Transcribed from History of Labette County, Kansas and its Representative Citizens, ed. & comp. by Hon. Nelson Case. Pub. by Biographical Publishing Co., Chicago, Ill. 1901

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In April, 1871. Dr. D. B. Crouse, with several teachers from the Methodist Sunday-school, got quite a number of colored people together in the Congregational church, and organized them into a Sunday-school, which was conducted the most of the time during that summer. During a part of the next year Rev. F. A. Armstrong got a few of the colored people together on Sundays and taught them from the Bible.

The African Methodist Episcopal Sunday-School was organized in July, 1877, by Nelson Case and Alexander Mackie, who superintended it alternately for about three years, after which Nelson Case superintended alone till 1886. It was entirely conducted by white officers and teachers till about 1886. Mr. and Mrs. Case, Dr. Newlon, Mr. Mackie and one or two other white teachers; assisted in the school till the colored people had learned to read and were able, in a measure, to teach. At the request of Mr. Case, the school at one time, before Mr. Nelson took charge of it, elected John Booka superintendent; nevertheless, the management of the school remained in the hands of the white teachers. From 1886 up to 1891 Edward Nelson was superintendent most of the time. In 1892 Miss Lillie Booka was superintendent. Henry Smiley was elected superintendent in 1893 and has served ever since.

The Second Baptist Sunday-School. - As soon as this denomination inclosed their church, in 1882, they organized a Sunday-school, and have maintained it, with few interruptions, since. Mrs. Mary E. Case and Miss Sarah Crane assisted them in their work for several years. The school has had the following superintendents: A. J. Harper, G. W. Parks, M. A. Sumner, Thomas Scott, T. H. Scaltmar, G. D. Watson and A. L. Williams. Mr. Parks has been superintendent on two or three occasions, and in all has served quite a number of years.

Mount Pleasant Baptist. - This school was formerly located a few miles northeast of Oswego, but now has its home in the city. Superintendents: 1892, Mrs. Lue Butler; 1893-95, Mrs. Martha Robinson; 1896-1901, E. Richardson.

Second Methodist Episcopal. - This school was organized in 1880. Henry Smiley was superintendent from its organization until 1892, with the exception of 1887-88. when George W. Winn held the office. Miss Oliva Porter was elected superintendent at the openIng of 1893 and has served in that capacity ever since. Mrs. Mary E. Case and Miss Sarah Crane taught in this school for a number of years.


June 20, 1880, a Sunday-school was organized in the Presbyterian church for the colored people, of which the officers of the Presbyterian Sunday-school were in charge. It was maintained during that summer only.


In the fall of 1873 the Sunday-school workers of Chetopa organized a school among the colored people. It met from time to time in nearly all the churches in town. It was conducted entirely by white officers and teachers. Dr. C. Humble superintended until he went away, in 1877; after that John A. Laugh and Mrs. Julia A. Knight superintended. After the organization of the denominational schools in the colored churches this school was given up.

Second Methodist Episcopal. - Rev. Robert Rector, pastor, secured the organization of this school in 1881. Its superintendents have been: George W. Winn, Mr. Faghem, Mrs. Frances Wilson and Mrs. Margaret Clarady. The last mentioned was elected superintendent in 1894, and she has served very acceptably ever since. Notwithstanding many discouragements the school has been quite prosperous and has helped supply its numbers with good literature.

African Methodist Episcopal. - Organized about 1881, - perhaps a few years later. Superintendents: Harrison McMillan and Nelson Williamson.

Baptist. - The colored folk in Chetopa have two Baptist Sunday-schools, one connected with the Little Flock Baptist church, and the other allied with the Bethlehem Baptist church.


African Methodist Episcopal. - Soon after the organization of the A. M. E. church in Parsons, the pastor, Rev. J. H. Daniels, also secured the organization of the Sunday-school. The school dates from May, 1876. Among its superintendents have been: S. O. Clayton, J. L. Craw and Charles A. Morris.

Second, or New Hope, Baptist.-On May 28, 1876, Rev. Thomas Wilson secured the organization of a Sunday-school in connection with this, church. Superintendents: James Griffin, James Walker, E. W. Dorsey and J. E. Johnson.

Mount Pleasant Baptist. - Superintendents: George Harts, G. R. Westbrooks, James Griffin and J. T. Hays.

