Margaret Kuhn Sister M. Agneta Ellis, Kansas
Emma Sauer Sister M. Dominica Antonino, Kansas
Albina Billinger   St. Peter, Kansas
Regina Romme   St. Peter, Kansas
Germaine Sauer   Antonino, Kansas
Regina Brungardt   Victoria, Kansas

Transcribed from The Golden Jubilee of German-Russian Settlements of Ellis and Rush Counties, Kansas, August 31, September 1 and 2, 1926

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Golden Jubilee of the German-Russian Settlements of Ellis and Rush Counties, Kansas
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