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Wm. Jordan No. 1

No. 3201. WM. JORDAN No. 1.
(Alias Wm. Williams.)

Nego. Sentenced Oct. 29, 1908, from Montgomery county, to a term of 10 to 21 years, for robbery, first degree. Maximum, Aug. 19, 1925. Height, 5 ft. 8 1/2 in.; weight, 139; hair and complexion, black; eyes, maroon; age (then), 29; nativity, Alabama. Occupation, hostler and porter.

Bertillon: 74.2, 82.0, 90.0, 20.2, 15.0, 13.3, 5.8, 27.1, 11.9, 9.3, 48.3.

Finger-print classification:  9  R  OO
                                  18  U  OO  12 

Marks and scars: 1. Cut scar between knuckle and middle joint index finger, outer. Oblique cut scar 2% in. long, commencing at knuckle joint of index finger. II. Small cut scar at elbow joint, outer. III. Scar in center of forehead at edge of hair line. Scar 2 in. above root of nose 1/2 in. to right of median line. Vertical scar I in. long on point of chin.

One term in Illinois Reformatory and one term here, No. 256.

Relatives: Calvin and Lizzie Fields, 115 E. New street, Coffeyville, Kan., mother and stepfather.

Reward, $100.