Transcribed from History of Jewell County, Kansas, with a Full Account of the Early Settlements and Indian Atrocities Committed Within Its Borders; Its final Settlement, Organization and Progress, Its Present Society, Churches and Schools, Its Towns, Streams; Topography; Soil and Products, Its Population; Township Organization and Officers, Its Industries; Business, Resources, Etc. by M. Winsor and James A. Scarbrough, Jewell City, Kansas, Diamond Printing Office, 1878. Transcribed by Carolyn Ward, 2001.

1878 History of Jewell County, Kansas

Brown's Creek Township

was originally a portion of Buffalo Township. It was organized August 10, 1872.

The First Election

was held April 1, 1873, at which Andrew S. Clelland was elected Trustee; John O'Conner, Clerk; R.G. Williams, Treasurer; Judge A. Jackson and Jacob Presler, Justices of the Peace, and A.G. Williams and James Barton, Constables.

The First Settlers

were B.G. Williams and wife; Jacob Presler, wife and daughter; Wesley Harbersen and wife; A.G. Williams, James S. Williams, James Presler, William Booth and James Lampson, who all took claims on the 5th day of June, 1870. The first homestead taken in the Township was by A.G. Williams. The first death was that of Benjamin Lyons, which occurred February 22, 1872. The first birth was a boy born to Mr. and Mrs. W.H. Snyder. The first marriage was Estep Munks to Miss Emily Barnett, in October, 1872.

Schools and Churches

There are five school districts in the Township, all of which have school houses, in which regular terms of school are taught. The religious denominations are the Christians and Methodists, both of which have regular preaching and Sunday Schools. There is also a Union Sunday School, which was organized March 25, 1877. All of them are well attended, and are in a flourishing condition. The morals of the Township are most excellent; the people are intelligent, industrious and sociable. Consequently they are prosperous and happy.

Brown's Creek Township comprises all of Township 5, south, Range 8, west, and is by far the finest Township of land in the county, there not being a forty acre lot in the whole Township but what can be successfully cultivated. It is watered by Brown's Creek and a small tributary of Buffalo, both of which afford an abundance of running water the year round. May View is the post office.

The Present Township Officers

are H.H. McGugin, Trustee; James W. Adams, Clerk; H.C. White, Treasurer; A.S. Clelland and J.D. Hollenbeck, Justices of the Peace, and A.C. Williams, and J.C. King, Constables.