Transcribed from History of Jewell County, Kansas, with a Full Account of the Early Settlements and Indian Atrocities Committed Within Its Borders; Its final Settlement, Organization and Progress, Its Present Society, Churches and Schools, Its Towns, Streams; Topography; Soil and Products, Its Population; Township Organization and Officers, Its Industries; Business, Resources, Etc. by M. Winsor and James A. Scarbrough, Jewell City, Kansas, Diamond Printing Office, 1878. Transcribed by Carolyn Ward, 2001.

1878 History of Jewell County, Kansas

Athens Township

was originally a portion of Limestone Township. It was organized August 10, 1872, and the first election was held at the house of T.B. Johns, August 28, 1872, which resulted in the election of E.D. Plumb, Justice of the Peace; Thomas B. Johns, Township Treasurer, and Robert Day and Jacob Gilmore, Constables. No other Township officers were elected at this time. John McAffee, Justice of the Peace, and A.S. Hoag, Township Clerk, who had been appointed, held over until the next regular election.

The First Settlers

of Athens Township were Fred Beckler, E.D. Plumb, Richard Albertson, Robert White, John McAffee, all of whom came onto Limestone creek in April 1870.

Schools and Churches

there are four School Districts in the Township, all of which have school houses, and regular terms of school. The religious denominations are Methodists, Presbyterians, and Dunkards, all of whom have regular preaching.

The people are moral, intelligent, industrious and prosperous, and the society is unsurpassed.

Athens Township is one of the finest Townships of land in the county and is well watered by Limestone creek and its tributaries, which afford an abundance of running water the year round, and is bordered by a wide belt of excellent timber.

The Present Township Officers,

elected November 6, 1877, are Morris Gray, Trustee; J.C. Single, Clerk; Geo. B. Steen, Treasurer; M.B. Barton and Charles Stoner, Justices of the Peace, and John Yantis and D.C. Single, Constables.