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Frank R. C. McLain

No. 1061. FRANK R. C. McLAIN.

White man. Sentenced Mar. 14, 1904, from Osage county, to a term of I to 7 years, for grand larceny. Paroled May 11, 1906. Violated parole Jan. 1, 1907.

Description: Age, 50; height, 5 ft. 4 1/2 in.; weight, 173; hair, gray; complexion, medium; build, medium; eyes, steelgray; nativity, Ohio. Occupation, steam fitter.

Bertillon: 63.8, 68.0, 90.3, 18.7, 15.7, 13.6, 6.5, 25.7, 11.9, 9.1, 44.6.

Finger-print classification:   9  II
                                       11 Dis
                               19   0 

Marks and scars: I. Oblique scar between thumb and first finger, rear. Tip of first finger amputated; has small nail. Middle finger amputated between second and third joints. II. Oblique cut scar 3/4 in. long on back of hand, center. Large vaccine scar on upper arm, outer. III. Horizontal cut scar 6 in. long on right side of neck and face, extending from corner of mouth to ear.

Criminal record: Served three years in this prison, from 1897 to 1900.

Relatives: Father, Robt. R. McLain, Kansas City, Mo.; stepdaughter, Mary Newton, Leavenworth, Kan. (single).

Reward, $25.