Mount Zion Baptist.-This Sunday-school is held irregularly.



Labette. - school was organized in the spring of 1875, and has had the following superintendents: R. K. Jones, John Richardson, William E. Crawford, J. P. Christy, W. V. McDonell, T. J. Reel, J. S. McLain, Elisha Richardson, E. L. Christy, J. C. Christian, Jennie Crawford and John Wiggins.

Chetopa. - Prior to 1881 the Baptists and Christians had maintained a union Sunday school. In 1881, with the assistance of Rev. J. P. Ash, a Baptist Sunday-school was organized, with J. C. Witt, superintendent. Following Mr. Witt as superintendent there have been F. M. Smith, Mrs. M. E. Stevens, Miss Eva Merrill, Robert Williams, Lewis Leak, Carl Simons, Mrs. W. S. Park, J. A. Shuck and Mrs. James Harvey.

Oswego. - Organized January 1, 1871, in an old store building on the west side of block 39, with D. E. Bent, superintendent. Other superintendents have been: Dr. J. Spruill, Henry Glitz, J. N. Miles, Z. Eaton, Merritt Read, A. C. Baker, N. A. Douglas, Porter Sawyer, William P. Steel, Nellie Harrison, Rev. C. N. H. Moore, A. T. Dickerman, E. S. Ellis, E. A. Karr, G. A. Cooper, Eva Terrill and Marlon Parks.

Altamont. - Organized in the spring of 1883. Superintendents: Morris Bayless, E. Estes, George Hildreth, A. I. Ross, J. Self, Cyrus Baker and Bessie Hopps. Some of these have held office two or three different times, while others have served several years in succession.

Dennis. - The Baptist Sunday-school in Dennis was organized April 2, 1883, and came almost entirely from the Baptist union school, which was transferred from the country to town. William Scott, John Garrison, Mr. Payne, and G. W. Everhart have been faithful workers in this school.

Barton. - This school has existed since the erection of the church, in 1885. J. H. Tibbets and family have been among its best workers.

PIeasant Hill Sunday-School. - The Baptists having completed their church building, in 1885 they organized a Sunday-school with Rev. C. T. Floyd as superintendent. He has been followed in the superintendency by W. W. Lewellen, ___ Witt, H. J. Schock and Mrs. A. Austin.

Parsons. - This school was first organized in the city hall in 1874, with J. B. Stilwell surperintendent, and an attendance of about 10 scholars. During the year it disbanded, and was not reorganized till about 1878, when W. Fee was elected superintendent. The school at this time numbered about 50. W. W. Neighbour succeeded Mr. Fee, and was succeeded by C. F. Hodgman, and he by I. J. Uzzell. W. C. Alain served from September, 1886, until 1893, being succeeded by F. W. Flitton, who held the office until 1896, when I. J. Uzzel was again elected. Mrs. J. N. Kidd was superintendent in 1897, and E. S. Ellis, who took her place, is the superintendent at present. The average attendance is about 140.

Mound Valley. - The Baptists of Mound Valley worked in the union school until the erection of the church, in 1882, since which time they have had a school of their own. Among the superintendents have been H. W. Savage, P. G. Shanklin, J. H. Elmore and William Wilson. William Wilson was succeeded at the end of 1893 by D. S. Coleman, who held the office two years; in 1896-97 H. W. Savage was superintendent, in 1898-99 D. S. Coleman, and in 1900 W. J. Wilson was elected.

Edna. - In the spring of 1883 the Baptists organized a Sunday-school at the Hawkins school-house, in District No. 92, where it was conducted until their church building, was erected at Kingston, when it was removed to that place. In 1887 the church was moved to Edna, and of course the Sunday-school with it. The school has had the following superintendents: J. Reasor, Rev. G. H. Goodwin, Julius Goodwin, J. W. Reasor, J. Reasor, Rev. T. M. Cooper, G. W. Reasor and Lewis Goodwin.


Altamont. - A Sunday-school was organized in March, 1897, which has been maintained continuously and has done good work. H. J. Trapp is superintendent.

Parsons. - A Sunday-school was organized at this point in 1895. Clay Newton is superintendent.


