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J. W. Murphy

No. 2323. J. W. MURPHY.
(Alias Fern Duncan.)

White man. Sentenced April 6, 1907, from Montgomery county, for robbery. Term, 5 to 10 years. Violated parole April, 1913. Nativity, Pennsylvania. Height, 5 ft. 6 3/4 in.; weight, 174; hair, dark brown, bald on top; complexion, medium dark; eyes, light slate; build, stout; age, 50. Occupation, trackman. Associates, yeggs and bank robbers. One term Jefferson city, Mo.

Bertillon: 69.7, 74.0, 93.0, 19.5, 15.7, 14.1, 6.3, 26.5, 12.2, 9.4, 46.0.

Finger-print classification:  1  Aa
                                   1  A2a  5 

Marks and scars: I. Several small blue dots on back of hand. Large irregular scar at base of thumb, front. Several small blue marks on forearm, front. II. Tattoo of anchor 4 in. above wrist, rear. Tattoo in blue of letters, N. E. S., 3 in. below elbow. III. Irregular scar 1 in. from right corner of mouth.

Reward, $25.