Transcribed from Official Souvenir McPherson County, July 4, 1917 [n.p., 1917] 56p. illus.

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The James B. McPherson Monument Association is composed of the following members representing their respective organizations:

G. A. R. - John VanNordstrand, Matt Houston, B. S. Bonney.
W. R. C. - Mrs. Luella Woodward, Mrs. E. A. Colburn, Mrs. J. W. Sitts.
LADIES G. A. R. - Mrs. Byron Williams, Mrs. Fred Jackson, Mrs. T. E. Richcreek.
CITY FEDERATION WOMEN'S CLUBS - Mrs. J. M. Grattan, Mrs. Bernice Almgren, Mrs. H. H. Bixby.
BOARD OF TRADE - T. C. Sawyer, W. J. Krehbiel, V. E. Atkinson.
McPHERSON TRAVELERS-A. G. Lindgren, C. S. Pettit, H. H. Motter.

Its officers are:
John VanNordstrand, President; Mrs. Luella Woodward, Vice President; T. C. Sawyer, Treasurer; V. E. Atkinson, Secretary.

The Association delegated its entire work to the following committees:
SELECTION OF MONUMENT - W. J. Krehbiel, Chairman; V. E. Atkinson, Carl J. Smalley.
UNVEILING - H. H. Motter, Chairman; V. E. Atkinson, Secretary; W. J. Krehbiel, Publicity; Simon Kern, Finance; Geo. Conn, Treasurer.

List of Committes under the General Unveiling Committee:
Program: V. E. Atkinson, Dr. L. F. Quantius, H. I. Maxwell.
Finance: S. Kern, W. Knaus, Ray Strohm, E. C. Crary, F. Beam, G. L. Conn.
Publicity: W. J. Krehbiel, P. F. Toews, P. M. Hawkinson.
Concessions: G. L. Conn, Carl Anderson, Dick Wilson.
Advertising: S. Strouse, L. W. Lawson, S. F. Houston.
Special Trains: N. E. Spradley, I. A. Toevs, W. E. Gregory.
Bands: P. F. Toews, Jas. L. Cassler.
Police: 0. M. Knowles, Oliver Matthes.
Reception: Mayor Johnson, and county members to be named.
Parade: A. G. Lindgren, L. E. Jackson, F. K. Entriken, Stuart Simpson.
Basket Dinner: Guss Webb, Ross McClure, W. J. Young.
Sports: C. T. Pettit, Ed. Wolsiefer, E. D. Verink.
Boy Scouts: Dr. J. W. Fields, E. D. Verink, R. E. Mohler.
Decoration: Arthur Groesbeck, C. E. Oelrich, C. J. Smalley, F. L. McMurray.
Noise: Wm. Brandon, Wm.. Rausch, Carl Hagstrom.
Rest Rooms: L. C. Potter, Geo. Berry, L. E. Hodge.
Automobiles: W. R. Carlson, H. Diehl, Dick Hill, Homer Yowell, Oscar Ek.
G. A. R.: Fred Jackson.
Eating Facilities: Lee Miller, Geo. Steel, Frank Hawley.
Platform and Grounds: W. E. Gardner, Paul Reeme.
Pageant: E. E. Kuns, C. A. Grant, Bert Webb.
Floats: P. M. Hawkinson.
Invitation: A. S. Hendry.
Chorus. Dr. H. L. Salthouse.

McPherson County Unveiling Committee:
Marquette - H. C. Bruce, Levi Broman, Wm. Westling.
Lindsborg - Carl E. Lincoln, Wm. Lundstrom, R. P. Johnson.
Roxbury - Wm. Lindgren, Wm. Lilly, Tully Bukey.
Canton - I. K. Fretz, R. H. Evans, J. W. Wilson.
Galva - Dr. L. H. Gore, H. D. Paynter, E. E. Wyman.
Windom - Ed. Lindell, Cenas Myres, Dr. J. C. Ulrey.
Inman - Dick Enns, Aaron Dick, Bert Moore.
Conway - J. T. Burton, R. C. Webb, T. H. Richardson.
Moundridge - John Simonson, Jake Dirks, Ben Regier.
Elyria - Paul Crabb, Pete Ratzlaff, Val Stucky.
Groveland - Chas. Doran, A. A. Spencer, Ober Hopkins.



The county commissioners of McPherson county have given splendid co-operation in all activities connected with the erection and unveiling of the county's monument to General McPherson and without their generous help the event could not have been the splendid success it is. Two boards have participated, the beginning being made when the following were members: C. M. Burdick of Little Valley township, C. G. Flor of Harper township and B. F. McGill of McPherson city. The second board - the present one, consists of the following: C. G. Flor, B. F. McGill and J. J. Krehbiel of Mound township.

General Committee members The accompanying picture was taken after the monument was erected in Central Park and at its base are the members of the General Committee in charge of the unveiling. From the reader's left to right the names of the committeemen are: George L. Conn, Simon Kern, H. H. Motter, V. E. Atkinson, W. J. Krehbiel.