Transcribed from History of Labette County, Kansas and its Representative Citizens, ed. & comp. by Hon. Nelson Case. Pub. by Biographical Publishing Co., Chicago, Ill. 1901

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George A. Olmsted

GEORGE A. OLMSTEAD has been one of the prominent farmers of Richland township, Labette county, Kansas, since 1871. He is at present living in Richland township, in section 2, township 34, range 21. He is a son of Job and Clarissa Olmsted, and was born in McHenry county, Illinois, in 1850.

Job Olmsted was born in Ohio, and in 1871 removed to Labette county where he died in 1873, aged sixty-six years. Mr. Olmsted and his wife were the parents of four children besides the subject hereof, namely: Levi, who lives in Michigan, but will soon move to California; Albert, who died in California, September 15, 1900, at the age of sixty-four years; James, who is in Indiana, engaged in getting out material for cooperage, and who at one time purchased 2,200 acres of timber land in Arkansas; and Jane (Finch), who lives in San Diego, California, and is the only sister of George A.

George A. Olmsted was reared in Illinois until he reached the age of eighteen years, when he went to Michigan. He worked in that state until his removal to Labette county, which was in 1871. When he arrived in Oswego, he had but six dollars in money. He worked on the farm located in section 2, which was taken up by Albert Olmsted, who had been in Bourbon county, Kansas, during the war, and moved to Kansas in 1866. He built the house which now stands on the farm, but the subject hereof erected a fine barn. As the buildings are located on a small hill the view is very pretty, and, altogether, the farm is one of the most attractive in the county. Mr. Olmsted moved to Newton county, Missouri, in 1880, where he remained ten years, - having rented land. He then returned to Labette county, which has been his home ever since. He now owns 280 acres of land, including 40 acres of timber. He has a splendid orchard, containing three or four hundred trees bearing fruit.

Mr. Olmsted was wedded to Fannie Green, who is a daughter of John Green, a pioneer of Labette county. They reared six children, namely: Fred, deceased; Albert; Rosa; Lena; Annie; and Roscoe. In politics, Mr. Olmsted was reared a Republican but is now an independent voter. He has never cared to accept public office of any kind. His wife is a member of the Methodist church.