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Mack Heard

No. 1889. MACK HEARD.

Colored man. Sentenced March 17, 1906, from Geary county, for assault to kill. Nativity, Washington, D. C.; age, 27; weight, 210; height, 5 ft. 9% in.; build, stout; complexion, dark mulatto; hair, black; eyes, maroon. Occupation, cook or teamster. Escaped Nov. 13, 1910.

Bertillon: 76.8, 89.0, 92.7, 19.5, 15.5, 14.5, 6.2, 27.4, 12.4, 9.4, 49.9.

Finger-print classification: 9  U
                              1  A 

Marks and scars: Small scar between first and second joints of first left finger rear. Tattoo of blue butterfly between right wrist and elbow front. Black mole above center of right eyebrow. Gunshot scar 2 1/2 in. below and behind right ear. Black mole 6 1/2 in. to right of seventh vertebra on shoulder.

Relatives: Russel Heard, 1202 Sixth street, between L and M, Washington, D. C., father; Eliza Michaels, Gainesville, Ga., mother; Mattie Williams, Chattanooga, Tenn., sister; S. Haines, Olarchie, Okla.

Reward, $100.