Chetopa. - Until 1883 the Christians had united with the Baptists in holding a Sunday-school. In March, 1883, a Christian school was organized, and Dr. W. J. Latta and Mrs. E. S. Smith have been the superintendents.

Parsons. - Organized in 1879. Superintendents: C. R. Millard, Fred Evans, Dr. John Tinder, T. L. Trotter and J. S. Vance.

Central. - Upon the organization of the Central Christian church in Parsons, in 1890, a Sunday-school was also formed, which has been maintained ever since.

Oswego. - The Christian Sunday-school was organized in the court-house, in the spring of 1876. Superintendents: 1876-77, John Overdeer; 1878-81, D. H. May; 1882-85, H. C. Draper; 1886-95, David Jennings; 1896-97, E. G. Smith; 1898-1901, H. O. Hurst.

Mound Valley. - The Sunday-school is some twelve or fifteen years old. Since 1892 the superintendents have been: D. O. Larabee, Mrs. Kate Ellege, Levi Wilmoth, Alvah Shick, G. N. Matthews and Miss Lizzie Prescott.

Elm City. - Among those who have superintended this school are S. P. Waugh and Perry Allen.


0swego. - Organized January 23, 1870, and maintained most of the time since. However, there have been two or three occasions when for several months at a time no school has been maintained. The school has no continuous record, and I find no one who remembers definitely who its officers have been, but the following list of superintendents is probably nearly complete: Dr. W. S. Newlon, Dr. W. E. Austin, W. M. Johnson, Dr. W. S. Newlon, Dr. H. J. Martin, O. Whitney, C. U. Dorman, Mrs. Louise Morrison, Burton Thorpe, J. D. H. Reed, Rev. Park A. Bradford and wife and C. E. Coleman. During several years past, a sort of mission Sunday-school has been conducted in the Congregational church under the superintendency of Dr. W. S. Newlon.

Parsons. - Organized July 20, 1873. Superintendents: P. M. Griffin, A. H. Ayers, I. Dickson, A. P. Wilson, E. C. Ward, J. H. Mosic, G. W. Ragland, E. C. Reed and Arthur Reed.

Deerton. - On the completion of the church, in 1880, a Sunday-school was organized, which was maintained until the church was moved to Valeda, in 1886. Rev. James, Cooper superintended it while he was pastor.


During the time the Universalists had an organization and sustained preaching services in Oswego, they also maintained a Sunday-school, of which John F. Hill was superintendent.


Parsons. - The rector of the church at Parsons also superintends the Sunday-school.


Oswego. - Since the establishment of their church in Oswego, this denomination has maintained a Sabbath-school. Mrs. Sadie McVicars and Mrs. Jessie Wells have been superintendents. Schools have also been held at several other places in the county, but I have not been furnished with information in regard to them.


Parsons. - Organized in 1876, with Abraham Cary as superintendent. Since then the following persons have served in that capacity: W. F. Grierson, ___ Butler, A. B. Hacker, Mrs. Sandercook, Joseph Ross, Mrs. M. Portrain, James Terrell and T. M. Mathis.

Union District, No. 69. - Organized in 1870, with Joseph Vance as superintendent, and maintained until 1874.

Dennis. - The United Brethren Sunday-school was organized in 1882, and came mainly from the Sylvan Dale and Four-Mile schools; Alvin Miller was its first superintendent. It is maintained with a fair degree of prosperity. J. D. McKeever and Noah Huff are reported as having superintended since Mr. Miller.

Mortimer. - On the completion of the church at this point in 1892, a Sunday-school was organized which has had for superintendents: J. T. Mortimer, G. A. Waid, M. L. Mortimer and E. Sparks; M. L. Mortimer being the superintendent at this writing.

Mound Valley and Valeda. - The schools of this denomination at these points have not been very regular and permanent. Among those who have served as superintendent are: Watson Chrisman, A. J. Bessy, C. E. Porter and Charles Oakleaf.

Hackberry Chapel. - This school was organized in the Hyatt school-house in 1881. John Magic and his son and daughter, Morton and Sarah Magic, superintended until about 1890; then A. M. Harshaw held that position. After the completion of the chapel in 1893, the school was moved into it, since which time it has had the following superintendents: John Riddick, Anna Micky and Joseph Ohles.


