Transcribed from History of Labette County, Kansas and its Representative Citizens, ed. & comp. by Hon. Nelson Case. Pub. by Biographical Publishing Co., Chicago, Ill. 1901

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Cyrus C. Richart

CYRUS C. RICHART, deceased, was one of the prosperous pioneer farmers of Labette county, Kansas, where he took up his residence in the spring of 1867. He was born in Akron, Ohio, January 5, 1838, and was a son of Thomas amd Armina (Capron) Richart.

Thomas Richart was a native of Holland in 1825, when a lad of fourteen years, he embarked for the United States, and upon his arrival located in Scranton, Pennsylvania, where he followed his trade as a marble cutter. When nineteen years old, he wedded Armina Capron, of Brattleboro, Vermont, and they lived in Scranton until 1837, when he changed his place of residence to Akron, Ohio. There he remained until 1845, when he moved to Hancock county, Illinois, where he passed from this life in 1893, aged eighty-two years. His wife followed him just ten days later, aged seventy-nine years. To them were born the following children: Oscar, deceased; Cyrus, deceased; Nelson, of Chicago, Illinois; and George, also of Chicago.

Cyrus C. Richart was seven years old when his parents moved from Akron to Hancock county, Illinois, where he attended the district schools. At the age of eighteen years, he entered the college at Canton, Missouri, where he spent three years. In 1858, he accompanied his father to Pikes Peak, Colorado, and they spent three years in that state. Upon his return, he enlisted, in May, 1862, as a private in Company H, 78th Reg., Ill. Vol. Inf. He served under Generals Thomas, Rosecrans and Sherman, and was with General Sherman on his march to the sea. He participated in 21 engagements and was mustered out as fifth sergeant. Returning to Hancock county, Illinois, he was wedded to Lydia M. Phillips, on November 25, 1865, and they lived in that county until August 10, 1866, when they settled in Linn county, Kansas, where they spent just one year. They then moved to Labette county, and settled upon the northwest quarter of section 28, Oswego township, where the family has resided ever since. Mr. Richart was very prosperous in his undertakings, and established a reputation as a conscientious, loyal and enterprising citizen. He passed to the unknown beyond on November 1, 1894, and his death was deeply deplored by all who knew him.

Mr. and Mrs. Richart were the parents of the following children: William T., who was born at Mound City, Kansas, in 1866, wedded Ida Wimp, and has a child, Fay; Charles C., who married Alice Parnell, and has two children, - Phyllis and Russell; May, born in Oswego, Kansas, November 4, 1871; George, born June 5, 1873; Robert E., born May 7, 1875; and Bessie, born in Oswego, Kansas, January 25, 1885. Mrs. Richart was born in Champaign county, Illinois, August 11, 1840. When she was three years old, her parents moved to Hancock county, Illinois, and there they lived until she had attained the age of nineteen years. In 1859, they removed to Lyon county, Kansas, and in 1860, to Linn county, Kansas, where they spent five years. Returning to Hancock county, Illinois, she was married to Mr. Richart, as previously stated.