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C. W. York

No. 167. C. W. YORK.

White man. Sentenced April 5,1902, from Wyandotte county, for highway robbery. Escaped March 30, 1903. Age, 36; nativity, California; height, 5 ft. 7 3/4 in.; florid complexion; dark brown hair; eyes, dark gray. Occupation, blacksmith and railroader.

Marks and scars: Tattoo of nude woman sitting in a swing, on inside of right forearm; scar on back of head; small dent scar on lower angle of left lower jaw; 3 scars in center of forehead at edge of hair; nose crooked to left; scar beginning at right wing of nose and extending down on upper lip; 2 scars on right side of head; right testicle slightly enlarged; slight atrophy scar on front part of left shin; vaccine scar on upper part of left arm.

Remarks: Served one term in Minnesota State Reformatory.

Relatives: Mrs. Mattie M. York, Portland, Ore., mother; John York, Portland, Ore., brother.

Reward, $50.