Dennis. - As soon as this denomination completed its home of worship in Dennis, in 1887, a Sunday-school was organized with J. Eisenhood as superintendent. The school has had a continuous existence, and, following Mr. Eisenhood, its superintendents have been: D. M. Mowrey, W. W. Blake, Frank Deinst, Frank Harper, Charles Underkoffler, Curtis Webb, Rolla Blake, H. L. Austin and F. C. Petrie, Jr.


Oswego. - The first denominational Sunday-school to be organized in the county was the first Methodist Episcopal Sunday-school of Oswego. In the summer of 1868 the Methodists first organized a school, of which Ansel Gridley, Sr., was superintendent. This, like all the other Sunday-schools of that time, was run only during the warm weather; it closed before the cold weather of winter came on. This school as now conducted claims an existence only from Sunday, April 9, 1869, when it was again organized, since which time it has had an uninterrupted existence, and since the time when Mr. Case took the superintendency the school has not missed a single session. It is by over a year the oldest school that now has an existence in the county. At the organization of the school, on April 9, 1869, Ansel Gridley, Sr., was again elected superintendent; he served as such till September 18, 1870, when Nelson Case, having been elected superintendent, first took charge of the school. Mr. Case then served continuously a little over fifteen years: he tendered his resignation on September 28, 1885, and it was accepted on October 5. The pastor, Rev. J. A. Hyden, superintended from this time till the close of the year. W. F. Thorne superintended during 1886, and Rev. J. B. Ford, the pastor, during 1887. At the close of 1887 Nelson Case was again elected superintendent, and since January 1, 1888, has continued in that position. The school was organized in Crouse's Hall, on lot 5 in block 39, where it held its sessions during the summer of 1869: the following winter it met in two or three different places - a part of the time in Wells' Hall. In the summer of 1870 the new church building was erected, and as soon as it was inclosed, the school commenced meeting at it. In the fall of 1870 the superintendent instituted a teachers' meeting, which has been maintained weekly since. Normal classes have also been conducted in connection with the school work for several years.

Chetopa. - Organized July 17, 1870, with J. M. Cavaness, superintendent, who served until July, 1872, when W. W. Sweet was elected superintendent. In January, 1873. L. J. Van Landingham was elected, and served three years; he was followed by S. B. Sloan. In 1877 Mr. Cavaness was elected, and served, with the exception of a year or two when D. O. Ditzler superintended, till 1886, when he went into the ministry. Following him, B. S. Edwards superintended until 1889. In that year Mr. Cavaness was again placed in charge and continued there until 1899, when he was succeeded by Robert A. Lough, who is the present incumbent.

Montana. - The Presbyterians having organized their school upon the completion of their church, in 1878, the Methodists then organized a denominational school, the two having theretofore been conducted as a union school in the school-house.

Altamont. - Organized in 1884. Superintendents: O. P. Van Slyke, J. O. King, Arthur J. Rust, W. J. Lough, P. H. Riepie, E. D. Keinze, Mrs. Lucy Best, C. M. Doughman, E. J. Kinzer and Samuel McClelland.

Fairview. - A Sunday-school was organized at this appointment in the school-house before the church was erected in 1899; upon the completion of the edifice, it was organized as a Methodist school in the church on May 7, 1899. James Paxton was superintendent to the close of 1900. Miss Alice Ball is the present superintendent.

Parsons. - In the summer of 1873 a Methodist Sunday-school was organized, with the pastor, Rev. C. R. Rice, superintendent. Owing to the straitened circumstances and unorganized condition of the work, the school did not maintain a continuous existence, but part of the time united with other workers at carrying on a union school. Besides Rev. C. R. Rice, the early superintendents were: M. Wallace, M. G. Brown, and J. W. Cowles. In January, 1876, T. H. Cunningham was elected superintendent, and continued to act as such until the close of 1890. In January, 1891, J. L. Kennerer was elected superintendent, and in January, 1892, Dr. M. E. Wolf was elected, his term concluding with the close of 1893. Elmer T. Mendal served during 1894-1895 and 1896. and since then O. F. Pennywitt has been the superintendent, with the exception of a few weeks, when George H. Olds held that position.

