Transcribed from The Golden Jubilee of German-Russian Settlements of Ellis and Rush Counties, Kansas, August 31, September 1 and 2, 1926

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AMONG others, the following families, being then members of St. Fidelis church at Herzog, petitioned the Rt. Rev. Bishop Cunningham for permission to establish a new parish about six miles north of Victoria, namely: Andrew P. Brungardt, Anton P. Brungardt, B. P. Brungardt, Peter Brungardt, Peter J. Denning, Jos. Denning, Peter J. Dreiling, John Dinkel, Frank Frooehlich, Henry Froehlich, John Frank, Henry Hoff, Alex Herman, Clemens Rohleder, Nick Rohleder, Andrew Linenberger, David Toepfer, Albert Weigel, Michael Weigel, Peter P. Weigel, Valentin Weigel, Andrew Windholz, Martin Windholz, Adam Windholz, John Windholz. Their petition was received and permission granted and preliminary work was commenced in the early part of spring, 1899. The cornerstone was laid in May the same year. Progress was slow until Rev. Fr. Emmeram Kausler became pastor. He, in the spring of 1901, took charge of the building and on Christmas clay of the same year Holy Mass was said in it the first time. The parish at this time is in a prosperous condition. having sixty families. No parochial school has as yet been opened, although a building for that purpose has been erected for many years. The present pastor is Rev. Fr. Walter Herman, O.M. Cap.

A list of families follows:

List of Family Heads of Sacred Heart Parish, Emmeram, Kansas

Bieker, Philip P.
Bollig, Peter
Brungardt, Batt.
Brungardt, Mrs. Monica
Capp, Frank
Dreher, Jerome
Denning, Mrs. Louisa
Denning, Andrew M.
Denning, John J.
Dinkel, John
Dinkel, Peter J. P.
Dreiling, Mrs. Agnes
Dreiling, Peter A. M.
Dreiling, Raymond
Frank, John
Froehlich, Frank
Gerhardt, Michael
Geist, John
Hammerschmidt, John J.
Hoff, Charles
Hoff, Mrs. Henry, Sr.
Hoff, Henry, Jr.
Hoff, Peter
Hoff, Willie
Hoffmann, Michael
Kinderknecht, Anton
Kuhn, Jos. M.
Kuhn, Raymond
Kuhn, John J.
Quint, Mrs. Martin
Quint, Martin, Jr.
Rohleder, Clement
Rohleder, Nic. C.
Rohleder, Nicholaus N.
Rohleder, Peter N.
Sander, Ulrich
Scheck, Frank
Schmidt, John
Toepfer, David
Wasinger, Jacob
Weigel, Albert
Weigel, Mich. P.
Weigel, Mrs. Peter A.
Weigel, Ferdinand
Weigel, Val. V.
Weigel, Val. M.
Weigel, Augustin
Windholz, Adam J.
Windholz, Adam
Windholz, Alex J.
Windholz, Andrew J.
Windholz, John A. D.
Windholz, John, Sr.
Windholz, John A.
Windholz, Jos. A.
Windholz, John J.
Windholz, Mrs. Martin
Windholz, Martin J.
Windholz, Peter J.
Witt, Herman


Denning, Leo
Therre, Jos.
Windholz, Jos. J.

Picture: Church of the Sacred Heart at Ernmeram, Kansas

Picture: Group of Survivors and Later Arrivals, Emmeram, Kansas

Picture: Emmeram Deceased -
1. Joseph Denning; 2. Martin Windholz; 3. Michael M. Dreiling; 4. Peter Andreas Weigel; 5. Jacob and Anna Maria Bell; 6. Andreas and Catharine Windholz; 7. Michael and Maria Denning; 8. Peter and Elizabeth Beil; 9. Johannes and Magdalena Windholz

Picture: Sisters -
1. Sr. M. Cosma (Weigel); 2. Sr. Hedwig (Toepfer); 3. Sr. Perpetua (Monica Brungardt); 4. Sr. Émmeram (Brungardt); 5. (Not identified); 6. Sr. M. Roberta (Dreiling); 7. Sr. Virginetta (Otillia Dreiling); 8. Sr. Herbert (Toepfer)

Transcribed from The Golden Jubilee of German-Russian Settlements of Ellis and Rush Counties, Kansas, August 31, September 1 and 2, 1926

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Golden Jubilee of the German-Russian Settlements of Ellis and Rush Counties, Kansas
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