Transcribed from History of Jewell County, Kansas, with a Full Account of the Early Settlements and Indian Atrocities Committed Within Its Borders; Its final Settlement, Organization and Progress, Its Present Society, Churches and Schools, Its Towns, Streams; Topography; Soil and Products, Its Population; Township Organization and Officers, Its Industries; Business, Resources, Etc. by M. Winsor and James A. Scarbrough, Jewell City, Kansas, Diamond Printing Office, 1878. Transcribed by Carolyn Ward, 2001.

1878 History of Jewell County, Kansas

Calvin Township

was the last township organized in the county -- December 7, 1875. It was originally a portion of Buffalo. it is well watered by Middle and West Buffalo, and is a splendid township of land. It was named in honor of J. Calvin Postlethwaite, who was mainly instrumental in its organization. Thickly settled; society good.

The First Settlers

were Henry Sorick, Geo. A. Sorick, James A. Scarbrough and William Queen, all of whom settled here in April 1870. The next settlers were Col. E. Barker, F.T. Gandy, Lewis Gandy, Orville L. McClung, and W.C. McClung, who settled in May and June 1870. William M. Runyan was the first settler of West Prairie in this township, settled here in August 1870.

The First Township Officers

were: F.T. Gandy, trustee; John Delong, clerk; A. Wyland, treasurer; A. Jackson and T. J. Cason [?}, justices of the peace, and Oliver Majers and J.F. Schoonover, constables.

Schools and Churches

There are two school districts in in the township, both of which have good school houses and regular terms of school. Having for a long time been attached to Buffalo and Centre townships, nearly all the School Districts had been formed before it was organized as an independent township. Hence the best portion of its territory is thrown into these townships for school purposes. There are two church organizations -- the Methodists and Evangelicals, both of which have regular preaching ad Sunday Schools.

The Present Township Officers,

elected November 6, 1877, are: A. Harbour, trustee; H.S. Cox, clerk; R.R. McClung, treasurer; A. Jackson and G.W. McCehec [?], justices of the peace, and H. Pitkin and James Barton, constables. Judge Jackson has since removed to Missouri Valley, Iowa.