Center Chapel. - Upon the completion of this church building, in the spring of 1887, a Sunday-school was at once organized therein. It was conducted as a union school until the close of 1890, with the following superintendents: Mrs. M. E. Casky, A. W. Meador, and F. M. Morrison. In January, 1891, it was organized as a Methodist school, with F. M. Morrison, superintendent; in January, 1892, W. E. Snyder succeeded him.

Labette. - Organized in 1876. Superintendents: 1875, J. K. Sipple; 1877-84, J. B. Payne, 1885, J. E. Williams; 1886, J. B. Payne; 1887-92, A. C. Lamm. Since 1892 the superintendents have been: Leslie Scott, Leslie Piatt, Allen Piatt, William Watson and Ethelda Reedy.

Stover. - The Methodists have maintained a Sunday-school as one of the features of their church work at this appointment. Royal Davis is the present superintendent.

Dresser District, No. 51. - The Methodist school at this point was organized in the spring of 1883, and was maintained until the fall of 1886, at which time the class was changed from this to Valeda. W. J. Millikin was superintendent the first two years, after which a man with the same name, excepting that his name is spelled with an "e" instead of all "i" in the last syllable (W. J. Milliken), superintended.

Mound Valley. - 0rganized in the fall of 1880, by E. A. Graham. Superintendents: J. J. Decker, A. B. Hammer, R. W. Simpson, O. B. Moore, Isaac Hill, Alexander Moore and E. A. Graham. Since 1892 the superintendents have been as follows: 1893-94, James Beggs; 1895, J. D. Gillespie; 1896-97, E. A. Graham; 1898. James Beggs; 1899, J. F. Bottorrf; 1900-01, A. J. Lovett.

Fletcher Chapel. - When this church was inclosed, in the fall of 1883, the Sunday-school was moved from the Breese school-house to it. Solomon Pierson was first superintendent. Of those who succeeded him I have not been furnished a list, but understand that among them were Fannie Kirby and R. A. Hill.

Hopewell. - This school has ever been known as the "Evergreen," from the fact that while most of the schools in the country closed during the winter months, this was kept running the year round, from its first organization. It was organized in April, 1871, in a granary on the place of James Beggs, and was afterward held in a dwelling-house until the Henderson school-house was completed, when it was removed to that building, where it was held until Hopewell church was completed, since which time its home has been in that structure. From its organization until 1884, James Beggs was its superintendent, with the exception of one year, when George McDole filled that place. During the period between 1884 and 1892 it had several superintendents, among whom were L. C. Masters, W. T. Beggs, M. Daniels and James Monroe. Since 1892 the following named persons have held the office: 1893-94, Nelson Drenner; 189596, Mrs. Ella Daniels; 1897-98, J. A. Jamison; 1899, Mrs. E. J. Phillips; 1900-01, E. M. Stotts.

Pleasant Hill. - Organized in 1890, and has had for superintendents: James Woodyard, Mrs. Barker and James Venable.

Excelsior. - During the earlier history of the county, the Methodists held preaching services in several of the school-houses in Mound Valley and Osage townships, and many of the schools that were classed as union were really Methodist Sunday-schools. Of one of these schools J. W. Morain was superintendent a number of years. When the Excelsior church was erected in 1891, these appointments and schools were consolidated, and a Methodist Sunday-school was organized at the Excelsior church at the opening of 1892. I have not been furnished with a full list of its superintendents, but among them have been W. H. Brown, Francis Edgar and Emma Morain.

Edna. - Almost from the first organization of Sunday-school work in Edna, it was largely under the control of the Methodists; but it was not till they went into the new church, in the spring of 1883, that the Methodists organized a distinctively denominational school. The following persons have superintended the school: E. B. Baldwin, L. Powell, H. S. Wimmer and Charles A. Long. The last named gentleman is still the incumbent.

Angola. - W. H. Troxson has been superintendent of this school since 1898.

Bartlett. - After the completion of the church at this point in 1893, a Sunday-school was organized therein, and has since been maintained; it has had the following superintendents: S. L. Whiting, I. G. Wiley, Mrs. Belle Cellars and I. E. Ross.

Matthewson. - This school was organized in the new church on its completion in 1894. Its superintendents have been: J. T. Marshall, Mrs. Rosa Meador, N. D. Sturm, Mrs. W. D. Harry and Mrs. O. Baker.

