Transcribed from History of Labette County, Kansas and its Representative Citizens, ed. & comp. by Hon. Nelson Case. Pub. by Biographical Publishing Co., Chicago, Ill. 1901

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Biography Index W

Wade, Hezekiah A.   picture
Walcott, Sarah T.
Warner, T. H.
Waskey, John F.
Watson, Charles
Watson, David Uriah
Webb, Henry G.   picture
Weir, R. A.
Welch, C. E.
Welch, Don Carlos
Welch, Luther W.
Wells, Elisha H.
West, Eliza A.
Weston, W. H.
Wheat, James H.
White, Mary M. (Miser)
White, Perry S.
Widmer, William
Wilkin, C. A.
Williams, Henry E.
Williams, Lee
Williams, Lewis
Willis, Shelby
Wills, Joseph P.   picture
Wilson, J. L.   picture   picture
Wilson, J. O.
Wilson, James
Wilson, James A.
Wilson, W. J.
Wingfield, J. G.
Winters, William A.
Wise, J. Albert
Wise, Luther H.
Wood, Melissa
Woodul, James Henry
Woollard, Philip
Wright, James O.