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Springdale Friends was the first Quaker church in Kansas. Some of those buried there were born in the late 1700s to the early 1800s. Many of the grave markers are no longer legible.  The listing was transcribed from copies of the church's cemetery records.  Many thanks to Elaine Coffin Rebori for her hard work!

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Albertson's Infant
Arps, John Thomas
Ashby, Jonathan
Ashby, Mary Francis
Bartlet, W.
Boillat, August
Bond, Maria M.
Brown, E.
Cananes (?), Jane
Carey, Andrew H.
Carey, Barkly
Carey, Ellis
Carey, Ezekiel
Carey, F.
Carey, Jard
Carey, Sarah
Carey, Sylvanus
Chapin, Charles H.
Chapin, Jennie Day
Clements, Isaac
Clements, Sarah
Coffin, Drusilla W.
Coffin, Herbert
Coffin, Maude
Coffin, Sybil J.
Coffin, William H.
Coffin's Infant, William
Coffin's Infant, William H.
Courtney, Anna
Courtney, Charles E.
Courtney, Dr. Charles F.
Courtney, Elizabeth
Courtney, India Streeter
Courtney, Lena
Courtney, Luna
Courtney, Marcissa
Courtney, Robert E.
Courtney, Rufus
Courtney, Thomas
Courtney, William A.
Cox, Delilah
Davis, Josiah H.
Dillon's Infant, S.
Dunlap, Hanna
Edmonds, Edgar Wayne
Ekart, Caroline Christine
Ekart, Mary Ellen
Espey, H. J.
George, Elizabeth Day
George, Esther J.
George, Isaiah
George, Mary J.
Goens, Ellen
Goens, William
Hadley, David
Hadley, Melinda
Hammer, Aaron
Hanley, Annie
Hanley, Harry J.
Hanley, Sam
Hanley, Walter
Hanson, John
Hiatt, Jesse
Hobson, Silas G.
Homer, Aaron C.
Huddleston, Emily
Jackson, M.
Johnson, Helen Barnes
Johnson, Mina
Kenyon, Ada
Kenyon, W.J.
Kessinger, Martha
Kessinger, Minnie M.
Kessinger, Nettie
Kessinger, R.M.
McBroom, Clovis
McBroom, Curth
McBroom, Margaret
McCulley, Torrence J.
McGee, Sarah E.
Mendenhall, Phebe
Miller, Emma M.
Miller, George A.
Miller, John B.
Miller, Wilhelmina ("His Wife")
Miller, Wilhelmina
Milles, Ruth
Moody, Robert
Moody, Sarah
Morgan, Mary W. D.
Morris, Eli
Moses, Charles
Moses, Eliza A.
Moses, Emaline
Moses, Henry Verle
Moses, James A.
Moses, John
Moses, Mary A.
Moses, Richard W.
Moses, Thomas S.
Munty, Del
Newby, Angie Jay
Newby, Jane
Newby, William H.
Norris, Milly
Norris, Nora
Norris, Rachel
Paddock, Thomas Elwood
Patten, Sarah J.
Pickring, Jesey B.
Pierce, Casper
Pierce, Martha
Powell, Annie
Powell, Ancil
Powell, Alfred Burr
Powell, Charles
Powell, David Earl
Powell, Edith M.
Powell, Effie
Powell, Hannah S.
Powell Jr., Howard
Powell, Mary G.
Powell, Myrtle
Powell, Robert E.
Powell, Sarah
Reynolds, Esther
Reynolds, Sarah
Robinson, Edgar
Schenck, Irwin
Schenck, John
Schenck, Matilda
Schooler, John N.
Schooler, Martha E.
Schwartz, Andrew
Schwinn, Maude
Shackelford, Charley
Skaggs, Frank
Small, Anna Wilson
Small, James A.
Spray, Edward
Spray, Mabel
Spray, Mary J.
Spray, William A.
Steel, Elizabeth
Steel, Jefferson
Stewart, Albert
Streeter, Hannah
Streeter, Oscar
Walker, A.W.
Walker, David
Walker, Sampson
Walker, W. H.
Watson, John M.
Way, Anthony
Way, Huldah
Way, Rhoda
Webster, G. W.
Welch, David
Wedders, John
Whealdon, Ruth
Wickersham, Elisha
Wickersham, John
Willets, Nathan
Willets, Sarah
Williams, Mary
Wilson, Eli
Wilson, Esther A.
Wilson, Huldah J.
Wilson, GeorgeAnna
Wilson, Mary Jane
Wilson, Samuel
Wilson's Infant, H.
Worthington, Sarah C.
Yearsly, J.B.
Zimmerman, Alfred M.
Zimmerman, Emma L.
Zimmerman, H.O.
Zimmerman, Infant

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