Cecil. - As soon as the Methodist church at Cecil was inclosed, the Sunday-schooI which had been previously conducted at the Liggett school-house was moved to the church; this was done in March, 1883. J. N. Thompson was its first superintendent, and since then there have been J. D. Lombard, J. P. Lewman, Lydia A. Owens, Noah E. Barrick and Elizabeth Laman.


Mound Valley. - Organized December 7, 1884; Dr. L. T. Strother, superintendent; 48 scholars, divided into eight classes. The school has been maintained ever since. C. M. Brown superintended for a year or two. Dr. L. T. Strother then had charge of the school until 1896, when he was succeeded by J. F. Wise, who served to the close of 1898. C. M. Watson has been superintendent since January, 1899.

Chetopa. - Organized July 17, 1870, With C. S. Montague, superintendent, and on August 25, 1872, Dr. C. Humble was elected superintendent. He continued to serve until he went away, in 1877. Following him the school has been superintended by C. H. McCreery, S. O. Barnes, Fred. Allen, Jesse M. Morgan, Julia R. Knight, Arnold D. Robison, Nelson E. Allen, J. Harry Evans and A. B. Crosby.

Parsons. - Organized in December, 1872, with Harry L. Gosling, superintendent. Succeeding him there have been the following superintendents: M. B. Park, I. N. McCreery, G. C. Hitchcock, S. M. Cambern, Frank Mulford, S. A. Scott, F. L. Schaub, W. H. Martin, J. L. Morrison, W. Aikenhead, M. J. McKnight and E. H. McCreery. M. J. McKnight is the present incumbent.

Oswego. - Organizaed in May, 1870, with Cornelius V. Monfort superintendent. He was followed by J. J. Browne, J. W. Monfort, E. B. Newton, Alexander Mackie, Chas. Coit Andrew Mackie, Albert A. Smith, R. P. Carpenter, Fred C. Wheeler, Henry L. McCune, Fred. W. Keller, E. P. Mossman, J. M. Berry, W. C. Mitchell, T. E. Tregemba and F. S. Mitchell.

Montana. - When the Presbyterian church was built at Montana, in 1878, the Sunday-school was at once organized therein, with James Morning as superintendent. The school was maintained irregularly, and both the church and Sunday-school have been discontinued for some years past.

Lake Creek. - The Lake Creek Presbyterian church having been built, the Sunday-school, which had been maintained at the school-house, was removed to it, in 1884, where it was opened as a Presbyterian school, and the union school was discontinued. In 1893 the church and Sunday-school were removed to Bartlett. The superintendents of the school, while in the Lake Creek Presbyterian church, were: A. D. Robison, Thomas E. Baty, Mrs. J. H. Cellars, Irwin A. Robinson and again Thomas E. Baty.

Bartlett. - In 1893 the Presbyterian church was removed from its original location at Lake Creek to Bartlett, and Sunday-school work was regularly taken up at the new place. The superintendents have been: J. L. Goldsmith, H. J. Reece, Thomas E. Baty and Charles A. Smith.

Edna. - This school was organized in their church in Kingston, in 1879, where it was continued until the church was moved to Edna, in 1887. John T. Watt was superintendent while the school remained at Kingston and for a year after it was moved to Edna. In 1889 H. Allen was superintendent. No school was maintained during 1890 and 1891. It was reorganized in January, 1892, with J. T. Watt as superintendent. Mr. Watt's superintendency has been renewed on several occasions. There have been, perhaps, two or three officers who have at times served as superintendent, one of whom is J. F. Holten. The membership of the school is about 45.

Altamont. - The Sunday-school work has not been continuously maintained in the church at this point. I have not been able to get definite facts about the work, but learn, however, that J. O. King and A. B. Roller were superintendents some of the time prior to 1896, and since that time B. L. Dennison has served.

