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John Casadine


White man. Sentenced Feb. 28, 1907, from Crawford county, for grand larceny. Paroled March 20, 1908. Violated parole Sept. 1908. Age, 36; nativity, Ireland; weight, 151; build, rugged; complexion, medium; hair, brown; eyes, steel gray. Occupation, railroader.

Bertillon: 77.0, 92.5, 18.5, 15.5, 14.7, 6.3, 26.8, 12.1, 8.9, 46.2.

Finger-print classification:  17  I  8
                              I IO 

Marks and scars: Cut scar at base of left thumb, outer. Dim tattoo in blue of letters J. E. C. 6 1/2 in. above left wrist, front. Scar on tip of right first finger and nail deformed. Mole on left cheek 2 in. in front of ear. Carbuncle scar on left side back of neck. Large varicose vein on inside of right leg below knee. Small varicose vein on inside of left leg below knee. Large scar on left leg.

Relative: Thos. Casadine, Newberry, Mich., brother.

Reward, $25.