Transcribed from History of Jewell County, Kansas, with a Full Account of the Early Settlements and Indian Atrocities Committed Within Its Borders; Its final Settlement, Organization and Progress, Its Present Society, Churches and Schools, Its Towns, Streams; Topography; Soil and Products, Its Population; Township Organization and Officers, Its Industries; Business, Resources, Etc. by M. Winsor and James A. Scarbrough, Jewell City, Kansas, Diamond Printing Office, 1878. Transcribed by Carolyn Ward, 2001.

1878 History of Jewell County, Kansas

Prairie Township

was organized April 16, 1872, being cut off from Buffalo and containing all of Township 5, Range 7, with the exception of the first tier ofsections which remained a portion of Buffalo Township until the October 1877 meeting of the Board of County Commissioners, when it was taken away from Buffalo and declared the legitimate property of Prairie. It is a beautiful, rich and fertile Township of land, and is thickly settled by an industrious, energetic and intelligent class of citizens, well and favorably known for their piety and morality. They all came here poor, but they went to work with a will and determination to make their beautiful prairie homes bloom and blossom like the rose, and we are pleased to chronicle the fact that their efforts have been crowned with entire success.

The First Settlers

of Prairie Township were: Wm. D. and Jonathan Street, Benjamin Lewis and J.A. Zimmerman, who came here in October 1869, and Jesse N. Carpenter and Eugene Carpenter, who came early in the spring of 1870. Wm. M. Jones, Isaac A. Sawin and Charles L. Seeley followed soon after, arriving here April 29, 1870. Wm. W. and John McCracken, the proprietors of "McCracken's Ranche," came in August 1870. A host of others came in about the same time, but our limited space forbids further particulars under this head.

Schools and Churches

Prairie Township contains four school districts, in all of which there are good substantial school houses, in which regular terms of school are taught. The religious element is also well represented -- the Methodists, Christians and Baptists, all having regular organizations and places of worship.

The Present Township Officers,

elected November 6, 1877, are: Stephen Kilgore, Trustee; J.F. Harrington, Treasurer; D.A. Salley, Clerk; E. Gard and J.B. Allen, Justices of the Peace; J.T. Whitney and J.C. Thornton, Constables.