The Chetopa United Presbyterian Sunday-School was organized in Thomas' Hall in May, 1871, and, on the completion of the church building in the fall of that year, the Sunday-school there found its home, where it has had a continuous existence to the present time, meeting in the morning before preaching, except for a short time, when it was held immediately after preaching. Two features of this school are worthy of special commendation, the first being the fact that nearly all the congregation is in the Sunday-school, thus giving it probably the largest per cent. of adult attendance of any school in the county; the other item referred to is a mission collection on nearly every Sunday. Rev. J. C. McKnight has continuously served as Bible-class teacher from the organization of the school. John Torrance and William Wade have been successful teachers respectively of the classes for young men and young women. T. J. Calvin was the first superintendent, and held the position for ten years, from 1871 to 1881. Succeeding him were the following parties: Samuel Wade six months, I. N. Anderson three years, John Torrance five years, David Burnside one year, Mrs. Robert McCaw one year. Mrs. R. J. Stewart, the next incumbent, served several years to the close of 1893; she was succeeded by A. P. Free, D. Burnside, John Torrance, and William Wade, several of whom served a number of years. William Wade is the present superintendent.


In the spring of 1872 several of the Sunday-school workers of Chetopa joined in issuing a call for a meeting to form a county Sunday-school association. Pursuant to this call, quite a number met in the Presbyterian church in Chetopa, on March 21, 1872, and effected a temporary organization by electing J. M. Cavaness temporary president and C. S. Montague temporary secretary. A constitution was adopted, and the following officers elected: President, I. W. Patrick; secretary, C. S. Montague; treasurer, T. J. Calvin; executive committee, J. M. Cavaness, Nelson Case, J. F. Hill and Amy B. Howard. Meetings have been held annually, with two exceptions, and several years two or more meetings have been held. No meeting was held in either 1888 or 1890. The annual meetings to the end of 1892 were held as follows: Oct. 15, 1872, Oswego; Oct. 21, 1873, Chetopa: Sept. 23, 1874, Oswego, Sept. 26, 1875, Chetopa; Sept. 27, 1876, Parsons; Sept. 19, 1877, Oswego; Sept. 18, 1878, Mound Valley: Sept. 22, 1879, Labette: Sept. 21, 1880, Montana; Oct. 6, 1881, Oswego; March 21, 1882, Chetopa; May 3, 1883, Mound Valley: May 7, 1884, Altamont; May 21, 1885, Labette; May 12, 1886, Altamont; Oct. 5, 1887, Mound Valley; Jan. 3, 1889, Edna; March 17, 1891, Oswego; Feb. 29, 1892, Mound Valley: Dec. 13, 1892, Chetopa. Presidents to date of publication: March 21, 1872, to Oct. 22, 1873, I. W. Patrick; 1873-77, Nelson Case: 1877-79, Rev. F. L. Walker; 1879, D. G. Brown: 1880, Rev. R. M. Scott; 1881-83, Rev. C. H. McCreery; 1883-86, J. M. Cavaness; 1886, Rev. J. B. Ford; 1887-88, J. H. Elmore; 1889, John Slaughter; 1890-92, F. L. Schaub; 1892-93, Agnes Baty; 1893-94, Dr. L. T. Strother; 1895-96, F. P. Miller; 1896-98, B. F. Briggs; 1899-1901, M. E. Carringer. Secretaries to date of publication: 1872, C. S. Montague; 1872-73, Rev. J. H. Metier; 1873-77, C. Humble; 1877, Nelson Case: 1878, L. J. Van Landingham; 1879, G. K. Sipple; 1880-85, Charles T. Carpenter; 1885-87, William Paramore; 1887-88, Hattie Beggs: 1889-92, Agnes Baty; 1892-93, Nellie Harrison; 1894-95, Nellie Lough; 1896, Mrs. Rosa Meador; 1897-98, C. D. Lynd; 1899, Mrs. Agnes Crawford; 1900, Minnie Shone; 1901, Margaret Cellars.


Before even the county association had been formed, the Sunday-school workers in Oswego met on September 26, 1869, and formed a local organization, of which Nelson Case was elected president. This was the first association organized in the county. After the formation of the county association, the cities organized or reorganized their associations on a basis uniform with the township associations. At the annual convention of the county association in October, 1875, it was resolved to try and secure the organization of the several townships as fast as possible, and within the next two years all organization was effected in each township and city in the county. Many of these associations, however, were short-lived. Their original organization was the result of visits and work by one or more of the officers of the county association, and when these visits ceased most of the township associations ceased to hold meetings. Two or three townships have maintained their organizations, and have regularly held conventions, among them North and Osage; and in all of the townships quite all amount of local work has been done.