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E. B. Baldwin

No. 2534. E. B. BALDWIN.

White man. Sentenced Oct. 15, 1907, from Sumner county, for forgery fourth degree, for 1 to 5 years. Violated parole April 1 , 1910. Height, 5 ft. 5 1/2 in.; eyes, light blue; hair, light brown; complexion, medium; weight, 135; build, medium; age, 41; born in Texas. Occupation, stationary engineer and electrician.

Bertillon: 66.6, 75.0, 93.5, 19.1, 15.4, 13.7, 6.3, 25.5, 11.9, 9.4, 46.0.

Finger-print classification:   I  R  II
                               17  U  II 

Marks and scars: One large vaccine scar 4 in. above left elbow, outer. Large half circle cut scar on back of right hand commencing at knuckle joint of middle finger. First joint of first finger of right hand deformed. Two small scars on back of head. Great toe of right foot amputated.

This man will likely be found working at his trade.

Relative: Mrs. N. A. Cox, Wolf City, Texas, mother.

Reward, $25.