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Chas. A. Shields

No. 1805. CHAS. A. SHIELDS.
(Alias R. D. Shields, R. D. Sheldon, R. D. Lester.)

White man. Sentenced Dec. 14, 1905, from Barton county. to a term of 1 to 5 years, for grand larceny. Paroled Jan. 25, 1907. Violated parole Sept. 1, 1907.

Description: Age, 45; height, 5 ft. 8 3/4 in.; weight, 157; hair, dark chestnut; complexion, medium; build, medium; eyes, brown; nativity, Maryland. Occupation, butcher.

Bertillon: 94.8, 76.0, 94.0, 18.7, 15.6, 14.2, 6.9, 27.8, 12.4, 9.6, 47.5.

Finger-print classification:   30  II
                               32   I

Marks and scars: I. Oblique cut scar on back of hand 1 in. long. Oval white scar I in. below elbow joint, front. Three vaccine scars on upper arm, outer. II. Small scar at base of thumb, outer. Small dim tattoo dot 6 in. above wrist, front. III. Scar at upper edge of left eyebrow. Oblique cut scar above right brow. Mole on right cheek 1 in. from corner of mouth.

Served 15 years in army and navy.

Reward, $25.