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Willie K. Thomas


Negro. Sentenced Jan. 3, 1906, from Johnson county, to a term of 10 to 21 years, for robbery, first degree. Paroled Apr. 1, 1914. Violated parole Aug. 1, 1914.

Description: Age, 45; height 5 ft. 5 3/4 in.; weight, 134; hair and complexion, black; build, medium small; eyes, deep maroon; nativity, Tennessee. Occupation, common laborer.

Bertillon: 67.4, 78.0, 88.2, 20.4, 14.6, 13.5, 6.6, 27.1, 12.5, 9.9, 48.6.

Finger-print classification:   20  I  15
                            19  M 

Marks and scars: I. Small irregular cut scar base thumb, inner. Bruise scar size of dime 4 in. above wrist, rear. Elbow partially stiff. Horizontal scar at elbow, rear. Two vaccine scars upper arm. Small white scar 5 in. above elbow, outer. II. Small vertical cut scar 1/2 in. long I in. above wrist, rear. III. Long oblique cut scar extending from lower jaw right side across root nose to top left temple. Irregular cut scar edge hair line over left temple. Cut scar about 11/2 in. long above left brow.

Reward, $25.