Transcribed from History of Labette County, Kansas and its Representative Citizens, ed. & comp. by Hon. Nelson Case. Pub. by Biographical Publishing Co., Chicago, Ill. 1901

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John N. Parker

JOHN N. PARKER. Among the prominent agriculturists of Labette county, Kansas, is John N. Parker, who owns a very productive farm in Walton township, comprising the southwest quarter of section 27, where he has carried on general farming since 1869. He was born in the Empire State, in 1822, and is the eldest son born to Nathan and Polly (Doubledey) Parker.

Nathan Parker was a native of Vermont and served in the War of 1812. His wife was born and reared in the state of New York. Four children were born to this worthy couple, namely: John N., the subject of this brief biography; Joe; Ruth; and Elizabeth.

John N. Parker received his primary mental training in his native county. When twelve years of age, his parents removed to Jackson county, Michigan, where he lived for twenty years. When grown to manhood, he determined to fit himself for a professional career and studied medicine for, perhaps, a year and a half. But the idea of becoming a doctor did not continue to appeal to him, and he discontinued his studies in that line and returned to farming, - an occupation to which his life has since been devoted.

Leaving Michigan to seek a location farther west, he settled in Benton county, Iowa, where he farmed for fifteen years. In 1869, he went south, to Kansas, making the trip overland at the cost of about $200. It cost him $8 to stay one night at Osage Mission, Kansas. In 1870 Mr. Parker located upon the farm in Walton township, which is now his home, and where he has spent many of the best years of his life.

Mr. Parker has been twice married. His first union was with Mary Norton, of New York. She died in 1864, leaving eight children as a legacy to her husband. Their names are: Frank, Orville, Charles, Joel, Rosa, J. Q., Josephine, deceased, and Belle. The mother of these children was buried on the same day that Abraham Lincoln was the second time elected to the presidency. In 1867, Mr. Parker married his second wife, whose maiden name was Caroline Mitchell. She was born in Benton county, Iowa, and is a daughter of William and Sarah (Broady) Mitchell. Her father was a farmer, and reared eight children, as follows: Hannah, Mary, Sophronia, Abbi, Mercy, Caroline, Emma, and Henry S. Six children were the result of the second marriage of Mr. Parker, namely: Clora, Florence, Fred, Mabel, Livona and Harlow.

Mr. Parker and his wife are devout members of the Christian church and are known to be among the most charitable citizens in the community. In his political convictions, Mr. Parker is an ardent Democrat, and never loses sight of the interests of his favorite party. He has almost attained the four-score years allotted to man, and his many friends hope he may live to reach the century mark. With a well spent career behind him, full of usefulness and good deeds, he is passing through the sunset period of life in the quietude of reflection, and is looking forward, with steadfast faith, to the glories awaiting him beyond. A portrait of Mr. Parker is shown on another page of this work in proximity to this.