Transcribed from History of Labette County, Kansas and its Representative Citizens, ed. & comp. by Hon. Nelson Case. Pub. by Biographical Publishing Co., Chicago, Ill. 1901

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H. B. Price

H. B. PRICE, one of Labette county's successful farmers, has been a resident of this county since 1872, and is located in section 15, township 33, range 18, in Mound Valley township. He has been a very industrious man, and success has attended his efforts. He represents the highest type of a citizen, and takes an earnest interest in all that relates to the welfare of his township and county. He was born in Lawrence county, Missouri, May 7, 1846, and is a son of David and Catherine (Moyer) Price.

David Price was reared in Indiana and Ohio, and died in 1853. His wife was born in Pennsylvania, - her family having come from Germany, - and she received her education in the schools of Ohio and Indiana. She died in Phelps county, Missouri, in 1894, at the age of eighty-four years. They were parents of eight children, four of whom arrived at maturity, namely: Melissa (Decker), of Fayetteville, Arkansas; Janette (Taylor), of Guthrie, Oklahoma; Elizabeth (Furray), of Phelps county, Missouri; and H. B.

H. B. Price moved with his parents to several different places, and was reared in Missouri, Illinois and Indiana. He was married, February 1, 1872, and on February 7th left Illinois with a team of horses, - his wife and her sister having started two days previously. He crossed the Mississippi River, on the ice, at St. Louis, and then continued on through Missouri to Kansas. He located in Labette county in the spring of 1872, and located on railroad land in section 21, Labette township, along with two of his brothers-in-law. He partly improved his claim, and then sold it to the others of the party, and removed to Mound Valley township, where he acquired title to 80 acres in the southwest quarter of section 25, township 32, range 18. He continued on this farm for four years and then moved to his present home farm in section 18, township 33, range 18, which he bought from A. Fanning. It had been preempted by Mr. Goddard. Fifty acres of the land were broken, and a house was located on the northeast corner of the farm. This was later torn down, and the oak lumber was used in the construction of the comfortable barn, 32 by 42 feet in dimensions, which is located on the place. There was also a growing crop of wheat, and hedges had been set out, as well as the nucleus of an orchard, which has since been developed into an orchard of six acres. Nine acres are devoted to orchard, house and yards, and the remainder of the land is cultivated and is well fenced and improved. In 1898 he purchased an additional tract of 160 acres in section 7, township 33, range 18, which is fenced and cross-fenced. This property is free from incumbrance, and its owner has a clear title to it. He is engaged in general farming and stock raising, and favors Shorthorn cattle and Poland-China hogs. He buys some stock, but mainly breeds and feeds, having a large pasture area.

Mr. Price was united in marriage with Sarah J. Mahar, who was reared in Morgan county, Ohio, and is now forty-seven years of age. This union resulted in the following offspring: Luella; Edna; Irene; Annie; Lena; Mary; Nina; Ira; Ralph; Calvin, who is with the Western Union Telegraph Company at Beaumont, Texas; Harvey, who is ranching near Colorado Springs, Colorado; and Catherine, who died at the age of four years. In politics, Mr. Price was a Republican until the organization of the Alliance, and at the present time is a Prohibitionist. He lives in School District No. 75. In the early days, he was a member of Anti-Horsethief Association. He attends the United Brethren church at Elmwood.