Transcribed from History of Labette County, Kansas and its Representative Citizens, ed. & comp. by Hon. Nelson Case. Pub. by Biographical Publishing Co., Chicago, Ill. 1901

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P. B. Darling

P. B. DARLING, an old settler of Labette county, Kansas, erected the first house on the prairie in southwestern part of Osage township. He was born August 29, 1835, in Jackson county, Ohio, and is a son of James H. and Rachel (Howe) Darling.

Timothy Darling, the grandfather of P. B., was born October 22, 1779, and died December 26, 1830, aged fifty-one years, two months and four days. His wife, Elizabeth (Cook) Darling, was born September 6, 1782, and died November 11, 1839, aged fifty-seven years, two months and five days.

James H. Darling was born December 30, 1813, and died at the home of his son Charles, November 26, 1895, aged eighty-one years, ten months and twenty-six days. He enlisted in Company G, 73rd Reg., Ohio Vol. Inf. His wife, Rachel (Howe) Darling, was born February 16, 1812, and died in Labette county, April 25, 1892, aged eighty years, two months and nine days. P. B. Darling is the oldest child living. Charles lives north of his brother, P. B. Rothburn lives near Cherryvale; Clark, Lind, Neal and William come next in order. Melinda lives in Jackson county, Ohio. John and Amanda, who were twins, were born August 13, 1834, and died, respectively, August 19 and 20th, 1834. Macilla L. was born September 5, 1843, and died March 13, 1845. Tacey B. (Dove) was born August 15, 1837, married December 25, 1853, and died November 29, 1856.

P. B. Darling, the subject of this sketch, remained at home until his marriage, and in January, 1869, moved to Labette county, Kansas. With his wife, Mr. Darling left Knox county, Illinois, September 16, 1868, and visited somewhat in Iowa and Missouri, en route. They were ferried across the Mississippi river at Burlington, Iowa, and then. drove direct to Ottumwa, going through the Soap Creek hills to Kansas City, Missouri. From Missouri, they were accompanied by Perry 0. C. Nixon, and after ferrying over the Missouri river, they came to Osage, where they stopped with Mr. Nixon's brother at Osage Mission. There Mr. Darling left his wife for a while, and in November, 1868, took up a claim in the township where he now resides, his wife joining him shortly afterward. He took up 40 acres in section 6, township 32, range 18, and three 40-acre tracts in a direct line west, across the road, in section 1, township 32, range 17. He was involved in litigation with the railroad company for seven years. Mr. Darling first built a box-house, which is now used for a kitchen. It was made of walnut lumber, at $40 per thousand, and was hauled from Osage Mission. Mr. Darling had a yoke of steers and one horse, and both he and his wife worked in the field. They broke about 15 acres, and planted sod-corn, turnips and wheat. In the spring of 1871, he set out the first orchard, and some of the trees are still standing there. He now has five or six acres of fruit, and over two miles of hedge, eight acres of meadow, and the front of the place is ornamented with cedar tress. Mr. Darling has refused an offer of $7,000 for the farm. It presents a fine appearance, and is splendidly managed and kept up. Mr. Darling is a hard worker and takes great pride in his home, and his present success has only been reached after years of untiring labor and careful attention. Mr. Darling worked on the railroad during a season of 1871.

May 4, 1859, Mr. Darling married Nancy M. Sinclair, who was born October 27, 1840, in Vinton county, Ohio. She is a daughter of William and Jane (Dawson) Sinclair. Her father died when she was quite young, and her mother departed this life, in Ohio, in 1871. Two of Mrs. Darling's brothers are deceased; Mrs. Catherine Nixon and Mrs. Martha Snook, her sisters, are living on the old farm in Ohio; and another sister, Mrs. Elizabeth Cassill, is in Davis county, Iowa.

Mr. and Mrs. Darling have been blessed with seven children, namely: Frances (Oliver), of Cherryvale; Tony A., a United Brethren preacher, now located at Toronto, Kansas, who is married and has four children; Thomas, who lives near his father; Daniel H., also a resident of Labette county; Tacy P. (Emels), of Cherryvale; Eunice (Cooper), of Cherryvale; and Phenis T., deceased.

Mr. Darling is a Republican in politics, and has served several years as justice of the peace and as notary public. He was formerly a school director. Mr. and Mrs. Darling belong to the M. E. church. Mr. Darling is highly respected in the county, where he has many warm friends.