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Ed. Shaw

No. 1414. ED. SHAW.

White man. Sentenced Jan. 4, 1905, from Kingman county, to a term of 1 to 5 years for forgery, fourth degree. Paroled Feb. 15, 1906. Violated parole Nov. 1, 1906.

Description: Age, 45; height , 5 ft. 9 in.; weight, 249; hair, light brown; complexion, fair; build, stout; eyes, steel gray; nativity, New York. Occupation, fireman.

Bertillon: 75.7, 82.0, 97.8, 19.0, 15.3, 13.6, 6.8, 27.2, 11.9, 9.1, 47.3.

Finger-print classification:  I  U  OO
                               I  U  OO 

Marks and scars: I. Small scar between first and second

joints thumb, rear. Knuckle joint of little finger stiff. Tattoo, pierced heart, crossed flag, bust of woman on forearm, front. Letters "B. J." tattooed on forearm. Vaccine on upper arm, outer. Burned scar on left elbow, inner. II. Tattoo, battleship, circled by wreath and anchor. III. Small circular cut scar at edge of right eyebrow. Oblique cut scar at outer corner of left eye. Small mole on lower lip, left side. Irregular cut scar 1 in. long at lower left corner of mouth.

Reward. $25.