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Negro. Sentenced Sept. 29, 1905, from Edwards county, for highway robbery; term, 10 to 21 years. Age, 30; height, 5 ft. 4 1/2 in.; hair, black; eyes, deep maroon; complexion, black. Occupation, sailor. Violated parole March, 1911.

Marks and scars: Scar at root of third finger. Vaccine scar on right arm. Scar on back of left fore finger. Dim vaccine scar on left arm. Large scar right shin, outer. Bullet scar on right calf. Large cut scar on right side of abdomen. Red scar on left check. Scar above left eyebrow. Good teeth. Receding forehead. Pouched mouth. Pit scars on face. This man will likely be found working around wharves.

Relative: John Spencer, sr., Kingston, Jamaica.

Reward, $25.