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Edgar C. Oliver

No. 2589. EDGAR C. OLIVER.

White man. Sentenced Nov. 18, 1907, from Shawnee county, for forgery, fourth degree, 3 counts. Term, 3 to 15 years. Violated parole Oct., 1912. Nativity, Massachusetts. Height, 5 ft. 7 3/4 in.; weight, 137; hair, brown and gray; complexion, medium; build, slender; eyes, steel gray; age, 44. Occupation, butcher.

Bertillon: 72.3, 81.0, 90.5, 18.2, 15.4, 14.2, 6.5, 27.2, 12.1, 9.5, 47.7.

Finger-print classification:   1  Ra
                                  17  aR 15 

Marks and scars: Five blue dots center back of hand. Two blue dots between thumb and index finger, outer. Oblique cut scar 3/4 in. long at wrist joint, outer. Tattoo in blue, anchor, forearm, front. II. Vaccine scar upper arm. III. Large scar under left side lower lip. Small mole under right point of chin. Eyebrows are thin..

Relative: Anna M. Robinson, Springfield, Mass., mother.

Reward, $25.