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Chas. H. Green

No. 2372. CHAS. H. GREEN.
(Alias Chas. LeRoy, alias Francis Mitchell.)

White man. Sentenced May 4, 1907, from Johnson county, to a term of I to 10 years, for assault with deadly weapon with intent to kill. Paroled May 24, 1912. Violated parole May 24, 1912.

Description: Age, 30; height, 5 ft. 5 1/2 in.; hair, dark brown; complexion, dark; weight, 158; build, stout, rugged; eyes, dark slate; nativity, Scotland. Occupation, boilermaker.

Bertillon: 66.5, 65.0, 89.3, 19.4, 15.7, 14.7, 6.0, 25.5, 11.0, 8.7, 44.5.

Finger-print classification: 30 I 19 Dis. 24 I

Marks and scars: 1. Second, third and little fingers bent to front and deformed. Large scar in palm of hand close to root of fingers. Small scar at first joint of first finger, rear. Scar between knuckle joint of third and little finger, rear. Two dim vaccine scars on upper arm, outer. III. Oblique scar 3/4 in. long, about 2 in. above left ear. Several slight cut scars on top of head. Small scar 1 1/4 in. below outer corner of right eye. Brown mole on rim of left ear.

Reward, $25.